Evan Solomon breaks down the English-language leaders’ debate

Evan Solomon breaks down the English-language debate and what the key takeaways are for the federal party leaders.

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    1. I was a huge fan of Shachi Kurl to be honest. Trudeau rambled on after EVERYTHING he said, and usually just to repeat the phrase “I had Canadians backs” or mention Harper. And even with her cutting him off he still spoke significantly longer than any other leader.

    1. PPC is the only party which has common sense and they are shut out because of no seats.This clearly tells you the kind of world we have nowadays.

    2. @Lar M there’s criteria for a reason it’s not a big conspiracy theory. Ppc is lead by a separatist and a racist he’s against multiculturalism. His own words

    3. @Jumbo Me isn’t the bloc quebecois led by the same kind of person, and only represents 1 province out of confederation

    1. Well no duh matt that’s how its going to work when he’s the incumbent. What else do you expect, Jag to attack the Cons? To what ends?

    1. It’s not just funny cuz he pointed out how he hid for a couple months, but it’s not even ‘his’ house. It’s the Governor General’s cottage that this bum couchsurfed his way into and then got the GG kicked out of hers

  1. I didn’t think Canadians would care about calling an early election when it didn’t have to be called, Apparently i was wrong. Canadians are pissed.

    1. just another dumb decision by trudeau, except this time there are going to be negative consequences I think, that being losing lots of seats (fingers crossed). He’s so clueless.

  2. The winners were clearly the Green Party Leader(very well spoken, and came across honest, and held Trudeau to task), and O’Toole. Even on issue like climate change where you’d think Trudeau could make him look bad, he still came across well. Surprisingly well actually. Trudeau gave his typical “avoid accountability” answers. I’m not against the Liberal party as a whole, but Trudeau comes across like a weasel whenever he is asked to take accountability for his lack of accomplishing anything outside of weed legalization. You can’t get a straight answer out of him on anything.

    1. Settle Down : I agree 100% …..I am not against the Liberal Party as a whole….but due to Trudeau as leader and Freeland……..my vote will Not go to the Liberal Party!

  3. Does anybody remember the BIG promise back in 2015 campaign that never came to be. It’s been all downhill since then!
    Big accomplishment legalising cannabis. Failures and scandels,it’s a very long list!

  4. There was nothing wrong with the format. That’s what happens when you’re a crappy leader being held accountable.

    1. If seniors haven’t properly planned for their twilight years, they should absolutely have to work. There is no dignity loss in working.

  5. Not one of them mentioned anything concrete in their answers. We will do this and we will do that and we will make it happen is all they could say. Voting in anyone of them will not matter, they all have to answer to the powers that be who are way above them.

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