Escalation: Dems Launch ‘Impeachment Investigation’ On Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler files a petition in court to obtain Mueller’s grand jury documents and cites possible impeachment as his argument. This is an escalation as democrats admit an 'impeachment investigation' is underway against President Trump.
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Escalation: Dems Launch 'Impeachment Investigation' On Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Finally.
    And I’d like another investigation into why congress in general is not doing anything real about the human rights being broken at the border.

    1. Moscow Mitch needs to be investigated for blocking elections protection bill. McTurtle needs 2 B suepoena in the House congress. For being a Russian asset.

    2. Well, Clarkem, you haven’t come to understand that the actual enforcement of the laws is directed by the Executive Branch. If the laws are being enforced in a cruel way, then it is because the current Executive wants it that way. So, why can’t Republicans handle the law without being cruel?

    1. @brian gardner he didn’t even win the first one. He lost the popular vote. Trump is an unpopular, minority president.

    2. Dilly Dally OJ’s kids weren’t “personal advisors” and using private email like Ivanka and Jared stupid.

    3. @Leonie Romanes You are an elitist baby girl in a bubble. The popular vote means doodly squat. Did the Russians make Clinton not go to Wisconsin? or Michigan? Just because the two big racist liberal cities vote Democratic every time does not make the rest of the county thing the same. Get over it and pop your bubble, but make sure you have a good shrink.

  2. Its about time! We the people know the Republicans will never agree to impeachment, but it is symbolic. Stay united as a party. Take a stand & say no to the corruption & stonewalling. We the people will remember & you will be rewarded in 2020. Don’t back down, don’t play nice. A house divided can’t stand! Do what the people voted for in 2018! Challenge this dirty administration. Make them show their hand. When they cover for the traitor, they will write their own tombstones.

    1. @Ryan Dulac 100% agreed. No matter what we do—or don’t do—-we are in a bind. At least lets go down, if we lose, with a fight. No PLAYING NICE. Candidates need to call dRump what he is. No skirting around this. .

    2. @darknight 123222 You don’t believe people have power. Remember protests against Vietnam. Remember protests against Nixon. Remember Civil Rights protests. You kidding. Of course we the people can change the course of history. Overthrow us not a Democratic idea, but making his life miserable enough that he is forced to resign—-‘LIKE NIXON. Did you happen to see PUerto Rico. We are not a theocracy. Just remember that

  3. IMPEACH that mofo already, enough BS

    The Day Trump is brought to justice, I will be throwing A Party !!!!

    1. It’s not likely Trump would be convicted, but the impeachment process exists to air out all Trump’s dirty laundry so the public can decide if he DESERVES to be convicted and vote accordingly. If Fox gets its way this will never happen.

    2. Keep getting trolled by the best president.
      It’s literally tearing your party apart form the insides. I can see why’d you want to cheer on Socialism, but naw this is America. Trolled.
      *Trump 2020*

    1. Amelia delCastillo 👻👻👻👻👻👻👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Yes

    2. Pelosi is trying to save the Dem Party from the lunatics who will give Trump Victory.
      Trump wants the lunatics to dominate!
      He has now elevated the America hating, Jew hating “AOC Squad” to the face of your stupid party.
      Game over. Barr and Federal Prosecutor Dunham are coming.

    1. @T AA there you go proving it so, that you can’t get over the 2016 election and you’re out for revenge.

    1. Senate won’t follow through. The voters need to get him out. Then they can pursue criminal charges against him. Nancy knows the House is spinning their wheels unless the Senate will do the right thing. We’ll see.

    2. @Clarkem
      Socialist WHITE TRASH IN RED STATES collected most food stamps and PIG farmers pocket billions in subsidies
      Deplorable TRUMPROACHES

    1. @Randi Young Nanci HAS the reported spine 9:14

      Mueller testimony has moved her position, she sees

      Her strategy WAS sensible (why attempt impeachment given it won’t remove Trump, when you can wait till he loses election 2020 then indict him fully with jail time without any protection from office of POTUS)

      Her updated stategy is a compromise, for Trump to lose 2020 but also means black mark him as impeached by HoR but not HoS….it will potentially remove opportunity to indict him post leaving office (Trump can’t be tried twice for same offence).

      I would prefer to not impeach him now but nail him to a tree after office….that’s proper Justice !!

    1. The One this is not about hate, it’s about standing up for what’s right. True that some do get carried away with their dislike of him, but the passion of the people will prevail and he will hear it loudly on Election Day.

    2. Your delusion bring U.S. so much joy. We know thanks to Democrats and what’s left of their base will only ensure Trumps reelection, but what we love most, is how you actually think the Democrats are winning……it’s awesome. p.s. you need both houses to actually impeach out of office, otherwise it appears as partisan tantrum and dies in the house………but that is what we Trumplicans want you to do……..keep throwing a tantrum so all of U.S. can see. Trump 2020 Don Jr. 2024.

    1. Annie You have no idea how this country works. Just go somewhere that has the elections you’re looking for. We don’t want you and your conspiracy theories voting in dictators. We are a constitutional republic and if it tries to get changed… well that will be the end of democrats.

    2. Yep Trump is making U.S. great again, chiefly by destroying the Democrat party, but in all honesty in this regard the Democrats have done most of that themselves………..Trump just tweets about it….lol. Love this President. Trump 2020 and Don Jr. 2024. Thanks.

    3. Mrs Noname Who do you support? Probably not the Trump. Your statements are starting to sound quite InfoWars-ish and would have to remind you not to spread conspiracy theories – even if they are true. InfoWars said that last election now the democrats want to use it this time?

  4. If impeachment doesn’t work Do what Puerto Rico Did removed that corrupt he needs to go before is to late.

    1. I predicted that there would be widespread civil disobedience and uprisings within a year of his taking office. I’m amazed at the blasé acceptance… so far.

    2. It’s time for We the People to begin saving our interests; Time to come together and take it to the streets! It’s time to REVOLT! Never leave a neck-saving job to anyone else. Because whatever is going to make sense, one’s got to do by ONESELF! It’s up to the People from NOW ON!

    3. @Jeremy Backup Coz there are more racists in USA than you know and rest of the folks are Nancy Pelosis lol

    4. Government is so corrupt that it’ll take years to fix. Rewriting laws. Taxing corporations. Criminalizing lobbying

  5. The Trump crime family and their lackeys need to be brought to justice. These are serious, treasonous crimes against all Americans. Quit playing politics Nancy, he broke the law, there are supposed to be consequences for that, nothing to debate. Please uphold your oath to the Constitution or step down.

  6. Most of the people who are saying that Mueller wasn’t dramatic, were looking for a highly produced tv show, like the Apprentice.

    1. He wasn’t exciting but said two important things.Trump definitely obstructed justice and Trump is able to be indicted when he leaves office.Things we all know but Meuller confirmed.And as usual,Trump lied about everything.

    2. They were looking for Show, what they got was facts. You know they can’t process facts!😂

    3. That show was such crap, lol! I still can’t believe it lasted even one season. People was watched it. 😂🤣

  7. Impeach Trump now! No matter the political risk– no matter what! If any American president ever needed to be removed from power, it’s this one! Many times over!

    1. @Jaime Garcia
      Thank you Jaime. When I brought up the idea of him being a flight risk, I was basically speaking of trying him after office. The idea of all his other cohorts being considered flight risks, I just put him automatically in that same classification of criminal. Your logic of him not even given the chance should be right on target. I just dont give his attorneys a doubt that they would at least ask the judge, knowing what he orders those serving him to do.👍🏼

  8. Do your job!!!!!!!!
    He is pulling down the constitution and making a mockery of our country

    1. @Dilly Dally and amended 27 times as a result of issues like that. They didn’t think much of women in those days either… It’s our worst document for setting up the government, but it’s the only one, so it’s also our best.

    2. Watching Democrats in advance stages of TDS has become almost to intoxicating. As a Trumplican I’m not tired of winning yet, but I could use a break from laughing at democrats…… side kind of hurts and my facial muscles are tired from laughing.

    3. @Abelis I agree on that. I have been hearing that leaders from all countries make fun of tRumple RunnySkin in their countries after they had a meeting with him. That’s a bloody disgrace to USA.

  9. Republicans need to go. Mitch McConnell blocked a bill to help with election interference because hostile foreign countries are helping the Republicans.

    1. @The One to do what? achieve what goal? have no idea what you´re talking about anymore

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