Even As Electors Cement Biden Win, Republican Grip On Reality Remains Tenuous | Rachel Maddow 1

Even As Electors Cement Biden Win, Republican Grip On Reality Remains Tenuous | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow looks at bizarre, parallel universe behavior by Republican electors, and physically dangerous behavior by Donald Trump-supporting street gangs, and notes that even as Joe Biden's victory moves even further beyond dispute, Republicans are not facing up to the reality of Trump's loss. Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Even As Electors Cement Biden Win, Republican Grip On Reality Remains Tenuous | Rachel Maddow


  1. How are “alternate electorates” not election fraud and tampering?
    The Republicans will come around once they are locked up!

    1. @OriginalPiMan The vice president certifies the EC votes. I’m betting he’s not going to let them steal the election.

    2. @Alvinius Alviniathan
      Well, there was the group from Arizona that sent NOTARIZED documents to the National Archives. There’s going to be some legal fallout from that stunt.

    3. @Chick Mcn
      Not accurate. He has to be present, to preside over the joint session (usually…), but the Electoral Count Act of 1887 makes clear that there’s nothing the vice president can do to stop the count or invalidate votes.

    1. Absolutely.it never even occured to me that I would witness something as evil and deranged as the trump cult in my lifetime

    2. @James Kennedy sir I’ve been thinking along the same lines.something is way off with all this I think trump got in over his head .made promises to do something terrible for us but he can only do it if he’s president.i don’t know but something to that effect for him to go to this extreme to keep a position he doesn’t even Wana do anyway????I wish I could figure it out

    1. See you so smart I got cool 1000 for you if you can show me the word democracy in the constitution or declaration of independence yall all being lied to wake up

    2. @Yannick Dorsey 80+Million “WE, THE PEOPLE” have spoken, illiterate cult 45. Your phony orange messiah LOST. Go send him your welfare checks.

    3. @SkyGemini lol like I said read instead of bash and please dont pull the nationality card I’m a moor I’m pretty sure you call yourself “black” which really means pale colorless albino lol like I said read a book. Stop gossiping and do real research bible say study they self approve also his people will parrish for the lack knowledge. So if you really want to know me John ch: 10 vs 34-36 you have blessed day

  2. In January 20 mature responsible adults with empathy will take over the White House away from incompetent no-empathy toddlers.

    1. @viewome Yes.The treachery,the thousands of lives that could have been saved if the clown Trump was responsible and did his duty to protect American lives and tackled the Covid-19 pandemic head-on.Plus the clown had the virus they would have to literally disinfect the place.

    2. You’re an adult? Then why dies your president need to have empathy? Oh, you must be a millennial, need to be patted on the back when you do a good job, need to take extra days off at work abd they are called mental health days. You cant handle life because you’re parents didn’t expose you to the cruel, cruel world. You voted for Biden because you heard your student loan would beforgiven. Well guess what, its never going to happen. Nothing he promised is going to happen just like when he was vice president. Too bad that Biden us going to be in the white house. Who will the media talk bad about. Oh, you guessed it, Biden. They are going to eat him alive. They agreed to censor up until hes inaugurated, not after. Wait until yiu find out what a pos you voted to run this country.

    1. @Dennis Hunter just got an upgrade….no more riding Airforce 2, he will be heading to China on Airforce 1 baby

    2. @Education is key How does it feel to lose by 6.5 million votes to a man referred to as “Sleepy?”

    3. @Education is key here is a a story widely reported (but of course fox didn’t report it). It’s a story on how Trump asked China to help him win the election and in response they said to abolish term limits. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/17/john-bolton-book-trump-china-326563 I will include an extra article from Fox Carolina if you think Politico is somehow bias https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxcarolina.com/bolton-book-bombshells-trump-asked-chinas-xi-for-reelection-help-and-told-him-to-keep/article_62ab772d-e18d-5ba6-a7bb-88a003354463.amp.html

    1. @XrKnight so you’re saying that you and the brilliant people at your company only found election fraud in one county in Michigan but nowhere else. I sort of believe you and your company made this up at the last minute. Understand this…Biden will be your President on 1/20/21. STFU.

    2. @XrKnight
      Yoo shore did yews a hole lotta big ol’ werds and a hole lotta impurt’nt soundin’ terms to say a hole lotta nuthin’.

    1. @Real Deal The thing that made me so bitter? You hogged America for yourselves so you can continue to spread fear, hate and despair during a pandemic, and you robbed us of a decent president that can properly do his job for 4 years.

    2. @Real Deal And you’re insane because you STILL support Trump after 300K+ innocent Americans have died from the Coronavirus, Trump lied and downplayed it until it got this bad, and he’s been involved with so much pain, despair and suffering it isn’t even funny anymore.

    3. @Real Deal As ironic as it sounds, it would be merciful and the most patriotic thing to END America if it’s going to be ran under Trump. Secession. Shatter America. Because it spares MILLIONS the suffering.

    4. This is some desperate sht. He needs a commissary tube of Preparation H to help him with all his butthurt..I hope these idiots here trying to carry out his bs are locked up for this insane nonsense.

    1. @mr ady and mim yay yeah, funny…Trump who supposedly knows more than the generals didn’t start a war. He was too bust starting one in our own country. Captain Bonespurs at your service.

    2. @mr ady and mim yay Oh, much better to lock up innocent childten and promote violence and hate in our oen country?? Can you find it on a map??

    1. America has enough people locked up. It should stop that. Healing comes from understanding people and helping them, even when they are wrong.

    2. @lance rogers Hunter just got an upgrade….no more riding Airforce 2, he will be heading to China on Airforce 1 baby

    1. Racist joe is a straight shooter…blacks all think the same and if you disagree with him, “you ain’t black”-Joe Biden. Wait until BLM realizes they have been played…

    1. Right msnbc talking about a Russian spy game, that was a proven hoax right? Craziness here they are talking about lies, they been lying. Break from your slave master.

  3. This Country will be at an unrest, until these people are accountable for what they’ve done to our United States of America. They are traitors to our Democracy.

  4. “Divide and conquer”, is what Trump is going for. He does not care if he takes the country down with him. This lunatic must be stopped!

    1. Must be stopped like when antifa ran around attacking ppl at the women’s March before he was a president? Like when BLM was declared a terrorist organization and yet you all take a knee against your country? Like that, btw that was 2014 Obama divided you. Lmao hands up don’t shoot, hoax

    1. This is a free country. I think I will have a few beers and hold a ceremony later to crown myself Miss North Carolina.

    2. @Cypher 0 Welp, unfortunately for them, Lincoln and the Union Army settled the legal arguments about secession, forever and always in the civil war. The only way a state can leave the union, according to the constitution(which specifically states in perpetual union) is if the entirety of the united states dissolves itself essentially. Also, I get its sometimes tempting of an idea to say you know what…if the left and the right are really at the point like this where not only can they not agree on basic policy agendas, or pass meaningful legislation, but where they literally are so culturally different and basically despise each other, maybe its for the best to separate…it wouldn’t work, and mostly for the right, but to be fair for both sides. The counties in America Joe Biden won accounted for 71% of the GDP. Were there to be a secession, even if the issue of which land would be allotted, or how to determine who stays and who goes and all that, even if all those kinks got worked out it wouldn’t work…and they economies of both would just be hit too hard. So they can fantasize, and get butthurt and threaten secession all they want, but the constitution, the same one they always claim to be defending despite actively ignoring parts of it they don’t like, or working to undermine it, simply don’t allow for it, and the end result would be the same, civil war….in which case, the same concept of mutually assured destruction when contemplating using nuclear weapons applies…as nobody wins in that situation. Nobody would win their independence…and warfare in the 21st century is not the same as in 1865…and literally everyone loses in that situation, and it would be a complete waste of time, lives, and resources and on top of all of that, the entire world, our adversaries and allies included would never just sit back, while the worlds biggest economy, nuclear and military power fights a civil war and not get involved…and the US would lose its position in the world militarily, economically, and may even cease to be a state of its own depending on the exact circumstances…which none of this stuff that actually would happen ever crosses all these sycophantic weirdos constantly roleplaying online fantasizing about civil war and killing democrats smh.

    3. @Chris Willis You make a lot of good points, and I agree that neither side would win a civil war. They would just tear each other apart until there’s nothing left but a broken husk of a lost nation. Civil war does seem imminent, however, and I would be lying if I didn’t consider the prospect of secession being a better alternative to the wanton nuclear apocalypse that would be left vs right. My view on this is that we must save as many lives as possible.

    4. @Chris Willis Americans are not that culturally different. The differences that there are are magnified for political opportunity in a system that only responds to the wealthy and powerful. What the vast majority of Americans share, culturally, is an acceptance of selfishness at the expense of society. Even on the left, well off people are more concerned with their own healthcare than a system that works for everyone. Even in so-called liberal states I see public roads in a state of disrepair outside million dollar houses because the F***’s that people give stop at their front gate apparently. Last time I was in California, which was before the pandemic, I couldn’t believe the state of homelessness. It was almost like a refugee camp of people fleeing a war zone. Yet this is a state that voted about 2/3rds for Joe Biden.

    5. @Chris Willis You said alot.
      And it’s supposed to be united we stand.
      Purposely our minds have been played with by many means & people aren’t seeing the whole picture of anything these days because of this.

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