Evan Solomon breaks down Julie Payette’s resignation letter

Evan Solomon breaks down Gov. Gen. Julie Payette's resignation letter.

Earlier in the day she resigned from her post following reports of a “damaging” workplace harassment investigation.


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  1. so what other Quebecer will Trudeau place into the over paid dream job, we no longer need such waste of tax payers money to have a Gov Gen . do away with it all.

  2. i knew Julie – a woman of courage and character – another smear to destroy leadership in Ottawa. Now we will get another nothing to lead Canada’s remaining military capability.

    1. just because you dont see her other side doesnt mean the harassments never happened, you’ll be surprise what your friends and family hides from you.

    2. If you know her then perhaps you can explain the vehicular manslaughter and spousal abuse charges that were mysteriously dropped just before her appointment? Like Justin, she’s her own worst enemy.

  3. So, how come there were no investigations made on the way Trudeau treats his cabinet? Oh, right….never mind.

  4. Strange that employees had “no formal complaints” and yet they complained about something so serious as workplace abuse … informally?

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