Eric Trump’s interesting defense after Trump CFO’s indictment

Trump Organization Executive Vice President Eric Trump reacts to charges against the Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg on Fox News.

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  1. Aren’t these the same people who say, “If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide?”

    1. @mj333 I agree. They don’t even try to hide their cheating anymore because their base is cool with it.

    2. @Winston Smith don’t fall for David Doom’s fake comparison. He’s comparing an unproven allegation (Hunter’s laptop) to an actual crime (Trump organization tax) with an actual indictment and plenty of evidence. It’s not even whataboutism, it’s false equivalency.

    3. Also Trumps family: “If your money is laundered well enough, you’re squeaky clean!”

    1. I thought that was Hunter Biden. Can’t own a gun, be in the Navy but heck can run Burisma…ha ha ha

    2. @Don nawzd And the bitterness award of the day goes to …. LMAO. Look dude, you got scammed and played by a 3rd rate carnival barker. I know it’s tough to admit but the first step is admitting you have a problem. And you sir, have a very BIGLY problem.

    1. @Any Ideas? but walmart doesn’t pay much taxes and there not getting jail time so why does it only apply to trump well newyork is retarted lol that’s explains it Andrew cuomo ain’t a very good govenor that’s why people are moving company’s out of there Florida doesn’t pay all company’s the way newyork does

    2. @Any Ideas? florida doesn’t tax so much so that’s why people are leaving ny and going else were

    3. @phillip wilson ROFLMFAO, deflection at it’s finest. Can you please deal with the criminal and crime at hand. This is about Diaper Donny. I’m sure you can find a video somewhere about Joe if you look hard enough.

    4. Don Corleone : Some day, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, consider this justice a gift on my daughter’s wedding day.
      Don trump : I will call upon you one day take this car and college tuition for all your kids as a gift

  2. Fact Check: its not that these “corporate perks” were provided – yes, many companies offer these perks. The “illegal part” is that those perks have value and – therefore – must be claimed as income by the recipient and taxes paid. When a person doesn’t claim “the perk” and therefore do not pay taxes on it, its called tax fraud. When “everyone” in the company is doing it, its not just “an error” or “an oversight”, its a scheme.

    1. @B Allen ROFLMFAO, another keyboard warrior. Not pushing for Trump’s arrest at all … otherwise it would have come decades ago, LMAO. Liar and hypocrite? I’m not the one having a hard time with reality and following a loser like Diaper Donny. How sad does your life have to be that Diaper Donny is your hero? Maybe you should take your own advice and do some thinking for yourself and flex your grey matter.

    2. Let’s just pray they have gone deep enough with their decision to prosecute these crimes (and have not ignored to prosecute others for the sake of “ease”. ). It would really be such a shame to see them all get off Scott Free on these charges and have nothing left to be able to find them guilty on‼️😡

    3. @Mat Larkin why the name calling libtard, kkken , demonrat or should we just say Nazi. So tell me what part of ivermectin, hydrox, Wuhan, setup, fbi has your fact checkers been right about

    4. @4saken404 there’s 2 sets of accounting records from what I heard. One is the real and the other is shown to the IRS.

    1. @phillip wilson Who was claiming the 2016 election was stolen? Trump lost the popular vote and won the electoral college. Those are facts. Trump lost the popular for a second time in 2020. He has never actually won the popular vote. He is a loser.

    2. @Terry Teschner he found tons of stuff on hunter but FBI won’t do anything about it, u are so dillusional wow

  3. Don Sr. In the near future: “I’ve never met him (Don Jr.) I heard he’s a good guy but I don’t know him personally.”

    1. @jason fuchs Of course he pleaded not guilty. Defendants always plead “not guilty” as a matter of course, unless they have come to an agreement with the prosecution to plead guilty and avoid going to trial. (The only other option is pleading “no contest” in situations where there may be a civil trial as well, and the defendant doesn’t want to harm their civil case by pleading “guilty” in the criminal court, but have still struck a deal with the prosecution. But that only happens with the permission of the court).

      The point is, defendants pleading “not guilty” has nothing to do with whether they are actually guilty or not. It’s a formality that determines what happens next in the process. And all the news outlets have reported that Weisselberg pleaded not guilty, CNN included. It’s no great mystery.

      Also, Hunter Biden is not our sitting President.

  4. Eric just admitted to tax fraud……indict and convict!! Open and shut case on all involved!!

  5. Michael Cohen – ” everything was done at the direction of and for the benefit of DJ Trump ” emphasis on “everything”

    1. @RooRoo 7 ok take your evidence ti court, get a lawyer to swear under oath that the evidence is credible and truthful
      goodluck 😆
      Oh how is that Arizona audit going 😆

    2. Hunter was getting 600k from burisma when he had no knowledge of being on a natural gas board. When biden was vp he controlled the budget that was given to Ukraine for natural gas. So for hiring hunter on burisma they can get as much money from Biden to launder. Any moron can figure that out. An trust me trump an his company will win this witch hunt once again 😂😂 Russia Russia Russia

    3. Sure they have corporate cars, but they pay income tax on the value of the benefit. Dahhhh!

  6. I’m 63 years old and still have to pay a school tax even though my child has been out of school fourteen years (and it was a public school). What makes Weisleberg think he can dodge taxes on sending his grandchildren to an elite private school? Something is definitely not right here.

    1. Property taxes are different than Federal (earning) tax. One benefits from having uneducated in your neighborhood. The other says, “I am rich and deserve free stuff.”

  7. Well, Eric, like his dad “ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer”. He wasn’t confessing he was just sayin…….LoL

    1. For personal gain first, destroy the common PeopleOTUS a close second. Such a conniver. Such a lowlife.

    2. Right, and it was known when he first ran for president that he operated like this. I’m disappointed that the democrats didn’t do a better job of ringing the alarm on it and how dangerous it is to have that crookedness in the white house during the campaigns.

  8. Eric is such a goon. The “everyone is doing it” defense doesn’t seem like an “innocent”persons defense.

  9. Eric should follow his Coke Jr bro and get all high on TV. That’s when we have a good show

    1. And Kimberly Gargoyle can get all coked up and be seen and heard in the background “The Bust is YET TO COME!!!!”

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