'Everybody said yes today': Conversion therapy ban passes unanimously 1

‘Everybody said yes today’: Conversion therapy ban passes unanimously


Minister Randy Boissonnault discusses the unanimous passage of Bill C-4, the legislation to ban conversion therapy.

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  1. An example of the power of lobbyists and intimidation.

    Another example of cross-party unity is the 400,000 immigration policy. This too is the consequence of Ottawa lobbyists but I suspect public opinion is on the other side and that’s why mass immigration won’t get mentioned even when MPs fight ferociously over the housing shortage and our failure to meet GHG targets..

    1. Conversion therapy is where someone forces an lgbt person to undergo psychological torture to make them something they’re not, straight and or cis.

  2. Is it true that Hauwei is laying off 4500 workers permanently, right before xmas? And they will not allow use of their 5g patents?
    Will that push Canada’s 5g back 5 to 10 years?

  3. Finally, something that is an indisputable win. It’s sad that it took this long for them to act against child abuse, but at least they got it done despite some local Members of Parliament *cough* *cough* Niagara West.

    1. So you support conversion therapy. You want to convert them into something you believe, not what they do. Think about it. It’s not your right to impose your belief on others. It’s the same issue.

    2. @TheRandomView The entire apparatus is trying to convince these poor kids that they are something they are not and the banning any form of opposition to it. This whole phenomenon is manufactured.

  4. Lets continue protecting our children and eliminate any implanting ideas about their identities in their young minds. Let our children be children.

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