Escaped Prisoner Captured in Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News - March 19 2021 1

Escaped Prisoner Captured in Kingston Jamaica | TVJ News – March 19 2021


In a Prime Time News follow-up the prison inmate who shot and injured a police constable after disarming another has been captured.

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  1. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU ALL//

  2. he could be have more safety in jungles without the razor, after a few weeks nobody can recognize him.

    1. I was thinking di same thing.
      I hope they didn’t arrest the wrong person just to calm di community cuz that means the di real person is still out.

    2. Must admit I was thinking the same thing… They need to shave off his beard, let’s see how he looks completely clean shaven

  3. You mean to tell me this wicked boy almost killed one our officer on you get him to send him 6ft 6 on this what you did lock him up again to eat tax payers money?

    1. For that reason I hate police that think they have a God complex of judge , jury and executioner . No police or judge is above the law to take matters in their hands.

  4. Whey di boy do with the gun. Also is only 20 years people a get for murder? What a gawn. What about 50 years no parole.

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