1. They don’t believe him because there are so many lies being told by this white house and USA is losing credibility

    1. @Grim Reefer hey Granny Raper! I’m a 47 year old black man, hopefully not a group you are sexually attracted to. What is the relevance of my race? Resist your naturally racist tendencies as a Democrat.

    2. Thats what Pelosi and the NWO ilk all want, a major conflict so they can turn around and offer their socialist solution. This has all been published well over a decade ago; LONG before Trump entered politics.

    3. @roninpainbringer These retards have zero idea that the IRGC kills iranians to this day for their personal beliefs.

      Don’t waste your time with these mouth breathers.

      These spineless humans claim to be woke but millions of iranians are being sex trafficked and murdered.

      It’s a disgusting joke.

      You can’t save these people.

    1. @Trump 2020 sounds like you’re a fake if you have to pit one network to against another. Why can’t you just share your views instead of pitting the networks against each other?

    2. Deborah Bell when my country is being attacked by foreign trolls I think my language is 100% appropriate. I’m not dealing with level minded intellects over the nuances of a policy, I’m dealing with hateful people who want to see my family dead! So I’m not playing around! I will kill and die for my family, and I’m wondering if you guys are going to push us to that point.

    3. @jonathan beatty I am not a foreign troll I am an American citizen I was born here and have been in the same city that I was born for 67 years and I don’t use that kind of language you are welcome to use it if you wish but I have no need to. And I will do anything also to protect my family and I have sons who will protect me and my family also. And neighbors who would kill and protect our neighborhood.

    4. Deborah Bell liar! You are a fake person pretending to be a real person. Now go get a new job!

  2. USA Lied about Iraq, Trump has lied at least 10,000 times. They unilaterally left a sensible nuclear treaty, And we should just believe them!! The pics and videos shown don’t make sense and certainly don’t convince me.

    1. @Trump 2020 Trump colluded with Russia 126 times. Now he’s on video saying he’d do it again (whatever it takes to win 2020). Trump hates a free press so if he could he’d run a Trump owned propaganda news outlet…oh, yeah, Fox news!

  3. As 45’s removal and prosecution draw near you can only bet he’s going to start a war, (any war), to try and distract/deflect. And that he ‘ll be needlessly be sending our troops to the slaughter means NOTHING to him, or the equally traitorous GOP…

    1. This is being pumped up by CNN which is clearly an enemy of Trump and CNN is a supporter of the NWO so clearly this fits that agenda.

    2. INCARNATE Why in the world would Trump want to go to war? People keep saying he wants to but what has he done to show this.

    3. Civil War Started by the Confederacy……..a total democrat operation. Lincoln was a Republican
      WWI…………..Dragged the US into the War? Woodrow Wilson a democrat
      WWII…………..FDR got us into that war that wasn’t ours……….democrat
      Viet Nam……….JFK…………..democrat

      democrat presidents have slaughtered more young men and women around the world than the GOP by a factor of 100
      Deal with it.

    1. No republican fan here. But Iran is run by theocratic fanatic extremist terrorists, who are about to get a nuclear bomb, and who preach “Death to America”. They are a real and huge problem, they need to be defeated, and sooner is better than later. IOW, *before* they get nuclear bombs. This is a problem whose only solutions are all distasteful, but the biggest mistake is to do nothing.

    2. And the safety of the world. Mankind. We should all push US back from our shores. No need for these people here

    1. Obama never started any wars? All of the presidents both left and right are owned by Israel. Your tribal mindset is proof that American people are completely brainwashed. Do you honestly think that this left vs right bullshit actually matters? Both Republicans and Democrats are the same they just try to make the people think they are different. How are we supposed have any change when people like you are still like “i’m team left, democrats are so cool, democrats care about people, Republicans are bad if democrats are in power then we would have world peace”. You need to understand that all of your leaders, every single person running for president sucks the ballsack of Israel and Saudi Arabia clean.

  4. Let the countries whose ships were fired upon handle the situation the US does not have the authority to handle a situation whose ships were not the ones who were fired upon

    1. fred head being that it is Fred head the trump troll, I assumed you took this opportunity to make the case for our military industrial complex to flex its muscles to help trumps admin justify going to war to help out your boy trump who’s not doing so well in Fox News polling either. No way a trump supporter can be 20 steps ahead of your average citizen, lol.

    2. @American Infidel
      “weak kneed”?
      Clearly not a native speaker of English.
      How’s the weather in Petrograd, comrade?

      Pro-tip: Use a hyphen.

  5. I think the Saudis did it. They want USA to attack Iran. USA trying to cover it up and frame Iran.

    1. I do believe traitor Trump and Pompeo are deep in the Saudis also. Something is smelling real bad with this whole situation.

    2. Anyone can paint a boat white, right MBS? It’s not like it’s the murder of a journalist or anything.
      It’s more like murdering a bunch of American soldiers who trust their government to only put their lives on the line for a good cause. tRumps ego and getting a giggle out of MBS and Putin are not good causes. They’ll probably send tRump a nice letter and he’ll go all gushy over it and say how our boys are doing a great job. (Although he could a better job, the best job, if only he didn’t have those pesky bonespurs.) Remember when yellow was the color of a coward? Apparently, now it’s orange.

    3. Yes, this way Saudis will get to buy the guns from US, that so far the deal has been blocked !!

    1. @Tucker Carlson The money you speak (lie) of is MONEY/ASSETS that were FROZEN in 1979 , that MONEY/ASSETS were/are Iran’s . It was never America’s . The money was returned when Iran stopped their nuclear program . An agreement that was working (according to the Europeans who signed) the same agreement that Trump ripped up because it was an Obama achievement . The very same agreement that Trump has mused about changing minor details about and rebadging as his own achievement .

    2. @Tucker Carlson God, you are every bit as ignorant as your namesake. Show me where Obama gave a chant of any kind. You made that up or your idol Tucker did. The money returned to Iran was their own money. It was “unfrozen” when Iran complied with the terms of Nuclear treaty. By the way, they were STILL complying when your war-mongering president took us out of the treaty because he needs a war to cover up his troubles at home. Are you volunteering to go? No? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    3. that is what I thought……..and in plain DAYLIGHT TIME !!!!  come on !………

  6. Looks to me like just a couple of men on a boat! But even more concerning, is the fact that we know this isn’t beyond the US playbook. They’ve got the resources to fake this and much more.
    Iran has no problems with Japan. Problem is, a lot of Nations, including US Allies, realize that there’s not much to hold Iran against. And this particular administration hates to hear that!

  7. Where’s the “,Great Negotiator? Where’s the Leader of the Country? He’s to busy in front of Cameras, Ego Feeding daily pissed off be ause someone coughed & took attention away from him! Wake Up People! We need a leader not Not an Old Man worried about his hair & crowd size!

  8. So NOW they believe intelligence? But not when it comes election interference. Trump lining his pockets again.

    1. @Sammy Bolo okay then, just keeping living in your made up world unless you can cite credible sources.

  9. How those images constitute proof of anything is beyond me. The US administration has lost all credibility. It’s their own fault if no-one believes them.

    1. Vee Core So Obama gave $150 billion in cash to the terrorist nation of Iran for a few hostages while President Trump has gotten our hostages from North Korea and did not pay a damn penny. That’s the difference between a moron and a negotiator. That was coming from a man who whispered in Vladimir Putin’s assistant ear secretly to “tell Vladimir Putin I will have more flexibility once the election is over” on a hot Mike. Liberalism is a disease and a cancer. And Obama is a traitor

    2. rhonda sampson You really can’t take a joke. Trump was kidding when he said that? Not even a Trump fan but take a joke bro

  10. Lie 10,000 times, and then wonder why people don’t believe you. Only in a Trump administration.

    1. @MLK’s Conservative Ghost I do believe your lack of intelligence would be more appreciated over that FOX! Plz leave the critical thinking to intelligent people. That leaves you out!

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