1. Rich coming from “educated” liberals with art degrees which have equivalent levels to that of highschool. Sad.

    2. Remeber that the ones “poorly educated” are demonrats who took up useless arts degrees with no jobs right now. Ew.

    3. @Norm Allyn *IM A MAAM* Walkstrong have you read your Dictator’s tweets? Before you judge educate you Dictator, moon is not part of Mars and windmills don’t cause cancer.
      You want to talk it over a hamberder and a cup of covfefe?

    4. @Norm Allyn *IM A MAAM* Walkstrong and I promise you I’ll have Mexico pay for the hamberder and the covfefe.

    1. From the mass of idiots… a.k.a. democrats…. who want more violence, killing and murder. Disgusting animals.

    2. Str8 4wrd I wonder why ya’ll democrats are the ones with your nose getting long?

  1. I almost lit that match to burn down the orphanage…but then, I thought about the children…I’m such a great guy, yeah?? Please applaud me now

    1. @ andrew chambers …The only reason Trump hasn’t triggered war yet is because the timing is not right, the only fucking jerk here is mindless cultists like you who can no longer think for yourself.

    2. So for the liberals,I’m confused did you want Trump to launch the strike or are u glad he cancelled?
      I’m confused what your problem with his decision is?

    1. @Michael Previs it’s called mixing sarcasm with the truth. It’s better then being mad at the world for their sins. Do you believe Jesus died for your sins? Then repent go and sin no more. THAT’S WHAT I THINK. Do what you want, it’s your life…

    2. @BR549 ! Nancy Pelosi’s district is a prime example of Dems taking care on the poor! How long has she been in office? Asking for a friend.

    3. That’s right everybody, no matter the subject, the liberal haters and consev. haters make sure this country stays split amongst ourselves so we will never unite. Good job but bags, keep being sheep.

  2. Trump: I want to launch against Iran now.

    His supporters: Your fiery boldness inspires us all, sir.

    Trump: Hold on, I’ve had second thoughts.

    Supporters: Sir, no president has ever had your sense of prudence and restraint. Let us all kneel in gratitude.

    1. actually most trump supporters I know were 100% against war with iran. you are a fool who watches cnn

    2. Allegedly, Trumpsters elected Trump in part because he’s against more unnecessary wars. It might be the one redeeming quality of Trumpsters.

    3. @Nikolai Collushnikov “punking the deep state”

      250 million taxpayer dollars to mildly annoy fictional adversaries.

      Hashtag winning.

    4. Kevin Lee Burn in hell? Yet you Democrats like to run your mouth on our hatred, ironic isn’t it. The true hate lays inside your mind, yet you have the audacity to make that hypocritical comment.I mean just look at yourself for just one minute, it’ll reflect your true self.

  3. I was in the military he makes no sense I’m quite sure they told him hours before how many casualties it will be he wants to be a great general the man never served a day in his life

    1. @Mario Lopez There is a difference between collateral damage and Iranian military casualties. Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump are the only American presidents that have worried about killing Iranian military.

    2. @Erickson Compere Putin doesn’t order the stoked and tax payer money is used and wasted on more important things
      For example tax payer money pays that psychopath Alexandria Ocasio CorTeZ

    3. @Cpl Soletrain End of the day you go out of your way to be horrible to Trump that makes you biased

    4. @Mario Lopez You could very well be right that he was told about that earlier in the day. But he is using that as an excuse for doing nothing. That he found out at the last minute because of his own inclination about Iranian casualties and decided to do nothing because I am a humanitarian.

    1. @Regulator 222 The aholes I referred to in my first comment.. If you’re ready to go or send your friends and family members off to fight a war these aholes started, be my guest..

    2. @Downright Dutch Are you 1 of those who tell people they should forget the past? trump is your president, anything that happened after you sent him to Washington is on him…

    1. Nah, the real dnger is in the ones who voted for them, or voted for the ones who put them in their position.
      No democrtic elected politician is more dangerous than the voters

  4. The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

    1. So everyone is either a fool or a fanatic or full of doubt. What you are saying is that you can’t trust anyone but yourself because you are smarter than them all.

    2. @Chaud Poivron – thats not what he is saying in any way, shape or form. You would have to be deliberately obtuse to make that comment.

    3. @DATING HARLEY QUINN WTF, Even I don’t claim to know what is all encompassing wrong with the world. Do you really think some narcissistic comment has it all figured out so easily. Stop with your stupid czit and grow a backbone. Now go run off to your safe space, I am afraid reality is much harsher than I could ever be. Of course I am obtuse to the extremes. I sit at 90 degrees and I stand at 180 degrees. Since you liked what he said are you the fool, the fanatic or the doubtful?

  5. “The president was pleased with the coverage…” That’s the most important part of deciding war?

    1. obie1coby “Remember 2016? — Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump 🇺🇸 in a landslide, even 93%. 🤣 Right? — Brits really wanted to remain in the European Union and would handily defeat the Brexit efforts. Right? — All the political “experts” said so. — All the pollsters said so. — All the Big Media chattering heads said so. — All the comedians, celebrities, and hipsters said so. —— Of course, the arrogant, ungodly haters were all spectacularly wrong, wrong, wrong.”

    2. @Michael Baggett you must not be familiar with trump. He literally refers to his poll numbers as his ratings

    3. @Succumb Two da D for me personally I just wish there was a competent person making rational fact based decisions

    4. @Downright Dutch I don’t ever remember seeing a poll having Clinton win in a landslide. She was only up by 2-4% and that turned out to be accurate

    1. It’s a sad moment when a fucking Opinion commentator is the person with more pull on POTUS than his own defense Secretary

    2. Hey Hayes it’s a sad moment when Tucker Carlson has more sanity than his national security advisers.

    1. @hodaka1000 it was originally said in reference to the M-1 and how it works…you obviously do not know that

  6. Do you think the Idiot has considered the impact of his foolish decision to pull out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement has had?
    What did he think was going to happen? The World would run to him to tell him how smart and tough he is.

    1. He’s listened to Saudi Arabia and it’s lead him to this and now he’s in a no win situation so he’s trying to back out of it while looking like a good guy.

    2. Do you even know what you’re talking about? Pulling out of that disaster was one of the best things he has done as the President. Not even Democrats blame him for pulling out of it (except for the real serious douches like ilhan osamar).
      You’re probably some ukrainian bot on hillary’s payroll.

    3. @Degar Ro
      Are you serious? How does backing out of a deal that stops them from making nuclear weapons a good idea? Even if it only lasted for five years that’s time we could spend talking and coming up with a new deal. Instead he’s brought us to the brink of war. So tell me oh great one how is war now better than maybe war give years from now?

    1. Correct, no one will get hurt, Even when I sent more soldiers with gun, just to shoot blank cartridges, because as you know, even the falling real bullet can kill.
      Not a big deal, one Iranian made mistake and just a few $ millions.

  7. ‘Unmanned drone’ is laughably tautological. A ‘drone’ is, by definition, unmanned; a UAV for surveillance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

  8. Well that’s seriously the problem when you don’t fill half the positions, you keep firing the people who actually know what they’re doing, and you don’t have detailed DAILY BRIEFINGS!!!

    What a joke administration.

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