Escaping Death | Jamaican Police Couple Gun Wedding | Jamaica Receive Vaccine 1

Escaping Death | Jamaican Police Couple Gun Wedding | Jamaica Receive Vaccine


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  1. Why is our fellow jamaican is so wicked against each other. Especially against the woman

  2. I cant wait for Uber to come to JAMAICA. Driver video surveillance, drivers are fully processed and registered on the app, so incase of any reports drivers can be prosecuted as you have access to paper trail. Plus cabs can only be shared if granted by the passenger. There is accountability if anything goes wrong, not like the free for all we have going on now.

    1. @Mathew Owens well if a suh a suh. Can’t have ppl traveling in fear and ppl getting away with it. Bring in UBER! MEK DEM MEK MONEY AND LEAVE. The criminals are the reason for all this.

    2. Won’t be any safer sorry they are enploying taxi driver if the plan is to rob you they still will

    3. @lightening Wilson official  yes and am glad our good taxi men and women will still be able to have a job but at least this way they will have video evidence if something happens and if it is turned off when robbery happens, because the driver is registered with uber they will be liable for investigation as you would have been the last driver to drive that passenger, as the passenger can report it to Uber to take legal action. ACCOUNTABILITY will now be possible.

    4. @Mathew Owens On the contrary it will still provide thousands of jobs for Taxi men and back office operators that work with the Uber app. Plus we both know JAMAICA doesn’t have a proper taxing system in place (like filing your taxes each year for everyone) for them to afford that. Probably crowd funding from a JAMAICAN private company idk, but I do know something has to be done about this taxi robbery and assault situation as the cases have been piling up over the years and it wont stop. Taxi operators and the government refuse to come together to sort out a proper system, as buses alone are not efficient to manage to work load.

  3. Miss Gordon Lord have Mercy . Was it worth it ? Will be spending your golden years in prison. At 53yrs old you should be coming out of prison not going in. How sad

  4. Same thing. It sounds like it’s the same individuals as well who robbed me and another young lady over 3yrs ago

  5. Weak scavengers bwoy them a tek set on our women the weak and the vulnerable do not beg nobody for your life them never give you your life so nuh beg and give them no power over you,people walk with a knife and protect yourself dont be afraid they are more afraid of every law abiding citizens Coming together.use info and build up your mind, prepare it to defend your life by any means necessary.

  6. I am a victim of this same ordeal on December 2 last year the same thing that this woman is saying is the same thing was said to me the girl was there too not saying anything I later learn that she works with them I left with a cut at my neck and a stab in my back but I am alive traumatized as hell but giving thanks I am alive.

    1. @Esther, Mclean, I so share your sentiments. I know exactly how you feel bcuz I also am a victim of such. Just thanking God for spearing my life.

  7. Does it matter who signed it out? This couple need to be punished for their behavior. It’s unprofessional! They’re not on the job. They are no role models.

    1. What makes it unprofessional.. have you ever seen a plain clothes police with high power weapon (in a pic) before

  8. These police must be investigated. They are brandishing fire arms that must be used in the completion of their duties not for frivolous private function or for fun

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