Erin O'Toole promises national proof-of-vaccine system 1

Erin O’Toole promises national proof-of-vaccine system


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole announced his party's plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    1. Spot on. A liberal Trojan horse. I voted Conservative since I could legally vote. I will not vote conservative again. No difference between conservative, NDP and Liberals.

    1. @batman superman it’s for international travelling he is talking about, which makes sens, is federal duty to aligné to an international rules to offer Canadians to fulfill their rights to travel. You don’t want to by a ticket and found out the proves you have at arrivals are not recognized. Is an article that show all points for covid stratégies,

    2. No different then kenney passing all the needed legislation for a passport system,but refuses to call it that. When it is exacally that.

    1. He’s standing by the decision Doug Ford made because I guess Doug walked away from the passport deal. I just saw the video

    1. @rhwf you are the one who doesn’t seem to understand that the unvaccinated are putting others at risk, crippling our economy, and prolonging this pandemic.

  1. I thought all this time he was actually smarter than this you don’t need these f cking pass ports now I won’t vote for you as well

    1. @luke tracey that’s a different party from the modern party as the conservatives have this problem of failing apart every 50 or so years, because most Canadians will never like conservative ideas, the only reason O’toole is in the lead is because he is less conservative than past leaders

    1. I need someone with a fire arm to contact me now. I CANNOT live in justins Canada anymore. Its not worth it. I’m done. I want out

    1. Can I ask where approximately you live? Can you call local offices? I live in a major city so there are no shortages here and I just wonder

    1. Get Trudeau for another 4 years of u vote PPC .
      Conservative are not perfect but Atleast they are lesser evil .
      Bernier cannot even win his own seat .
      Waste of votes .
      It’s a fringe party of praire at best .

    1. @Bella Bella Ooooo prepare to defend your self …This will get Nasty … Doe standing …live kneeing … your ancestors are watching

    2. As others have pointed out, he didn’t announce what the video title states, at least not in this short statement. It’s misleading.

    1. I do not find he contradicts himself. I like him and I feel he is a big improvement over that jerk Trudeau.

    1. @Canadian Homes He said he is against passports. All of his policies are readily available to look at anytime you want to look.

    1. You will be better off, eating at home which is healthier. Not to mention, not wasting money on things you probably don’t need anyways.

  2. If you make vacation passports illegal you’ll get my vote other then that you can never trust anyone in the government period

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