1. No, NOW they are DYING. Before they just got sick. Have u seen karenkingston and mariezee/latypova on redvoice yet?

    1. Notice how no one is showing pediatric admissions data for the last five years. No data? Then I don’t trust your claims.

  1. Complete healthcare breakdown…..
    Extreme incompetence for yrs or intentional?
    They’ve all lost credibility throughout.

  2. Hey, doc, show me the pediatric admissions data for the last five years. Prove to me with solid numbers that things are worse now than at any point over the last five years.

    Unless you show me this data, I don’t believe you or anyone else claiming doom.

    1. These filthy, murdering monsters just don’t give up do they? Never happy with their current death tolls that are constantly being REVISED to reflect LESS. Have u seen karen kingston and mariezee/latypova on redvoicemedia? Get these to ur local auth demanding action. It is the towers that are the CAUSE..they are putting out tones to cause the formations..those sm devices we carry are too..I busted them using our to torture my dog, and it had been going on many YRS before I busted the sick freaks doing it!

  3. But, but, there is all that “Canadian Experience” to sort this out. Is that wonderful thing not working, eh?

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