Ex-CDC boss believes Covid-19 virus came from China lab 1

Ex-CDC boss believes Covid-19 virus came from China lab


This past January, just a few days after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, six of the doctors responsible for the previous administration's Covid-19 response agreed to sit down — in strict confidence — and talk with CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the events of the past year.
During one of those conversations, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control under former President Donald Trump, revealed that he believed the Covid-19 coronavirus originated in a lab in China.
Watch, "COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out," at 9 p.m. Sunday, March 28, only on CNN.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for checking out the video. For more, watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s special report, “COVID WAR: The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out,” at 9 p.m. Sunday, March 28, only on CNN.

    1. @Errol Currie lol what. Look up what a virus is. Actually, we don’t know where they come from, but we know how to mutate them. All it takes is a single spore and wide spread mass transportation

    2. so cnn want to promote dr. gusta program, heavily aired failed CDC director unproven “opionin “, may further fuel anti asian hate.
      why dont ask that director ” why US fail so miserably?”
      instead asking soft questions and sensationalize china and covid relation.
      Maybe just like 2008 finical fiasco, CNN didn’t ask any accotabilities, maybe becuse CNN, after all is a multimillion corporation. Money matters

  2. lol CNN literally can’t even title their videos correctly. “Chinese lab” or “a lab in China”, sure, but this? Shows how unprofessional CNN is.

    1. He is saying that you Chinese are more concerned about lying to escape the blame rather than blaming your communist government for what they did

    2. @Shiro Ishii The Chinese people are largely in part opposed to the rule of the CCP. The CCP does not operate under a democracy, they do as they wish regardless of the will of their people. If you watch some news stations from China (China in Focus) is a good one, you will find most native Chinese people hold their own government responsible for COVID.

    3. @Shiro Ishii Here goes our problems, I mentioned nowhere what kind of view I support, and I do not intend to make these stupid arguments about ideology and politics. And here it is, all of these people assuming my opinion (which I have expressed none). And why the hell he is mentioning racism for this? Literally no one is talking about race here. Is it your instinct to just start attacking people without knowing literally anything? I said CNN is unprofessional, that’s it.

    4. @Shiro Ishii And funnily what if I’m an American? You just assumed everyone with a Chinese name is a Chinese? And you accused me and a whole group of people of lying? Tell me, what did I lie in this comment

  3. An Umbrella Corporation laboratory no doubt, he knows because he sent his daughter Claire Redfield to infiltrate it

    1. Redfield did nothing to stand up to the Trump Administration, which re-routed CDC data through the White House and changed the language in the guidelines. F him.

  4. Redfield makes a lot of sense here. Before it is overlooked, he said he does not imply it was intentional.

    1. @Be Me Sure, release a bioweapon you can’t control, that attacks your own people. That’s real smart.

    2. Dr. Redfield said it could have accidentally leaked out of a lab in Wuhan, China. It’s a possible, because Chinese people have been eating strange things for thousands of years. It couldn’t have come out of the wet market in Wuhan.

    3. Its release could have easily been a lab accident. The bigger question is whether or not it WAS engineered [specifically against humans].

  5. Of course it did. Frankly I can’t believe cnn covered this. We knew this the day the story came out. Nothing new. Just now covering it.

  6. Lol wasn’t this same thing being “fact checked” a few months ago? Now CNN reports it and we can ask this question

    1. @charlie golden Do you even know how viruses evolve? They’re a bit like roulette. They get in, use host cells to reproduce… occasionally they combine. The bigger the population and density, the more rolls of the dice. But I suppose statistics, probabilities, and science are hard. Right?

    2. @CharlyDeamen just curious what the new york virus was. Since china seems to be the breeding ground im wondering how we do not see other big viruses all the time in other parts of the world. I love science. And in 2018 three scientists from china were held in Minnesota for suspicious luggage. Briefcase filled with viles. In fact viral strands. You do realize the main study in that wuhan laboratory is don’t you. That is common knowledge that they are very proud of

    3. @CharlyDeamen and viruses tend to thin out once it breaks through. Its where herd immunity can from

  7. “Not unusual for respiratory pathogen being worked on in a laboratory to infect workers working on it.” That is the scariest thing he said. This happens often in the U.S.? U.S. does research on respiratory pathogen as well.

    1. There are rigorous protocols that, if preserved, protect from this. Russia had a sever accident in Sverdlovsk in 1979 after which this is patterned almost as though scripted. There are no coincidences in politics, so who scripted it, and who has yet to deliver payment for the service?

    2. Yes, most developed countries have research on many different virus.
      The problem is the containment which China/CCP is not really good at. The picture in Wuhan’s lab show the fridge is not properly seal and even report last year of bad practices in the lab.

    3. Well it happened previously with SARS in China. The virus leaked out of a lab in 2004 due to a safety breach. Just in 2018, US scientists and officials investigating the Wuhan lab noted that they had poor safety protocols and that the lab “represented a risk of a new SARS-like pandemic.”

  8. The entire world knew this at the time this “thing” started! cNN coming here making it like they are breaking news to “us”! You nasty people!!!

    1. they enitre world knew it was not man-made, you really assume that the entire world is as stupid as you. you clearly failed kid

    1. @ye yito It would be insane for a gov. to release a virus so transmissible and mildly deadly in a city of their own with millions of people. If it was intentional it was an individual not China. Also Chinese conspiracy propaganda of US military lab virus is just as ridiculously stupid, even more so. If it was an accidental leak form a US lab, how’d it start so heavily in Wuhan long before the rest of the world >.>

    2. @-Bryan- i didnt say it it was intentional. It probably got out accidentally. And its been covered up ever since. The lab is in wuhan but the funding for the gain of function research is coming from many countries like US and UK

    1. @RAY RAY LOL what? I’ll be just fine in 50 years even…
      If there’s war I go get as many commies as I can

    2. Yes…The CDC was funding this lab in China…thus they caused this. This is their big oopsie in the lab. Defund the CDC!!!!!

    3. @Caged Fauci was funding the Wuhan lab from the White House . They were giving the Chinese 3 million a year of your tax dollars for this.

    1. @muuuuuud see? I’m wrong because you think so, even though it is clear who has a lack of educated debates. Just saying. And no, weather I’m right or left, Trump or not, is none of your business. I was banned for quoting biden.

    2. Trump called out all of this corruption long ago unfortunately every time he made an accusation (typically found to be true later on) he was put on the chopping block by the media and made out to be some conspiracy theory racist when all he was really trying to do was inform and protect the American people that rings true with everything he said regarding China Mexico Korea hunter Biden big tech and the US election results

  9. I remember when it was heavily implied by news outlets that even thinking about the possibility of this was somehow racist and an alt right conspiracy.

    1. @FirstName LastName By “Epstein thing” you mean known associations between Epstein and Trump, and Epstein’s “suicide” in jail?

    2. @FirstName LastName Link that to Pizzagate using actual facts and not made up . The far-right has used pedophilia for political reasons and as a joke. They don’t give a damn about child abuse. Real victims now are going to be accused of “crying wolf.” What you guys have done with this lying with impunity and slandering random people is disgusting.

    3. Funniest thing about the “racism” argument was that CCP state media literally called the virus the “Wuhan virus” early during the pandemic, to deflect blame off the central government onto the local government. And one of the scientists at the Wuhan lab even said that she was initially worried the virus could have originated from a lab accident. So there’s no way saying the virus came from Wuhan and probably was the result of a lab leak is racist.

  10. Isn’t what the public was saying a couple of months ago and CNN shut it down saying it is a conspiracy? Now you guys found out it is new?

  11. Daszak from the WHO team is hugely compromised he was actually doing bat corona virus research with that lab.

    1. Spot on!!!!! It is the biggest conflict of interest ever…it’d be like Bill Clinton investigating the accuracy of Monica Lewinskis accusations

    2. Sending him to investigate the origin of the coronavirus was like sending Prince Andrew to investigate Jeffrey Epstein.

    1. Scientists need to be held accountable for peddling their best guesses as in forced to return any MONEY they made and JUSTICE for the people who BELIEVED them. MAKE it harsh

  12. Now that Biden is in office, the MSM can now ‘discover’ these facts. They must be desperately in need of ratings.

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