ER Doc: Everything Ron Johnson Says About Vaccines Is Wrong | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

ER Doc: Everything Ron Johnson Says About Vaccines Is Wrong | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Emergency physician Dr. Stephen Sample joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to react to GOP Sen. Ron Johnson's comments wondering why public health experts are encouraging people to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Aired on 04/24/2021.
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ER Doc: Everything Ron Johnson Says About Vaccines Is Wrong | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Matthew Mcdonald The crew of un-American fascists RethugliKKKan Trumpanzees. I guess they were trying to see how Putin runs the place so when Trump would announce he was POTUS for life, they would know the drill.

    1. “Johnson: If your neighbor knows math;
      Why should I?”
      – and at the same time he and his ilk disparage expertise.

    2. Johnson is the kind of person who would say “if I’m a millionaire, why should I care if my neighbor has no money?”

  1. I worked on the aviation and I had to take a lot of vaccins to be able and allowed to fly around the world. So for me was the right thing to do. I took two shots of the moderna and I am very happy I did it. My husband the same. And I believe that doing it I helped others around me. Be well and safe all of you

    1. @The Watchman my point it is that I did it. And I find strange that a senator advise the persons and says :not necessarily! Like me others did the same thing. You do whatever you want. Bye


      John 8:44
      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    3. @The Watchman let me see if I can explain viruses and vaccines for you ….. vaccines are not 100% , not everyone can take a vaccine ( allergy ,newborns,immunocompromised etc) they are also highly susceptible to infections ,that is why the vast majority of those able to be vaccinated need to do so in order to (hopefully) eradicate a virus or build herd immunity.
      Over time viruses mutate and adapt , the original strain may adapt so it is no longer affected by the available vaccines or mutations happen that are more dangerous or that are not affected by available vaccines , then we would be back at square one . People are already getting re-infected by new variants . We need to deal with and get rid of this virus now.

  2. I’m in Ron Johnson’s district when Ron stammers he is lying ! Ron Johnson is a embarrassment to the great state of Wisconsin !

    1. @Deano Kloibs I volunteer and canvess and make phones down at the Democratic office here in westbend . If need be I also give rides to the polls . We must defeat Ron Johnson and the rest of these lying republicans . Good luck and get active in your local community remember politics starts locally.

    2. @Deano Kloibs we look in a mirror to see our reflection , Ron Johnson looks into the toilet bowl to see his .

  3. There is really something wrong with everything I’ve heard this Johnson guy talk about…….

    1. Does this sound abusive?

      “My friends husband won’t let her visit any friends or family. He has made her stop all contact with them unless it’s on the phone or computer. He reads, monitors and often deletes things on social media.

      He makes her feel like she’s going crazy for thinking he’s controlling, and that she is being ungrateful. (After all, he’s only doing this because of how much he cares about her.)

      He doesn’t want her going to the gym anymore, so she doesn’t go. He also doesn’t let her go to work anymore (he told her to only rely on him for income and that he will take care of her).

      She’s not really allowed to go out anymore, unless it’s for necessities.

      He wants her to have this medical procedure done and tells her that if she does it, he will allow her more freedoms.

      He constantly says he’s only doing all of this because he cares… he is just doing it for her own good.

      Oh wait….did I say husband? …….I meant the government.

      My bad. You have been conditioned to be outraged if another person did this to their spouse, but be passive & compliant when it comes to our government.”

    2. @HS : Oh, but you left out the best part of Joe Biden’s, “Deep State, Operation Covid Phase 2,” ma’am? Didn’t Q (Ron Watkins) tell you what it’s all FOR? In a couple of months they will be releasing the far deadlier strain of Covid into the environment, and all us vaccinated people will be immune. Yet around one quarter of the adult population who refused to get vaccinated, out of selfishness, entitlement and being so FRIGHTENED of a needle that they call getting a jab, “a medical procedure,” will have no ability to fight off this strain, which will eradicate them SO FAST, they won’t even have time to effeminately whine about it on social media . . . Personally, I’m looking forward to it . . . Does THAT sound abusive? I do hope so, Karen

    3. He looks and talks like a evil character are you a writer you could write a sinister cartoon character based on him.

    1. @Louis Tully cut the crap. Stalin’s been dead and if anything at one point we agreed with Stalin because we fought alongside him. If Stalin wasn’t a maniac we’d probably be friends with Russia. You wouldn’t be the first to complain about about things being equal though. They complained about blacks and women sharing equity long before Stalin existed and eventually we got there. But honestly it’s embarrassing how America is the only developed nation in the world that doesn’t provide basic necessities for its people and it’s not like countries like England, France and Canada hated Stalin any less than we did.

    2. @humbugs100
      You redhats and RWers want to live in an authoritarian christo-fascist society that follows Ayn Rand’s model.
      “All for me, none for thee”.
      Don the Con and his family were the most self serving/dealing WH Admin in history.

      But you go ahead with your “Dems are communist/Marxist!!” rhetoric.
      You make the spirit of Joe McCarthy proud by continuing his “Red scare” rhetoric.

  4. You are goddman right. I got no doubt he was one of the first to be vaccinated but now he doesn’t care about anyone else.

    1. He just bout said that, right? I just don’t get the POINT? Why? . . . If some guy discovered a CURE FOR CANCER the GOP would start trying to convince us, “IT GIVES YOU CANCER!” It must be SO EXHAUSTING to be such a permanently butt harmed trumplican? . . .

    2. His job is to spread misinformation and hate . What he does for himself well That is different he is a russian operative that’s his job to destroy democracy and to create division

    3. @Ash Roskell Republicans want their own voters to skip the vaccine so they can die in droves. Then they blame Biden.

    1. @Tedger Awwww, Nothing to come back and say, He never said that. Just a typical reply from another trained seal that can’t refute FACTS. Take the next order in the Drive Thru.

    2. @Wisconsin Man well.. what can I say… he said that he would end the pipeline as it was herited Obama policy. I dont know what he said about fracking. I dont really care as there are bigger problems.. at least he didnt claim that covid is hoax.

    3. @Wisconsin Man When did he end fracking? Stopping future lease of federal lands is NOT ending any fracking that is ongoing. And Keystone has dreck all to do with Fracking.

      Maybe learn reading AND thinking before you vomit your fake outrage over the net!

    4. @Ugly German Truths EAT SEAL, EAT. That is all YOU people are, trained seals to defend Dems. Lets stay with Keystone then, he told, the Pedo in the WH, hew was not doing anything with the Keystone Pipeline. Yet BAM, 10,15,20k out of a job, more pollution with having to truck crude oil and higher prices and back to depending on other countries. You then defend that and clap, begging for more food. You are the type of person who would have their leg broke by the Gov’t and then they give you a crutch and you would thank them. Du Bist Hässlich.

  5. I would make a “Ron Johnson is so dumb that….” joke, but what’s the point given the stupid things he actually said?

    1. Yet none can top..THANK YOU GEORGE, FOR DYING. Or WE NEED TO GET MORE CONFRENTATIONAL. 2 of 1,000’s said by the racist special needs, Dem party.

  6. Remember that Ron Johnson is one of the named Republicans as the “Russian operatives” in the Intel report last year, to spread misinformation about Biden and his son Hunter. His talking point has been always for “Pro”Putin, Pro-Trump” base.

    1. @Hunter Roberts They had a 3 year investigation, zero evidence turned up, I watched the whole Mueller debacle

    2. @Driftless Hunter I don’t remember when, but last year, when the ODNI disclosed the Intel Report concerning the relationships between Russian and Ukraine and the involvement of the Russina Operative Andriv Derkaclm (maybe the wrong spelling but I don’t remember the spelling of his name), I made a note of who were named in the report and what kind of involvement it was: The Russina Operative Andriv Derkaclm somehow contacted Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, meanwhile he was also in the “close relationships” with Rudi Giulliani at OAN, and the Operative Andriv gave the misinformation regarding Hunter Biden and his period of the Ukraine business. Rudi Giulliani somehow got information of the latop, then he and certain Russians that were staying in Ukraine made up a fake story of the laptop (the story published by New York Post contained some dirty “secret” of Hunter Biden, but later, the forensic computer specialist found that the e-mail contents were “doctored”). That misinformation was then sent to the Texas Republican Super Pac, at the same time, the large sum of funds from Ukraine via the Russian source was sent to that Super Pac. That’s the summary, or the note I made when I saw, watched, read and heard the ODNI report. Since all those people mentioned in the report were under Trump administration, none of them was subjected to a further investiation, and Bill Barr put an end to that.
      The laptop was indeed the subject of investigation, but not the content. The question was then the “chain of custody” which was completely broken when somebody that was related to Rudi Guiliani took the posession of it. The whole story surrounding the laptop was too jucy to believe. At the super-advanced level of IT intelligence of the Russian Intel, I do not believe anything “they” were saying, when “they” were trying to make false accusations, so timely at the time of the presidential campagin. It was too jucy for Trump side, and it was too coincident and too convenient for Trump side. In any crime and criminal investigation, there is NO “coincidence” at all.

    3. @Driftless Hunter Yes there is a reason why Trump was nominated, but the reason is not legit. The person who “NOMINATED” trump for Nobel Peace Prize was one of Norwayne govenment officials, who was a friend of Trump’s. And the reason why he was “successfu’ in the “negotiation” of peace among the middle east countries was NOT because of Trump’s skill or talent or effort, as Trump lacks any “negotiation skill” completely. His business history clearly shows you that he doesn’t have any “deal-making negotiation” skill, but he has “threatening, demanding, and manipulating” brain, which always made “one-time” success each time he started “borrowing a lot of money and construction” then, all the rest of all the projects were doomed to be a failure. How many bankruptcy he had to file? And although he was boasting of the size of his assets, but always omitting the huge size of debts.
      You described Trump’s sucess as if he was the grestest president, but you obviously didn’t know, and still don’t know, the background truth behind all those “superficial” aspects. And about the story of the Russian operatives, it was not the democrats, it was the Republicans and Rudi Giulliani, who desperately needed to get into Trump circle, who was desperately needing some “jucy stuff” for the winning of Trump presidency.
      You really need to open your eyes and ears into the government resources, not the fake media like FOX or Newsmas, or Bumble, or Twitter, or any other radical-right-activist channels.

    4. @Louis Tully Then maybe you should read the lates info that came once the new administration had access to all the dirt Trump buried and tried to hide, it’s no secret Barr misrepresented the mueller report.

    5. @Harumi H. Please list one great accomplishment of Biden after almost 50 years of politics? I am not a Trump supporter, but he did some very good things. I am not the one wearing blinders here, but respect your opinion. Please list Biden’s great accomplishments?

  7. Nothing that we didn’t already know. But it’s good for a real medical doctor to weigh in on the danger Johnson’s lies poses..

    1. And why don’t we see equal time on Fakestream for those Doctors and Scientist who say, the WUHAN is over exaggerated and that vaccines are not good? They get their video’s deleted, blocked or even accounts deleted.

    2. @James Smith Yet Day after Day and Week after Week they spew FAKE NEWS. Trad Malcom X quote about the media from the 60’s.

    3. @Wisconsin Man It’s not because you don’t believe main stream media”s news that they’re not true ! After all, you believed the orange failure’s lies during 4 years, so of course, you can’t make difference between lies and truth anymore !!! Brainwashed maybe!!!

    4. @Wisconsin Man any NEWS that you people dont like , dont agree with , dont understand , said by someone you dont like , said by a station you dont like etc is “Fake News” according to you .

  8. I’ve never heard him say anything that makes any sense. I really feel like a mental health assessment is in order for a lot of these ppl.

    1. That applies to all the un-American fascist Trumpanzees, 74 million so-called “Americans” who believe in lies and hate Truth, Justice and the Post Jim Crow American Way!

    2. Anyone still using terms like “lefties” and always assuming everyone else is a “leftie” lol. Just give it up. Life has moved on to a more sane existence.

    3. @Morris De Fratto Very true. To contemplate that there are actually 74 million americans who actually voted for the corrupt and incompetent crazies in the GOP party is mind boggling. Anyone who has ever listened to Chump, Cruz, Johnson, Hawley, Gaetz. Graham, Greene and virtually any of the GOP elected officials has to ask themselves what is wrong with these GOP idiots. How can any rational, sane, critical thinking, and even moderately informed person take these corrupt, incompetent, serial liars seriously. It is literally mind boggling and very scary to realize that so many american citizens are unable to see how bad these GOP officials really are.

  9. “Why would I need homeowner’s insurance if my neighbor already has homeowner’s insurance?”

    -Ron Johnson, super smart science guy

    1. Welcome to the internet, @Paul Wilson. I’m afraid some of the content around here may be above your pay grade.

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