'Evidence Points To All Of Them': 3 Trump Insiders Speak In TV Exclusive 1

‘Evidence Points To All Of Them’: 3 Trump Insiders Speak In TV Exclusive


In an exclusive interview with MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber, Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen, Melania Trump's former advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, and the daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization's CFO Jennifer Weisselberg discuss the criminal probe into the Trump Organization, investigators' interest in Trump and Allen Weisselberg's taxes, the people they believe have the most criminal exposure in the probe, and more. This video is a segment from a longer, wide-ranging interview. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Pete Perez exactly this is there live soap opera , no other life them and CNN and trump , nothing else they are ok not reading a lick of bidens new bills or cares nothing about our country! just no life CNN, and trump and the more fake, crazy and made up the better for that game in their heads..

    2. So you “believe” Trump will receive karma for stoking Asian Hate last year. So you “believe” Trump well receive equal pain & suffering for all the pain & suffering Trump created in four years. Just think of all the deaths cause by Trump admittedly downplaying COVID-19.
      Dream on!
      What is Trump’s karma for sperating hundreds of children from their families?
      Yeah right, Trump is going to suffer equally to hundreds & hundreds of people who lost family members.
      Reality Check needed.


    1. @Angela Siegfried I guess that’s some explanation…. If that’s the answer it’s a really lazy insult….

    2. @Dan Grindmaster it would be awesome if there was a good joke attached to the potato insult…. Without a good joke to go along it’s just desperate and no sequitur….

    3. @Dan Grindmaster aww…. Ain’t you just the sweetest little pice of meat…. I bet you’ve got lady eyes tattooed on the back of your neck…..

  2. Follow the money – taxes – the money guy (Allen). The fun will be watching which Trump ends up tossing the other Trumps under the bus. Watch the faux fur fly!

    1. @Phil Groves Only if there’s money in it for her. If T***po really is broke, it’s doubtful the Feds have anything on the kid, but she may flip out of spite then go back into modeling or turning tricks or both (whatever it is she did before she met the Donald).

    2. @Abouttime K That was before the wanna be dictator attempted to overthrow the US government.

    3. @Manic Murph I hear you but no former president hastried to overthrow the US government so there’s that. And he’s still trying to still claiming the election was the biggest fraud in history, blah, blah ,blah (interview on OAN in his blog etc.)

    4. @Jarry Sciligo I don’t think Barron is guilty or complicit in anything – but mothers tend to want to protect their kids from all kinds of ‘threats’ – even from their fathers, or half-sibs. She may want to protect him financially and socially – like Mary Trump and her brother were not. Donald turns against everyone – his brother, his Dad, his wives, his ‘friends’, his business associates, etc. Mel knows this – she may want to keep Barron safe from so many different things coming down the pipes. We’ll see. The clown car is on fire – and full of gas, and morons – should be a ‘wild time’ (as a one-term, twice impeached, failed, past president once said)!

  3. Timing is everything. I am being to understand Mueller’s decesions.
    The dirty window is starting to get cleaned off . WINdex time.

    1. @De Gener It He WAS impeached. Twice. He had the DOJ in his pocket along with a gaggle of compromised members of Congress. Obtuse? Keep projecting, little sheep.

    2. Don’t worry the Nuremberg executions didn’t take place until 16 October 1946, 18 months after VE day. Trump’s only been out of office for 4 months

    3. @De Gener It .. Hey Sweetheart, the jury is still out on the Mueller Report.. Barr had it squashed the day it came out, you know it and I know it.. What we got was a bunch of BS!!.. Considering that a president has immunity and can’t be indicted..
      Maybe that’s why Don the Con is fighting so hard to get the presidency back.. Among other things.. He desperation is showing..

  4. It’s Donald’s inherent blind self belief while being a complete fool that will lock him up.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera That’s not how power in DC works, and why so few corrupt politicians ever go to jail. Sorry. Even if charges were mounted, Trump could delay proceedings forever .. then claim medical exemption and spent his life living and golfing at Maura Lago.

    2. @Jarry Sciligo lol how pathetic, the Putin-Loony crowd speaks up haha you must be the last person in America that believes that nonsense .. hey, Putin is under your bed! Boo !!!

    3. @Tessmage Tessera take down my YouTube link .. when Trump is in jail, I’ll make a video shouting in public what you want, and do it in polkadot leotards.

  5. Donnie pretended he hardly knew Michael Cohen and let him go to prison, so everybody knows Spanky Bonespurs will do the some with Alan Weaselberg.

    1. That’s what they said about Capone. He died on Alcatraz.
      ETA: Well technically he died in Florida after syphilis stole his brain… I’d be good with that for T***po as well. Oh wait!

  6. Martha Stewart did jail time for insider information and none of these people have been convicted yet? Lock them up!

    1. Yes, can anyone explain that, maybe the good Lord is leading him to think he’s invincible, he’ll handle Mr. trump at his own convenience, God works on his own time, not ours, he will be dealt with, we just may not see it, but if you believe in the Lord above it’s already a done deal.

    2. @Monkey Man …yup…she didn’t carry on and cry…she taught “crafts” to her fellow inmates too!!! Her magazine never faltered AND women LoVED her more!!! much R E S P E C T…

    3. @Angela Siegfried what? Dems run the country now pleas name one thing they have done beside waste alot of money let the entire south America cross are borders and waste how many millions trying to get somtin on a man who lost the race? Pleas tell me I’ve asked this same question to many yet haven’t gotten one reply yet? Ii don’t care for any of them but I’m tired of are country falling apart in the hands of a bunch of whiney children u won what do u have to complain about best question who do u think is going to suffer for all this mismanagement?? Most likely are children which u most likely don’t have other wise u mite have a different few on things

    1. Not jail Orange for long, I hope. Orange means you’re charged with felonies but not convicted yet.

    1. @Gary Stewart Starting with Siberians about 22,000yrs ago and several more after that. But hey, lets keep the lies going. Lets keep crying for the “indigenous people”, lol

    1. Wouldn’t you worry if you decided to come clean but yet the people are still around??? With that much power and no conscience behind the power, they have reason to not sleep at night, I pray they all find peace at the end of this corrupt road to the Trumps

    2. Yeah I noticed it too… especially Jen Weisselberg. She looks like she’s going to throw up.

    1. You do the crime, you do the time.
      Looking forward to seeing Trump family members in the next season of “Hard Times”.

    2. How do you go to jail for giving someone money that your client told you to give. Yet the client doesn’t go to jail?

  7. Wiesselberg signed every financial filing/submission + he touched every dollar In and every dollar out. This is a RICO trial, the only one likely to escape is Weisselberg AFTER he flips.

    1. @sunlink and your life only consists of watching every CNN video and then trying to troll unsuccessfully… But yeah, it’s definitely not you who’s the sad loser here. Definitely not.

    2. @A. Hayden lol i dont have to watch it to know how to trigger dems, i am just calling out fact , guess the shoe fit you perfect.

    3. @sunlink I’m not a dem you’re actually trying now, and yet you’re still failing. Man. Sucks to be you, sorry about that. Better luck next time, bud.

  8. Jennifer really does look scared. I hope she has good security. She’s trying to do the right thing and she needs to be protected.

    1. @Melanie Eleuterio No, I thought she meant she was terrified of being railroaded into jail forever if the Trumps regain control of the DOJ.

    2. She better be.
      That group of people are the real monsters of this world.
      I’ve seen them and they know me…Yet here am I.
      I am S.P.

    3. @animals are love and happiness I am not psychic, but l am able to analyze and smell a cover up. If he had lived, Trump might be a suicide himself. In Trump’s case, it would be euthanasia for the country.

    4. @Paul Wilson You’ve got it backwards magat…YOU will believe anything. Wipe that Kool-Aid off your lip.

  9. “Where one goes, all go”. Sounds just like the Q-non wiggywiggy.

    This is turning into the most delightful Mexican standoff ever.

    1. It’s unfair that he got convicted for a crime done at the request of Trump while Trump was not even charged for it.

  10. Every interview with Micheal Cohen: Ari: “I’m over time, short answer Michael. …” Michael: “… …. …. . …” … 15 minutes later … Ari: “Now I’m REALLY over time, thanks for joining me tonight.”

    1. It really seems like some news media are still using old early-2000s videochat over satellite tech where everyone had a 8 second delay and would step all over each other trying to catch-up.

    1. That is what relief looks like. No longer having maintain a rolodex of lies, secrets, and bullying on Trump’s behalf. No more fear of retaliation, consequence, or judgement from the orange 2x-ImPOTUS or his sycophants. And no worries of losing the support of his family.

    2. I think he knows, but can not say, what information he gave the prosecutors. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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