Escalation: Impeachment Probe Launches With New Subpoena To Sec. Pompeo

Escalation: Impeachment Probe Launches With New Subpoena To Sec. Pompeo 1


Democrats subpoena Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for documents on Trump’s Ukraine call and Rudy Giuliani’s outreach in one of their first formal actions in the newly-launched impeachment probe. Juanita Tolliver, Leah Wright Rigueur and Kenji Yoshino join MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the Democrats’ strategy, and Rudy Giuliani’s many shifting stories. Aired on 09/27/19.
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Escalation: Impeachment Probe Launches With New Subpoena To Sec. Pompeo

81 Comments on "Escalation: Impeachment Probe Launches With New Subpoena To Sec. Pompeo"

  1. Hold strong Dems! We got you the house for a reason. Clean this mess up!

    • @Warren Holly and for some of our COWARDLY and GREEDY GOP members of Congress they would like to avoid PRISON. I wonder how MOSCOW MITCH is going to explain away practically selling his good ole state of Kentucky (now known as Little Russia) for a couple of 100 million dollars.

    • Ellie MM Another genius who didn’t read the Mueller report, and clearly you forgot the federal and state investigations currently being conducted which means they are NOT GOING TO DIVULGE their evidence ahead of time. All of us will know what evidence they have during the TRIAL.

    • Alan Baird Things change over night.

    • Matt Verville I will vote blue no matter who. Tired of the circus in the white.

  2. This is not the end of this little pile.

  3. Kurt Volker, the State Department’s special envoy for Ukraine has just resigned.

    It is speculated that he did not like the idea of being used to dig for dirt on democrats.

  4. Rudi the reindeer has broken the ice sheet. I hope orange Santa and the rest of the swamp can survive in clean water.

  5. Matthew McDermit | September 27, 2019 at 9:55 PM | Reply

    Make them all do the “perp-walk.”

  6. Trump is a bigger crook than most mobster bosses.

  7. You can’t say Michael Cohen didn’t warn these schmucks that hitching their wagons to Trump would be their undoing.

    • @Kyrie Eleison but Trump has the support of the Black and Latino community for everything he’s done for them. How’s that racist??? All the initiatives for employment… Maybe you should read up on THAT since CNN isn’t going to report it….

    • @Alex Jay Trump picks on races ppl secretly hates?? 😂😂😂
      Do you mean races ppl secretly want to be and openly imitates? Give me a break!! I see a ton of white ppl and even Asians trying to be rappers and basketball players. I also see Trump trying to undo anything and everything good Obama accomplished. He hates Obama because everyone loved him. Lets me be honest, you only pick on or bully ppl you feel threatened by. Asians don’t have a reputation for being cool or have giant dks that white women go gaga over. So, sit on that, genius. Keep buying what Trump is selling.

    • Alex Jay interesting. How do you manage to ignore all that this president says? How do you manage to ignore him when he says he needs a “favor though” when taking about supporting an ally against putin? How do you ignore him saying he wants those that expose his abuses of power to be killed?

  8. New job opening at The White House

  9. lol yes let Rudy testify. PLEASE.

  10. The Democrats are hitting hard and fast. Trump’s assembled teams can’t keep up all the hits and get organized. Schiff is getting his payback here.

    • @Captain Caveman That’s another lie, I can provide you link of data analysis, Red States benefit the most from government aid. Seriously, you are really misinformed.
      I’m a CPA, working for the state I live in. Not one thing you have said is true, or have any substantiated evidence.

      You know, there is a great book called, “How to Lie with Statistics” Darrel Hoff, super small. It’s a great introduction to stat’s, it explains how people usually misinterpret data, (particularly to push a narrative).

      Man, take a class.

    • @Captain Caveman prove it . You Trolls all seem to think that everyone is ignorant or a Democrat if they didn’t vote for -45. There are many who Republicans who chose not to vote for the Red Death knowing what kind of businessman he is.. So trot on back to where ever you came from.

    • @Captain Caveman Just described a Republican.

    • Captain Caveman get a life

  11. abundantYOUniverse | September 27, 2019 at 10:04 PM | Reply

    GOP Nazis are finished!

  12. *Wonder what the other “things” are that had Trumps WH lawyers scared enough that they broke protocol to rush and hide it on this 4th level top secret server?* *I bet if they start poking about..some Russians will fall out!😉* *#Trump4Prison** MAGA*

  13. Mr. Guiliani has not registered as a Foreign Agent under the FARA Foreign Agent Registration Act … he should be arrested an jailed… now

  14. It would be great to hear Trumps telephone calls with the NRA …

  15. Guiliani: “I want to testify”
    White House: in chaos

    • @Dozo G
      ITS THE LAW . All people are created Equal .
      The democrats have been investigation Trump every since he announced he was running for the presidency .

      The democrats claim they have several active ongoing investigations on Donald Trump and then state it’s Treason a threat to national security to investigate your political opponent .

      Sounds like the Democrats all want to be shot for Treason .

      Pelosi said all her loyality goes to her political party = the democrats not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , not the constitution . Not the bill of Rights . Not the citizens . Her political party the democrats .

    • I must have hit a nerve in john patterson to get three responses.
      All equally nonsensical

    • @Dozo G those are your personal declorations . Perhaps your mental facilites are in question .

      People all over this planet from several religions and cultures sing I am their Lion King Messiah the prophet besser videos on my likes playlist .

      I am Johnny judge close the curtain of I like it video .

      No other American in the history of the USA has another American ever had people all over this planet from several religions and cultures sing to and about them .

      UNIQUE . Superpower Johnny Patterson .

    • ….we talked about golf…… good testimony prep

    • 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Rudy is sweating hard. Look at the accumulation of moisture on his head lol

  17. Wait I thought lawyer client confidentiality gets thrown out if the lawyer commits a crime doing the bidding of the client?

    • Giuliani is too stupid to know that, and he will throw that attorney client privilege to the wind and sing like a canary soon as he gets a chance and claim that be was working to thwart trump from the inside and is realy a hero.

    • TheZooness: I think there has to be proof that a crime was committed, first.
      The impeachment investigation is to determine if a crime was committed.

    • Attorney-client privilege does not cover criminal activities, nor is it valid if a third party is in on the conversation.

  18. Alan Hirschenhofer II | September 27, 2019 at 10:41 PM | Reply

    Why does this financial genius… self-made billionair…need finacial help with his defense?

  19. We are finally starting to drain the swamp! Time to purge the corruption from our White House.

  20. Oh Rudy, he’d love to testify, so he can be put on TV, look like a guy who stuck his d@#k in a light socket and say “executive privilege,” over and over..

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