‘Evidence Is Overwhelming’: Trump Impeachment Manager Says He’s ‘Responsible’ For Riot

'Evidence Is Overwhelming': Trump Impeachment Manager Says He's 'Responsible' For Riot 1


    1. Psychologist are going to have mountains of case studies for years to come because of Trump and his supporters😂, they claim their “patriots” but stormed the Capitol while elected officials were doing business and interrupt a patriotic process of confirmation and also threatened the lives of Congress members who were freely elected, they claim their pro-cop but killed a cop and backs a man [Trump] who’s a draft-dodger who called those who served suckers and losers, I swear Hollywood screen writers couldn’t make this shytt up if they tried 😂

    1. Anyone making this point is not thinking logically:

      A term limit would open up a whole set of very unfortunate side effects
      – Say the term limit is 8 years. This means that a government official can not be re-elected after 6 years in office. This takes away ALL accountability at that point.
      Unlimited terms means the people need to keep working if they want to keep their jobs. This is a good thing.

      – term limits means that every time a term ends a whole set of inexperienced people have to take over. This is not beneficial.

      – term limits count on people being engaged in politics. If people are not, they’re not gonna be paying enough attention to really select a good candidate. If their rep is doing a good job and has been doing a good job they will know it / feel it in the long term.

    2. term limits isnt exactly a good idea. sure it would be nice to get rid of bad politians that have been in there for decades, but you cant run a country full of rookie politicians that really clueless how things need to be done. thats like saying, get rid of all the older and experienced people in a corperation so they can be replaced with younger people who dont know how to run the business. though i hate to see people like Mcconnel in there for ever, its not him to blame, its the people in kentucky who keep voting him in even though he has done nothing to help them.

    3. @LegendStormcrow u mean U.S. as a whole ? Committing genocide?? One of tge biggest reasons people run to our southern border .. The United States is most definitely the most dangerous bully in the world… sad but true

  1. I feel like those countries are paying our guys to do bad things and they can’t turn down the money. We need to do something about that!

    1. Part of me wants to see her walking a young couple around a house with them asking questions like “so which room would be best to commit sedition in?” Lol

  2. Awareness appears as an existence in the form of a finite perception; i.e. (Awareness is known by awareness alone).

    1. @Dyslexic Lives Mattress Graham is trying to block his Senate confirmation but my opinion is he will fail spectacularly and the DOJ will transition to a better more responsive department.

  3. Impeachment is an administrative process. You do not have to be the active POTUS to be tried. Moreover, the act in question was 14 days before his term as the 45th President expired.

  4. I think it’s absurd that Trump should even be in a position to run again! He should be behind bars NOW!!

  5. Do you remember as a child going to school, and on your way home the girls would be skipping, I see grown ups skipping over words that need to be said, they are still in school.

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