Erin O'Toole's response on violent protests at Liberal rallies 1

Erin O’Toole’s response on violent protests at Liberal rallies


Sept. 7: Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole speaks on the protests that have been happening during Justin Trudeau's campaign events.

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  1. Enforce the laws for all protestors. But Trudeau has been dividing Canadians for 6 years I don’t know why he is surprised when he gets negative feedback. This election is a personal power grab by a single person who doesn’t care about the health of Canadians.

    1. So true and what the idiots who were ranting and raving like 6 year olds who hadn’t had their Ritalin don’t realize is that their actions help the Boy King deflect unwanted attention away from him and onto anything or anyone else as he knows he really screwed the pooch by obviously calling this election strictly because he thought he could grab more power proving once again that he is all about him. Mind you; screwing the pooch is his modus operandi.

    2. My worry is the smirk on turdo’s face the whole time. thats a look of : If I take power again, your going to be sorry. We will all be sorry if he does.

  2. We do not have a democracy when our elected MPs are not allowed to vote for their constituents and must vote the party line.

    1. @Big B if anything your splitting the vote on conservative ideas.
      I’m afraid your party’s doomed after Erin and Sheer

    2. @drfye Kicked out of their party caucus isn’t the same as being kicked out of their parliamentary seat. They can continue to represent their constituents, and can even run as independents after falling out with their (former) party (e.g. Wilson-Raybould). This isn’t a democracy issue.

    1. @Bob Boyer The PPC is conservative? No, they are libertarian. There is a reason they want to cut taxes for the corporations and wealthy, eliminate supply management and privatize healthcare.

    2. @Warren Tusker Canada isn’t a right wing country and never has been. Move to USA if you want far right politics

    1. canadians tax dollars paying for a house, car, and schooling for indian immigrants. Yea they have it real tough.

  3. One kid threw some gravel and now anyone who isn’t for the big 3 parties is being grouped in. He’s already dancing around questions.

    1. ajackson18 the liberals do it even more, I’m just pointing out that O’toole is already starting to bend. PPC all day baby the other three parties are the same bed with different sheets.

    2. @ajackson18 I think you’re mistaken with regards to OP. He sounds as much against Liberals as the Conservatives and NDP. If that is the case I agree. They all need to go!

      Oh, upon scrolling down I see that that is in fact his/her stance.

    3. Nice false equivalency.. as the reporter said there is nothing like this following the conservative leader around.

      It isn’t even slightly surprising to see this happening after well over a decade of conservative leaders in this country carelessly encouraging extremist rhetoric.

    4. @thedarkgreenvanman The PPC want to cut taxes for the corporations and the wealthy, eliminate supply management and privatize healthcare. You should not be voting for them…

  4. This is what happens when the political “leaders” of the country are viewed as incompetent, uncaring, crooks. Politicians need to start being more accountable for what they do and say and stop wasting tax payers hard earned money. And it applies to ALL parties.

    1. INTEGRITY…. like when the Japanese Prime Minister quits after admitting he did a poor job with the pandemic. Any politicos with Integrity?

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