Ex-Atlanta Cop Charged In Brooks’ Death Accused Of Cover-Up In Separate Incident | MSNBC

Chief Investigator at Atlanta's WXIA 11Alive, Brendan Keefe discusses former Atlanta cop Garrett Rolfe's disciplinary record. Aired on 6/19/2020.
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Ex-Atlanta Cop Charged In Brooks' Death Accused Of Cover-Up In Separate Incident | MSNBC


  1. He would not be the only white supremacist active in the police rank and file if it is found he has ties to a white supermacist group.

    1. There’s not enough white supremacists in this country to keep a magazine subscription alive

    2. @Mark W With a klansman in the presidency I am not surprised. Communities of healthy minded people are going to become vigilantes out of necessity to drive these armed racist gangs out of town.

    1. RowenS Newsroom4am you repugs need to stick to covering up your abortions that you are so against… hypocrites is too light a word for the “right”… and btw I’m not a democrat. I just know incorrect and correct.

    1. Cidalia Borges shame the morons don’t march for the black on black massacres that occur daily in the urban democrat utopias

  2. Why was he still on the police force ? If there’s a coverup; then all should be prosecuted, and fired !

  3. “Some cops” if they did not become cops would just be common criminals. This guy got to be both a cop and a criminal.

  4. I would be willing to bet that more than half if not all police officers have covered for another officer a some point. It’s what they do!

  5. Why be labeled a criminal by running around with a gun shooting at anything and everything when you can simply be a cop instead, then it’s considered legal and people have to listen to you. 🤢🤮

  6. Why does this not surprise me that Atlanta bad cop Garrett Rolfe is accused of a ‘Cover-Up” in a separate incident other than the one where he killed a Black person! Bad cops need to be weeded out “Now” before they pose a danger to us all.

    1. Baby drumphf – They already are… that’s why both black and white – young and old – are taking to the streets to protest against them and demand reform and justice!

    2. It isn’t a “bad cop” problem. It’s an institutional culture problem. It’s a training problem. It’s a problem of what policing is asked to do.

    3. This cop is definitely biracial tho, so this has nothing to do with race.

  7. Wow…. this clown has a history of backshooting citizens…. Spraying bullets around irresponsibly. Then flat out omitting it in the record. He needs some jail time to straighten up and hopefully learn to fly right — but not as a cop. Armed, he’s a public menace.

  8. Three incidents in seven years, THAT THEY KNOW ABOUT. You know this sociopath has had many other incidents that no one knows about.

  9. Nobody should be a cop with a record like that but it’s GEORGIA So..
    This cop is probably an Arian brotherhood white supremacists cop that infiltrated of Law enforcement sectors in government. The FBI has been investing and tracking These cops under Obama since 2006. WHY hasn’t much been done? Well we do have an AG Barr now don’t we? Vote blue America and stay safe.

    1. oh please this investigation was amateur at the least! Anyone with a brain knows it was necessary force and both cops lives were in danger. and that is what will be proven by FBI or grand jury.? (if that happens) DA is nut job!!! wtf where did he go to law school? LMAO HYSTERICAL!! It was all a show -the DA is delusional and the mayor is black blind! They both will be acquitted IF it goes to trial!

  10. Only about a quarter of police ever fire their weapons–in their entire careers–so if there’s a cop who has fired his several times, that’s a definite red flag.

  11. It’s amazing how many police officers go their entire careers without ever discharging their gun and yet some have multiple shootings along with kills in their short history with PD

    1. i’m in agreement. a cop kills a person when he shouldn’t and you want justice… you run into a DA and medical examiner who do everything they can to help the cop get off then if you can get past all that and get it to a trial there are some members of the jury that refuse to believe a cop can do bad. and if you get past that you run into a judge that will give the cop the lightest sentence he can get away with.
      corrupt to the core.

  12. This guy is simply crazy… unfortunately in this country they don’t do mental evaluation before they give a gun to someone. So sad.

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