1. @Cathy and the even SLOWER ones don’t realize that a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent you from contracting and spreading the disease won’t stop it from mutating either.

    2. @Daniel Glover, piano, Дэниел Гловер No, you’re wrong, unless you have more power than the president. His press secretary said that they aren’t tested. Stop lying.

    3. @KissesofBrownHoney …. fucking smallpox killed around 25-30%of the people infected. Covid is at about 2.8%…..any questions show?

    1. @DirtyMike So why is your side passing legislation that makes it impossible for the average woman to get an abortion? I think you lack a clue.

    2. @Colton B , but you had to get COVID-19 to begin with for Ivermectin to come into the picture. The efficacy of the vaccine is a little over 90%. So that is a little over 90% chance that if vaccinated that you won’t catch the virus at all and in the case that you do have a breakthrough case that your symptoms won’t be severe enough to warrant an ICU visit or lead to death. With so many people having “long” COVID side effects after surviving, why take a chance of catching it to begin with if there is a vaccine that minimizes your chances of getting it? Granted the efficacy has dropped from the initial 95% for the original strain to 88% against the Delta variant, however with social distancing and masking you improve your chances of not getting it at all therefore never needing Ivermectin (if they ever approve it) or anything else.

    3. @Ronald King Yea, that argument is stupid. That so called clump of cells will always make a fully formed healthy human being under normal conditions. A scab or removed limb isn’t a human being and will never grow any larger or more defined.
      There is no argument that the pro death crowd can make to excuse aborting a healthy pregnancy. It’s killing the witness for convenience.

    4. @Chicken nugget Hammy No, they have to keep changing vaccines because influenza viruses mutate so rapidly. There are also vaccines for multiple strains in those vaccines. They have to look at the past season to figure out who the up and comers are. Unfortunately, there was almost no season last year, which might make it harder to figure out which strains to vaccinate for. The reason there was no season? We took measures to attack a much more transmissible virus, which prevented the transmission of the garden variety diseases. The same measures that people are claiming didn’t work.

  1. Exempt illegals, but punish business owners. Something doesn’t seem right with this administration’s approach.

    1. Even more so when this administration, and by default CNN and bimbo’s united, said they are going to buy 500 million doses of Pfizer to give it away to other countries. How magnanimous to take taxpayer money, buy a vaccine that shows 39% efficiency in Israel, then give it away to other countries. Why not just cut to the chase and give our taxpayer money directly to Pfizer for a participation trophy? Save the wold a lot of deaths don’t you think?

    2. All the unvaccinated should descend on the next major democRATic convention. If the virus is as deadly as the fear mongers say … well, within a month the country will be a much better place !

  2. We were all “in this together” until the restrictions became unreasonable.

    We put on masks. We social distanced. Not for 15 days. But 30 days, 45 days.

    We watched as our businesses closed, our events canceled.
    And then we watched Nancy Pelosi get a haircut…

    We _did_ it your way. It didn’t work.
    You act like you follow the science. You don’t.

    You forgot when you said wouldn’t trust a vaccine under Trump?
    We didn’t.

    You think _your_ patience is running out? LOL…

    1. Thank you for the likes. I should mention that this post is a shorter version of someone else’s thoughts on another platform. I don’t know if I should be more specific at this time, to give their work a chance to exist for a bit longer before it inevitably gets taken down.

    2. @Free Man but it was indeed said to a gay man. So you do you boo. you go a head and gay bass and name call. It speaks volumes of what is truly inside you. Projection and reflection. Unoriginal

    3. @Wayne Allard Are you really so ignorant you don’t know what a death rate is? While California has the most deaths, because of the size of its population it is far below average and far better than any other state that has comparable factor weighing against it in its death rate.

    4. @Free Man Well if you are in a red state unless it is one almost no one lives in like Alaska and Wyoming you are worse off as well. Despite having an additional six months warning and seeing what did and didn’t work in the first states hit California, Washington, Oregon, New York, and New Jersey. Every red state with a significant population and population density like the listed Blue states has had performance since that first wave that has been significantly worse. You are the proverbial fools who can’t learn from other’s mistake and can’t even learn from your own.


    History: deleted
    Phone: yeeted
    Holy water: needed
    Meat: beated
    То чувство когда все застыли, а люди сзади идут

  4. Speaking of hypocrisy, a black candidate for governor of California was attacked by white people in Venice Beach. Anything?

    1. @patricia lafountain they let their own kids get sick and spread the virus, but they’re more concerned about the embryo in a total strangers uterus. Maybe people should keep their smarmy noses on their own face and stop sniffing around like a dog in heat.

    2. @mean norma jeanyou win you just outsmarted me
      Yep you must be right having a basic understanding of how the immune system works along with knowing Fauci’s history, along with having a memory longer than a fly makes me a q person
      Oh and a very basic knowledge of world history but hey who needs to know history

    1. I’ve seen this dozens of times and I’m pretty sure the statement is referring to tithes. That thing most Christians do.

    1. @Heidi Brown The right of government to impose vaccines has been established since at least 1904, when the Supreme Court issued a 7-to-2 ruling that Cambridge, Mass., could require all adults to be vaccinated against smallpox. But more recent cases — including the first Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act — call into question whether Mr. Biden or any president could simply order all Americans to get shots.

      That is not what Mr. Biden is doing. By requiring that companies maintain safe workplaces through vaccination, legal experts said Friday that the president was relying on the federal government’s well-established constitutional power to regulate commerce and the 51-year-old law establishing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

    2. @ZONEMASTER I hope you are including in your vaccinated tallies those folks who survived Covid–they too, ARE vaccinated and have strong natural immunity to Covid. Were I one of them, I would still also get the man-made vaccine.

  5. Your narrative broke. I wonder what it’s like for a biased”news” agency to have to walk back or pull 180-degree changes in their beliefs because of their failed president.

  6. I’m going to call my workplace a ‘party’. So like Nancy and Obama, everyone can go without a mask and no one can say anything.

  7. The Taliban’s new Military Surplus store, *”Traitor Joe’s”* is celebrating it’s Grand Opening in Afghanistan on 9/11!

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