Essential worker shares image of crowded Toronto bus amid third wave 1

Essential worker shares image of crowded Toronto bus amid third wave


A Toronto essential worker is expressing frustration after experiencing bus overcrowding during his morning commutes.

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  1. This isn’t news…the fact they’re highlighting this now means they surely are trying to drum up support for some other new restriction up their sleeve..

  2. Well… maybe Essential Worker needs to job share to make sure their not coming into contact with new sub-variants ??

    1. I suggest that they just go home and collect cerb. The isolated class will suffer due the lack of essential goods, then they may finally understand reality.

  3. We need more buses on the road furthermore rush hour is from 5 to 6 am for the Etobicoke area

  4. The TTC should continue to have pre covid service levels so more vehicles are running. The Government gives millions to public transit they should not be cutting services

  5. So what is the “essential worker”…doing there anyways?..if ur that concerned maybe don’t put urself there?….hmmm,?

  6. So while Netflix goes down. Bitcoin climbs lol Now I say crypto is better than stock investing in crypto should be in every wise individuals to do list.

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