Even Libertarians Aren’t Buying The ‘Freedom To Be Unvaccinated’ Argument 1

Even Libertarians Aren’t Buying The ‘Freedom To Be Unvaccinated’ Argument


While the right loves to cry freedom and 'personal choice' over masks and vaccines, many actual libertarian legal scholars support vaccine mandates. 
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    1. @Louis Tully It’s public knowledge where his children attend school. The private institution that they attend has this info on their masking requirements for staff, students and visitors posted to their school website.

      I know it’s hard, but try to keep up, Louis.

    2. @Louis Tully sorry convefe what was that…windmill cancer with bamboo fibers….when are you nuking a hurricane with your cowardly draft dodging hero cadet bone Spurs??

  1. The void of sense and compassion, presenting itself in a seemingly ever increasing number of people,
    is a virus even more nefarious than the covid.

    1. Enough debates. Just go out and get it already. It protects you, your family, and everyone in the community. It’s been scientifically, mathematically, and statistically proven to make everyone safer. The communities that got them are overwhelmingly safer. The chances of side effects or accidents are so unbelievably small that it’s completely absurd not to get one already. Quit being selfish, quit arguing online and go buy a firearm.

    2. @camelshit (fitting name) I feel compassion for the thalidomide babies in the 60s and the people reported to VAERS but *WE MUST NEVER TALK ABOUT THEM*

    3. Unvaccinated have a 99.975% survival chance upon catching covid

      Vaccinated have a 99.999% survival chance upon catching covid…

      Yeah, look… your nan was about to croak anyway, mate. It’s not gonna guilt me into voluntarily becoming a lab rat. Sorry if that sounds like i lack compassion

  2. Help everyone you can… Forget Rand Paul and Ted Cruz… they lack the character necessary to be straight with people…

    1. @Interacting With Illiterates so that’s literally the only reason you voted for a nearly dementia ridden child sniffer.. to get Orange Man out. Nice job

  3. Teds kids are important. All others are expendable just as long as Republicans can pretend to be tough.

    1. His kids, are you joking? He blamed his children for leaving Texas during a horrific storm.. screw that guy, he is a total POS

  4. Wouldn’t it be incredible if Redumplicans couldn’t come back from the my body my choice chants that are verbatim stolen. They think they’re cute and unironic now, they never think that far ahead.

  5. People wake up. GOP is playing games at the expense of your children, family, and communities’ lives. Keep your eyes open and do your own diligent homework.

    1. @paulette lamontagne You realize the right knows you that people like you believe anything…Your getting played like a game lol

    2. @Talkthetalk walkthewalk so now you’re assuming I watch those news channels I don’t know do I believe in q. They’re not jobs.

    3. I got rid of cable years ago. So please don’t assume I’m a q follower or Fox follower in the other one you said I don’t remember. Read your Bible. The best letter from our Lord and savior period is also full of information about these times

    4. @Talkthetalk walkthewalk why do you assume I’m with the right. I’m 54 years old I never followed politics. I didn’t vote for Trump nor did I vote for Biden. I had nothing to do with putting either those people in office. Isn’t about that for me

  6. Oh Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. Your kids have to wear masks at their hortie tortie school which you pay $25,000 a year. Hypocrisy much?

    1. The gop said there never was a pandemic in the first place it’s the cowardly losers that keep screaming wolf/COVID glad you realize that vaccine won’t protect you from me infecting you and your kids

    2. The right is losing more than the left in terms of covid deaths. So, while there will be some collateral damage on the left, the right will ultimately decimate its voting base. And I’m totally fine with this.

    3. @Jeezum Crow I think the fact that our president is shipping as many immigrants into this country as fast as he can with no I’d or vaccinations says it all!

    4. nope, not forever…at the rate they’re going, republicans won’t exist because they’ll be totally wiped out…i believe another year or so should be enough time…

  7. Don’t see Fled Cruz and DeSatan threatening their children’s private school that have mask mandates. No culture wars for them or their children.

    1. I worship God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Say it again I am not political I am not on the Trump train I’m not a q follower period why is that the Assumption because I don’t agree with everything that’s being done. I’m aware that Trump made just as much money on them vaccine as those other two. I’m aware that the government is crooked on both sides. I don’t know what you’re trying to convince me of

    2. @Konrad Yearwood Trump is right up in there pushing That vaccine with the rest of them not even knowing what it’s going to do to people he don’t give a s***. No I wasn’t aware he made those comparisons. I got that information as I stated from the Forbes report. Add some studies done at Harvard. Again I don’t know what you’re trying to convince me of I really don’t I mean why do you care if I don’t want to take a non FDA-approved vaccine.

    3. @Kidd Dynamo yeah I remember that and remember that dr. Fauci owns a patent on that vaccine with Bill Gates

    4. @paulette lamontagne what is quite clear is you have not read, or have badly failed to comprehend what I wrote. Any person reading my posts will quickly realise I merely asked the question as to why the likes of Dear Ron can not see that by banning private and semi-autonomous state organisations from imposing mandates (eg the cruise ship industry), is in itself a mandate. To put it simply they are mandating that there will be no mandates. Read carefully and you might realise I did not try to convince anyone of anything, just pointing out a ridiculous irony. As for ridiculous ironies does the book that a certain King James censored before releasing to the masses not say that you can not serve to masters? So it should be Ron or your god, make your choice sister.

    5. @AuntButton Hypocrisy? I’m pretty sure when the vaccine was being created it was Biden and Harris on the news saying “if Trump has anything to do with it then I don’t trust it!!!” And besides weren’t Democrats just chanting my body my choice? It’s funny how when you guys say it it’s because you are intentionally killing somebody But when anti-VAXers say it’s because they choose not to live in fear. And it’s funny because all these white people and her social justice warriors turn their backs on people of color whenever they don’t agree with them!!!!! I mean even Liberals accuse Candace Owens of being a white supremacists which is actually impossible!!!! But OK you guys keep wearing your

  8. If this wasn’t so sad I’ll be laughing the same rules apply to when you want to takeova woman’s body but God knows these men know what to do with women’s bodies

    1. That has been my thoughts for several months. What has always fascinated me was how they completely ignore the irony.

    2. Yeah but they’re not for a woman’s choice in just about anything, they’d rather force themselves and their views on a woman.

    3. @I.M. Greg I have a friend who thinks that a lot of these men are just like incels. They are intimidated by strong women.

      Although I find it interesting that the women in their party are arguably more confrontational and aggressive than the women in leadership positions on the left.

  9. I like DeSantis and support all the measures taken. I live by the Sun Tsu rule of never interrupting my enemy when he is making a mistake. I enjoy watching him destroy his political career.

  10. They’ll impose a mandate to defy a mandate because no one should mandate what you do. They’ll defend your right to choose unless you choose what they don’t want you to choose. Yes, they are that dumb.

    1. Freedumb to die from coronavirus!
      At, this point I don’t care, selfish idiots can have their Freedumb to die.

  11. It seems that these politicians have been in office too long and have no idea what is going in everyday life behind their posh living.

    1. Many of these politicians were born into rich families. Many have enriched themselves through the office they were elected to. They are all looking after number one. Vote them out. Lock them up if they things that harm the people they represent.

    2. Christina. Many of these politicians (e.g., DeSantis, Abbott, McCarthy, McConnell) know exactly what they’re doing. They just don’t care.

  12. “Mask wearing is uncomfortable’ is not an argument about Liberty. That’s the selfish “patriotism” they like to cite when they are only thinking about themselves.

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