Eric Dyson: ‘These Are Deeply Systemic Issues That Don't Even Provide Us The Opportunity To Breathe’ 1

Eric Dyson: ‘These Are Deeply Systemic Issues That Don’t Even Provide Us The Opportunity To Breathe’


Distinguished professor at Vanderbilt University Michael Eric Dyson and civil rights attorney David Henderson discuss how the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd is just one step of accountability in the fight for justice. Aired on 04/21/2021.
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Eric Dyson: ‘These Are Deeply Systemic Issues That Don't Even Provide Us The Opportunity To Breathe’


    1. @I’m Back you have no choice to check out fox, i mean look at the comments section here! it rivals one of joe bidens rallies.

    2. @Adam Parisi they don’t preach hatred I know Tht much if we’re going to compare hatred Fox wins hands down!

  1. That shooting in Columbus Ohio was justified. Girl was in the process of assaulting ( with a deadly weapon) another girl. Officer probably saved that other girls life.

    We do have a “systemic issues” though. Parents don’t teach their kids to obey the laws. Parents do not teach their kids to comply with police. Parents and families blame the police but in reality it is their fault for not raising their kids to be a productive, law abiding, citizen.

    1. @John Lee Girl was about to stab the other girl in the neck, go watch the video, officer had no choice but to take her out before she murdered the other girl.

    2. @mimi murphy Girl was in foster care, parents were failures of human beings who brought a child into the world and then took no responsibility in raising her to be a decent person.

    3. @Mastodon1976 Why is it ignorant, please explain why that cop should have allowed that girl on a murderous rage to plunge a knife into the other girl’s neck?

    1. @Paul Wilson This was a completely different thing. Their time of reckoning will come if they took part in riots. This was Derek’s time of reckoning.

  2. “Systemic racism is everywhere and I’m so oppressed” says a very rich and well off PROFESSOR that’s at the top of the food chain in the Academic “system”. These jokes write themselves.

    1. @Paul Wilson Yea, getting shot for doing what the cops tell you to do somehow equates to not taking responsibility! Only in the era of Don the Con “I take no responsibility” would a trumpublican even try to use that insane “defense”!

    2. @Thaddeus right because those of you who live in a vacuum, that are programmed by CNN to think what they want you to think, don’t like hearing the FACTS I simply stated. A professor(fact), that’s at the top of his profession(fact), that works in a supposedly “systemically racist” system(in his own words = FACT), that’s wealthy and well to do(FACT), is sitting here on CNN telling us how he’s so oppressed and that he “can’t breathe”. You don’t see something wrong with that picture? We have people of color occupying many of the top ranks in Academia, Journalism, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, the Judiciary, local and state government, Military, Medicine, Law Enforcement, and lets not forget the Presidency. All of these systems inside the USA are supposedly “systemically racist” yet people of color sit on many of the top positions within these systems. Not to mention the fact that the USA has more black millionaires than all countries of the world combine. There’s also the fact that people of color from all over the world are trying to migrate to the USA. Please do explain to us how it is possible that people of color occupy many of the highest offices in all of the land, yet these SAME EXACT systems are all supposedly systemically racist? Both facts cannot exist in the same reality. Please do explain how what these race hustlers are saying is possible. We’re waiting.

  3. In this situation only one black life mattered. The suspects. Why doesn’t BLM fund there own policing instead of buying expensive homes.

    1. @Justin Hancock That won’t bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr STEVEN CHARLES

    2. @Manuel montie manolo Yeah
      My first investment with Mr STEVEN CHARLES earned me profit of over $25,530 US dollars

  4. Anyone that believes in Justice in America we must press local officials and DOJ To reopen all Suspicious murders and drug cases by cops

  5. I was a teen during the 60s violence for racial justice and went off to an unpopular war that continued to rip this country apart. I am so incredibly saddened we are still stuck in this horrid racism and can’t learn from our ugly mistakes!!!! This verdict is just in every way!!!!

  6. Expect the script readers to repeatedly shove this down our throats. The media doesn’t care about any of this. They’re out for ratings alone. The more they stir this up now the higher the ratings will be when they blow things up after he’s released on appeal! Get your news from the press people. The media is not the press!

  7. So Michael Eric Dyson, should the Cop have let that girl stab the other girl? Where is your ignorant thought pattern at?

  8. D.L Hugley said this would be a trial to prove chauvins guilt and Floyd’s humanity and by extension to view black people as human beings well we got the guilty verdict but what about the second part?

  9. how i wish i could agree with mr. dyson. but his approach is without urgency. while the actual damage done over the last +40 to any community that’s middle class or below has robbed it of any vibrancy. indeed dots can be connected to how americans thought chauvin might actually go free. to working without wealth in fact being the distinguishing characteristic of today’s entire american middle class. now no system can take life on such an edge. so resources have to be put in peoples hands to build the trust mr. dyson implies biden’s administration’s capable of. since at this point without the leverage those resources provide his approach won’t just fall short, it could actually be the reason for disappointment itself…

  10. What is truly sad is that the color of a person’s skin contributed to this horrible and preventable death. The other officers should have completely stopped the “convicted person” from placing a knee on Mr Floyd’s neck for over 9 minutes . The unjustified death of any person at the hands of police is shameful. I pray that our society can abandon discrimination and all it’s horrible effects.

  11. Sergeant Robert Justin alford green at nellis AFB where is my daughter Jahmela and her 4 children and what have you done to them.

  12. I am sad for my children to not have known a time that life in America wasn’t lived in constant fear. Sadly, we have passed the point of no return to becoming a socialist society, which does have an appealing philosophy. Unfortunately, like every political system that has ever existed, corruption is inherent to mankind. Utopian ideals become more of the same division of privilege and repressed. To know the future, look at the past.

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