1. The anticipated peace talks will never ever make any significant headway, unless Russia withdraws all its troops on all Ukranian lands, including those annexed in 2014 (Crimea and Luhansk, if I’m correct). Hmmm, this is one deal Putin also will never ever accept, but instead would prefer to be defeated on the battlefield, I believe. On the other side, Zelensky too will never accept any deal which will include the loss of the tiniest territory of Ukraine, perhaps, including Crimea and Luhansk regions annexed by Russia in 2014. This is the situation and reason why I have serious doubt of a peaceful resolution of this so-called military operation!.

    1. Putin is too easily baited. Now what he used up a lot of his missile he need those to defend his positions in the South.

  2. Peace shouldn’t come at the expense of Ukraines territory, that would only reward Putin with what he wanted all along!

    1. Completely true!! Not one inch of Ukrainian land should be sacrificed to appease Putin!! Putin isn’t going to stop anyway.

    2. @Felipe Q All agreements with Putin have been broken. Russia guaranteed they would never invade Ukraine. Any “deal” with Russia just means this will happen again. How many times should they give Russia the opportunity to rearm and do it again? Stop Putin now while it is easy or wait until it is hard or impossible. Learn from history or repeat it.

  3. Poland claims the missile is Ukrainian. I mean if they are so devoted to the case, it adds the weight to their words

  4. you can expect anything, when your country has been invaded people are ready for hardship loss of family members
    ,friends because you love your country and freedom, nobody is going to take it without a hell of the fight ,Finn.

  5. Russia will not negotiate anything other than Ukraine giving up more of their country. Don’t give in. Take Crimea back!

  6. How do you “negotiate” with an opponent that is currently, historically and unquestionably either unable or unwilling or any combination thereof, to identify the reality or truths of any one situation with any degree of confidence in their word? If they invaded a country under the auspices of “denazification” which was in and of itself a deception… then, I just have to ask…can you believe anything they say or promise? The result of any “agreement” is to honor that agreement. Anyone here detect the slightest scent of honor? Me either. Foot to the floor, all or nothing…no compromises. “Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive.”

  7. NATO should install large numbers of air defense assets along the Polish border and if it happens to protect western Ukraine, that’s just a bonus! 😉

  8. It doesnt matter who fired this missle at Poland.
    What matters is why its happened/happening.
    The blame is on russia even if it was Ukrainians.
    7 generations of shame to those who started this, will not be sufficient when ww3 ends in 2030.

  9. why are as subjects for “peace” negotiation are always seen “territories” that would have to be given up. First of all: These “territories” are not just different colors on a map – they are resorts of breaches of the basics of human coexistence on a level of evilness likely without any president.
    But mainly:
    If the conflict drags on without a negotiated settlement, the Kremlin itself knows very well what that means fo Russia besides almost certain further retreats:
    – armed forces, that are for years if not decades degraded to a not serious conventional power any more and limited to it’s nuclear threat potential
    – recovery challenges for Russia itself beyond foreseeable capacity of Russia
    – decreasing revenue potential on the world’s commodity markets
    – an increasing unstable fabric of the society and the country as a whole
    Russia’s interest at such negotiations for sure already is much beyond peaces of robbed land.
    So why does no one come up with this as bargaining options:
    Hey – you get a deal, if you leave, pay reparations and hand over war criminals.
    That deal will ensure you,
    – that you can sell commodities as long as there is a market for you
    – that your armed forces can remain on the recent level
    – that you can fix your own domestic mayhem
    – that you can return into international frameworks much sooner than with any other option.

  10. It’s really simple: until the Russian Federation is destroyed, this problem will continue.

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