1. I really hope Andrew wins. His presidency will not only change the U.S. but the entire world and for the better

    1. @Ravin you’re delusional if you think one man can change the world or that a President of this country can. How many Presidents have we elected to office? How many wars since the first? Liberal mentality is hilarious.

    2. Avatar Mezzy oh trust me I like yangs views and he is the most understanding candidate for America’s best interest . But will he win , No , why because white America will make sure of that . We were lucky to get Obama . Lol

    1. @William H Comedy Dumbass homophobe. It is WRONG to jail people for their orientation and this video is about EVELYN YANG so why are you so obsessed with gay and lesbian people to comment something homophobic? You dumbass loser. Yang2020 #Humanityfirst

  2. So horrible!!!
    We trust people in so many important job’s, doctors, police, judges and they often get away with abusing their positions.

    1. This is why we need an authentic brave and courageous couple like Andrew and Evelyn Yang in the White House. She got betrayed by the doctor university and DA like Andrew got screwed by the DNC and the media. They both represent humanity first and caring and responsible use of power to help others.

    1. @M Doreen Barrett If my alma mater did sth like this, I would be ashamed for my alma mater. Looks like you need to retake your English lessons.

    1. I’m sure if the guy was a nobody and poor, he would have gone to jail. The problem is power & money, not men. Yang is what we need to fix this corrupt world ruled by power$$$.

    2. no the problem is not money. Not the exoneration due to his privilege. The problem is his activity. It is testosterone. It is men. Men are THE problem. Enough excuses from you. Woman up and stop mansplaining male abuse away.

  3. US DOJ fails another victim. Corporate greed shelters perpetrators without consequence again. I hope Columbia pays enough to establish a deterrent.

    1. To be fair in this case it was the Manhattan (NYC) district attorney, but a reflects a recurring problem in our nationwide justice system nonetheless.

    1. W D you were never taken advantage of so you should just stop talking while you’re ahead. You definitely don’t get what you are saying.

    2. @a. wanderer absolutely a refreshing change needs to happen and they are the couple to do it.

  4. Poor Evelyn and all of these women. Some men can be disgusting. Im so sorry for you women who are victims. I am raising my sons to never be like this, trust me. #yanggang2020

    1. @Wolfreign Valenford that would be a welcome change from dumbass melody. Cant even speak English .

    1. TheTokelosh I disagree. Please don’t make her a strong woman. We are told to be strong, don’t cry, get over it too often. It happened to me.
      Being brave in the midst of confusion, betrayal, and blaming ourselves when it happens, she exhibits beautiful character and confidence.

      I’m hoping not to offend you. I know you are being kind and supportive. ‘Be strong’ is a trigger for me. Thank you for listening.


  5. This is the strongest thing a future first lady could ever say. Evelyn and Andrew are unquestionably real people and that’s what we need for this nation. I salute her.

  6. I see a few men asking why she would make this public. Putting aside the fact that no woman (or man) needs justification for speaking out against sexual assault/abuse, how about the following reasons: It removes the stigma from sexual assault. It brings awareness to the fact that doctors commit these kinds of assaults. It also allows her to control the story instead of worrying someone might leak it.
    Maybe for once, you should just listen.

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