1. dont worry buddy..they are only going to get worse every year..til the year you die a bankrupt poor peasant..it’s the american way..maybe in your next life you will get lucky and be born in the 1% like me

    1. @Drake Sessions let’s not forget ignorance is contagious. Please try harder not to spread yours.

    1. Go by the Bible and treat people like a equal. Tho shall not kill. Yet you pray to someone who’s laws you will not obey. Interesting.

    1. Not yet. Smh it was bond to happen though. You can’t treat people like this for hundreds of years.

    2. looks like what most cities of the world look like every other week – welcome to the real world gringos!

  1. I am a Chinese youtube-r. I admire the diversity and freedom of America so much. But when it escalated into vandalism and violence like this, I feel really bad… Bless the American people to stay safe and the unnecessary violence to stop soon.

    1. @Jeremy Kothe These guys are the “Labor” of CNN I doubt he makes as much as prime time anchors or the tv executives

  2. ladies and gentlemen welcome to the civil war, cops vs citizens, and soon, everyone vs everyone.

    1. @Alan aka FANG Oh really? Not even Faux News is saying anything diplomatic.
      Donnie can barely put two words together.

    1. Yes, when in doubt, blame Trump. The democrat leaders who run this cities are definitely not the culprit.

  3. when the protest where peaceful with a knee, everyone was mad. Now they are demanding a peaceful protest.

    1. Burning personal property is not a protest.
      looting small and medium-sized businesses is okay?
      Where’s your home and business?
      I need some free stuff.

  4. The tenor of these recent demonstrations reminds me of that seen in the 60’s with civil rights and Vietnam War protests.

  5. MAGA……… what a leader, like the captain of titanic… right into an iceberg and bottom of Atlantic

  6. They were peaceful until the cops started moving on them. When are they going to learn that more police is not the answer?

  7. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
    -Dr. King 💯

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