1. Thank you these are the white folks we love stand up 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏻💪🏻

    1. @WorthlessDeadEnd no I am speaking on the ones who truly from the soul meaning the one’s who risk their life’s their time to help give us a voice if we forget the one’s who truly see us as us then what’s the point we are them I am BLACK 🖤 POWER 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 but I am UNITY TO we need everybody that’s truly for us to keep this world going

    2. @Real Deal What does it mean that you’re black power? Are you black supremacy? If it is okay for you to embrace black power, then how do you feel about white power? Or Asian power? Or whatever?

  2. Moses continue to do you. You are gifted . Know your worth and continue doing good acting. 👍

  3. Didn’t think I could love you more mr. Mcgregor…there’s no place for racism in any galaxy

    1. Such information we don’t it get from most Youtubers, I am getting in touch with her right away

    2. @Maya Madelyn Count me in,I’m placing my trades with Expert Angela Cole Carr Thanks for the information

  4. The lack of success has nothing to do with imagined racism and everything to do with terrible writing and childish acting. Moses Ingram’s portrayal of Reva comes off as a terrible and cringey Star Wars cosplayer. The writing and acting of the character do not fit with how inquisitors behave or how the Empire deals with insubordination.
    The portrayal of the Grand Inquisitor also is a far cry from the character set out in “Rebels”.
    The show is just a mess.

    1. So your saying its okay to attack both the actor and character, you should get some help mate

    2. My comment got deleted.

      I called you a misogynist.

      Then said you probably have never been with a woman.

      -Love, main stream media

    3. @Mando 501st You are the one that needs help since you don’t understand the difference between “attacking” someone and criticizing someone’s performance. They are not synonymous, though the woke crowd believes so.

  5. The executive producer guarding his investment.
    Let be honest…REALLY HONEST.
    The inquisitors were all cast HORRIBLY.
    Wtf is up with the fat grand inquisitor!?
    Ok, the Chinese 5th brother isn’t bad. Obviously done Chinese to appeal the the Chinese market. But he pulled it off ok.
    But this girl is Totally wrong.
    Poorly portrayed, awfully written.

  6. Come on, everybody, how are these circus freaks ever going to get a job if they don’t appear in Star Wars?

  7. C’mon, Ewan.

    This is not about racism. It’s about all the woke trash in your titular show. The show is titled, “Obi-Wan”. It’s not titled “Reva and Leia: Co-Starring Obi-Wan.”

  8. Its crazy to thing that in a universe full of a wide range of species people are upset and how they cast 3 characters 🤔.

  9. just watched the 3 episode …mind blown vader actually put a fear in me and im a grown man..lol…i think the actor moses is great

  10. They haven’t proven this. Why are you stupidly repeating these allegations as if they had? Disney/Lucasfilm has a history of unfairly tarnishing Star Wars fans.

    I wish the fandom could hire Johnny’s legal team….

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