‘Equity In Theory’: How Biden’s Covid Plan Falls Short For Communities Of Color 1

‘Equity In Theory’: How Biden’s Covid Plan Falls Short For Communities Of Color


President Biden’s six-part strategy to fight Covid includes paid time off for workers to get vaccinated and expanded access to rapid tests. MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Ebony Hilton says these federal policies still “center privilege” and shares how Biden could reach a broader group of Americans. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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‘Equity In Theory’: How Biden’s Covid Plan Falls Short For Communities Of Color


    1. @David Cohen Precisely. MLK’s dream of white kids and black kids playing together has been supplanted by racists saying if you have dark skin you’re a victim and if you have white skin you have privilege.

    2. Vaccine Injuries from COVID-19 Shots Fill Hospitals as U.S. Government Lies and Claims a “Pandemic of Unvaccinated”

    3. @David Cohen the money hilary collected was the birth of the clinton foundation. they are the biggest crooks to ever walk this earth, plus ol slick willie had to pay monica for her services….what a puke face

    1. GEORGE Washington our 1st president made VACCINE mandates for his army so your no PATRIOT dont even cry about FREEDOM its does not give to the right to spread a VIRUS that KILLS

  1. Low end jobs like fast food shacks and Wally World typically don’t allow time off for employees if I heard right.

    1. Yeah, that’s what happens when you represent a diverse group of people, who are also systemically punished by a racist institutions. They try to fix those problems, as opposed to republicans who are an all-white, male-dominated block who think America was greatest when we had slavery, jim crow, and/or segregation.

    2. Biden is a racist, this we know is true. So Blacks are probably very skeptical about Slow Joe and his Temporary Vaccines.

    3. @Ro G , Slow Joe tried to keep Blacks from being bused into the White suburbs. He said busing blacks in would “Turn the suburbs into a jungle.” Thats not even subtle racism, that’s BLATANT. So I guess you like racists.

  2. “Whosoever shall save his own life in spite of me shall lose it and whosoever shall sacrifice his life for me, shall find it.” The Bible

  3. Dr. Msnbc : Take the vaccine, Take the Vaccine, Take The Vaccine, . Side effects never ever matter . So,Take the vaccine. On and on

    1. @Sharon Smith You are correct, I don’t understand science too well . I will be honest about that. .But, I’m doing my best to give my self a better understanding. The whole covid thing is so hard to entirely comprehend. I’m studying up .

  4. As I was getting my vax I was thinking…why don’t people just bring their documents..they could set up voter ID at same area..you have to wait 15 minutes after your vaccine..use this time to get your voter ID..this could be done as you wait..there two birds with one stone…

  5. MSNBC Is pathetic…. they cant find a good story so they make one up…. the FCC should regulate the media… and frankly why haven’t they??? Even social media content…

  6. I don not like the thought of war…. we can easily do it with a stroke of a pen….. Tsunami!!!!!just like they took it from us… we will. Take it back from them!!!!

  7. The dark undertones yes. Seldovia and the hidden Filipino graveyard, the hidden history, they put them in the ground like the principalía sez so. Do these raised ignorant neo liberals, understand this hidden principalía graveyard? Unlikely and still the stench of such undocumented slave labor is upon them. Skid row cannery row boat is naturally closer to the truth vs. over the rainbow.

  8. Nancy Pelosi and the big city undocumentary, these street kids come and go, some take note I reckon, whatever it is you do, missing street trash crew.

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