Eric Holder: ‘There Is Still A Fight’ For Dems Against GOP Gerrymandering 1

Eric Holder: ‘There Is Still A Fight’ For Dems Against GOP Gerrymandering

Eric Holder, who chairs the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, describes how Democrats are fighting against Republican plots to use gerrymandering to draw more favorable maps in 2022, a new program designed to educate and mobilize voters to push for a “fair redistricting process” and how Democrats can expose GOP efforts to pervert democracy and “galvanize the people of this country to throw them out of office.”
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    1. Another violent call to action by another brand new account.
      Don’t let yourselves be socially manipulated by foreign interests that want to drive a wedge between us.
      We are Americans.
      If we disagree on how to reach outcomes, we can talk about it.
      Stop listening to people trying to get you to be partisan / violent.

    2. @Crimdor you are not a warrior.. a true warrior protects what is good and true Especially family.. Have a good night

    3. Dan Ozmatlan – you don’t know what I am, kid.
      I know that you are a foreign propagandist trying to further a divide in our country and that we banned your last account.
      This ones next.
      You’ll see.

    4. Sarah F. 4.2 – what happened to your Russian ww2 photo of that girl?
      Oh. We got rid of that one.

    1. You’re referring to the party that originally seceded from the union because they wanted to continue to own black people. They’ve been the domestic terrorist party ever since.

    2. REAL Republicans are still Patriotic, but we tent to get confused… We MUST study the Republican Party from 1964 to date, then we will learn that the Republican Party has been infiltrated by “confederate-dixiecrat-fake republicans” led by “margaret sanger” a German devout kkk member.

  1. Is it not possible to mount Ballot Initiatives on a State by State basis to outlaw gerrymandering?

  2. Stable Genius: “I am suing Facebook for violating my 1st amendment rights!”
    Lawyer: “Umm, you do realize that law doesn’t apply to Facebook right?”
    Stable Genius: “Shut up, and just get the fundraising emails out! Those $750 million loans won’t pay themselves!”

    1. you don’t find it disturbing that monopolies like Facebook, google and Twitter have so much power?

  3. Manchin and Sinema are working on behalf of the Republicans. They have no other reason to be stalling around. Every reason they have given for not supporting their party, the Democrats, is BS!

  4. He’s telling it just like it is . The 4 sessions teaching us how to get involved is right on time . If we all speak up now , our #’s will be unstoppable . Rep.s are counting on us not to be heard . They’ve bet the farm on it .

  5. One wonders if Biden has any real fight in him. He’s acting like he doesn’t see what every American with a lick of sense sees: that our democracy is under serious attack. If pretending it isn’t happening is the best Joe can do them shoot me now. The demise of this country is going to be too painful to watch.

  6. It is simply inexcusable that politicians are ultimately in charge of redrawing electoral boundaries in the United States.

  7. There’s an argument to be made, that people who are insensitive to shame have a limited functioning conscience, usually seen in antisocial personality disorders and hardened criminals. I wonder what that says about Trump’s GOP…

    1. Oh honey that’s old news. Sociopaths, psychopaths always existed. Mythical snake in garden of Eve. Hey fun fact America produces, promotes, has highest number of sociopaths in comparison to other countries

  8. The Republicans want a one-party system and freedom. China, North Korea and other Banana republics are one party republics. Is that the kind of freedom they want? What have become of America?

  9. Fight for what is Right regardless which Party or Idependant you Vote. VOTER MANIPULATION IS UN-AMERICAN!!!! Only Fair Voting is true

  10. Yes to making Election Day a Federal Holiday; new Voting Rights Act; universal mail-in voting; non-partisan primaries; ranked or cardinal choice voting; abolishment of the antiquated, undemocratic Electoral College; overturning horrendous, corrupt Republican SCOTUS Citizens United decision; enacting campaign finance limits that get dark money and big money out of elections!

  11. GOP: zero legislative priorities, sinister agendas, authoritarian stance, and pure cult of personality to a malignant narcissist.

    Putin’s KGB squad: smiles, medals, and raises.

  12. The Supreme Court is a gone case as far as protecting fair voting for all people is concerned. 6 justices have swallowed the Big Lie pill and will never get their heads straight when in comes to protecting Repub puke.

  13. There are plenty of Republicans (and Democrats) who feel shame. They’re registered as Independents.

  14. There’re so many things going on, DOJ looking at itself and the past administration doings, January 6th committee being formed, the laws Biden is signing, so many things all at once. Multitasking, at it best! Watch out GOP! Watch what they do!

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