1. @Jeremy teed jesus said is a known troll, their posts and user names are designed to draw you in. Don’t fall for it, they get a very big bonus if you engage. See Malcom Nance

  1. If we’re in such “a good place” that we can send kids to school we should also be able to #ReopenTheWhiteHouse

    1. Noo..they said Corona soooo bad they let 10s of thousands of inmates out of jail and prison….but it’s safe to send my kids?🤔🤔🤔I’m not the smartest guy in the world but it makes no sense.

    1. @citizenxgen
      Surely you are trolling and are not this stupid unless of course you are a Trumptard. Kids will unknowingly spread the virus to teachers, other staff members, parents, family friends, grandparents and even to the general public, so to open schools and send kids back with a Covid-19 positivity rate of 5% or greater will only bring on a mass genocide.

    2. @citizenxgen that is true but they can spread the virus and there have been cases where kids become very sick and some left with circulatory damage and some have died so I don’t know about you but I would not want to risk my kids health unless there is a plan and protocols in place before sending them back to school.

    3. Profits and Property, not People 😒😒😒 I want to puke, this is the worst administration America has ever had 😶😡😓

  2. 67 cases in HK and they’re shutting down. 70k in one day, an all time high, and Trump wants to play golf and hate on minorities. I mean, if the guy just went ahead and grew himself a little square stache I’d be like wow what took you long enough!

    1. You are comparing a small island to a country the size of over 1/3 a continent?

      67 cases in a state or county, maybe shut down that area – but not the country.

    2. @Thomas Reedy At least the government of that country is taking this seriously & trying to keep their citizens safe!
      I honestly can’t even say the same of that orange clown we have in office! Sometimes, I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream out of frustration at him! The man is a nut!

    3. @mizzpoetrics

      I am not happy with #TyphoidTrump’s performance. However, my Governor is standing strong amidst GOP resistance.

      So while things are seemingly better in HK, I am not as concerned for my safety as much as those who live in other states.

  3. Start fining people who don’t wear a mask period! If they don’t want to listen, make them so that we can get our country back. It’s these anti mask idiots that causing all the problems and why we cannot open!

    1. fred Goals tell me how masks don’t work. What’s it supposed to do that it’s not doing for you? I’m genuinely concerned and curious.

    2. @Hai Coai Translating Hai Coai: *”Brad Parscale endorsed masks when he started bumping uglies with Hope Hicks – and that was before the pandemic.”*

    3. I’m NOT wearing a mask. I like to breathe without any obstructions in my face. My body, my choice. How about we start arresting women who have abortions? Because let’s just say I think it is, murder. You see the hypocrisy? I do not believe the virus is that serious. Your fear is what is causing the shutdown. So your fear does not get to dictate what I do with my body. Understand? Good. Class dismissed.

  4. As a kindergarten teacher I can’t always get kids to wear shirts, pants, or shoes! Masks? I don’t think so!

    1. Carla, and anyone else who has ever been in a lower grade classroom with a bunch of touchy, feely, hugging, pushing, 5 – 8 yr olds. Six feet, distancing, sanitation, YEAH RIGHT politicians and trumpf! For all who do, start looking at small caskets. Not mine.

    2. @Dr. Gonzo Canada is opening schools in the fall, but we brought the infection rate down by following the science, like most countries. I would not send my child to school this fall in TX, FL, AZ or just about any state in America because the spread is totally out of control. You all look like a bunch of fools, refusing to wear masks in ‘Murica.

    3. Chris Sheridan. I totally disagree with you Chris Sheridan. Why don’t we teach them the truth.

    4. I just heard today that they’re going to start adding additional anti-racism training for the teachers and to start adding anti-racism education to the students. When I say Adding I mean increasing. I hear there are many teachers on universities and other such campuses that are being fired because they are not raising their hand as full anti-racist. What a sad state we are in where the campuses are firing well educated professors and replacing them with those who are for anti-racist. Yes racism is bad. Obviously it is. What a mess. What a joke. And then we have CNN spinning their misinformation as per usual What a joke

    1. @Alison H Are you seriously this dense? People who have been keeping their kids home from school out of fear for their safety aren’t sending them to childcare centers as the alternative. Both locations carry the same risk. Parents are keeping their kids home and using distance-ed over the Internet. I considered not even replying because, by your own moronic comment, you’re owning yourself. You should be embarrassed but I can tell you’re not intelligent enough for that.

    1. @unpaid troll what? they def dont have a higher death rate your counting europe as one country idiot, the us has double numbers as a country

  5. They’re talking about the safety of children by going back to schools, their education, their mental health, their physical health etc. what about those 4000+ children who have been locked up in cages like animals, stripped of their parents, covered in those aluminum looking blankets and sleeping on the floors for months on end. What of their health. Where’s the humanity?
    How about funding the resources needed to realistically open schools at any level?

    1. Completely different our children were born and raised here people that came over here illegally should be sent back should not be a burden on in United States we have our own problems right now


  6. Can’t believe America is still arguing about these things at this point! It’s gotten pathetic now, mate😑

    1. @Perrye Golson meaning the equivalent to the flu. Meaning not serious enough to close down schools, and the economy. Meaning not serious enough for everyone to stay inside and wear a mask when they go outside. If you people only knew and understood data you would realize how you have been lied to

    2. @Perrye Golson I wish I could share the link but youtube will not allow me to.
      But there are two charts you need to look at on the CDC website.
      #1 outpatient respiratory illness.(red line)
      #2 coivid 19 confirmed cases
      Find those charts on the website and look at weeks 12-16.
      You will see the discrepancies.
      There is no way at the very beginning all of those cases could be 100% co19 cases. The test yet til this day doesnt test specifically for c19.
      So during weeks 12-16 it was even less accurate.

    3. @Perrye Golson I tried sending the links, hope you got them. Let me know if you have any questions on the data

    1. Kevin Heintz
      Potato potatoe tomato tomatos.. you know what da fuq I mean. Mines ain’t going dammit.

  7. As long as we have different leaders, government/governors, Trump, Trump’s cult members/administration making different rules, not enforcing wearing masks, and following guidelines cause they simply don’t want to wear masks then we’re going to continue to get worse and this thing will never get under control. Kids and teenagers forget, they touch each other, play around, etc and it has to be a damn plan for kids and teenagers period regardless. And the way some of these people are acting about wearing masks and throwing tantrums if they have kids just imagine how it’s going to be. They’re not going to feel their kids should wear masks either so until everyone gets on the same page and work together things are going to continue to get worse

  8. They’re saying we should reopen our schools because other countries have, and it went well for them….. The problem with that rational, is that the other countries have been able to flatten their curve, so reopening schools was safer than it would be here, because our numbers are on the rise. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    We shouldn’t make decisions for America, based on the data from other countries; what’s safe for them, isn’t necessarily safe for us.

    If I’m sick, and my friend isn’t, is it safe for me to to work, because she went to work and didn’t get anyone sick? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Not only that, but the nations who handled the pandemic and were able to open schools are doing so very cautiosly and with strict measures in place.

    2. And other countries have strict measurements like mask mandate, social distance, check temperature before entering. That’s why they were able to flatten their curve.

      If America wants to reopen the country and send their kids back to school like othet countries in the world, why America didn’t have strict measurement and mask mandate like them? 🤔 you cannot just pick and choose.

    3. ​@Snow Chic Australia has NEVER had a mask mandate, it has only, for the very first time made a mask suggestion this month, mostly in order to prevent division in fighting this virus, as a result of the “mask messiahs” as the cheif medial officer in Australia called them – ie the IDIOTS who think masks fix the problem! Australia is VERY clear that children under 18 should NOT be wearing masks! Adults should wear them IF they cannot social distance & live in Victoria, no-one else should be wasting mask supplies. No child has ever worn a mask to school, social distanced or been temperature checked, kids don’t transmit it!

  9. He’s asking parents to commit suicide by sending their children back to school, along with the teachers and other staff….Let him for every child he has in his family regardless of what kind of relationship let them go and be the guinea pigs

    1. Earvetta I can count the times I seen the presidents son in public on one hand. If he wants to set a good example, like we seen him with a mask on ONCE. Let’s see the president walk his own son into a crowded school.

    2. The Democrats put abortion clinics in minority neighborhoods and convince our daughters to kill off tens of millions of our minority babies but now all of a sudden they care so much about us that they don’t want us sending our kids to school.

      It might be better off that way since the Democrats for 50 years have given us the worst schools imaginable and then tell our daughter since their babies have no future they might as well kill them off anyways.

    1. The problem is not all people graduated from an ivy league school and can work from home.

      Keeping kids home isn’t enough. Real plans need to be in place to help educate the disadvantaged.

    2. Exactly. I was home schooled and ended up being a game designer. Public schools are garbage anyway.

  10. Are you listening , governor of Florida , Ron DeSantis ? Florida children should not begin school in August.

  11. Folks, if you wear a mask, it needs to cover your nose. I see many people cheating. The virus is spread through aerosols when you breathe also.

    1. & you believe that! ?🤥what part of scam dont u get??how many people do u personally know with covid??i bet none!🤷🤦

    2. @Bruce Behnke You only believe when someone you know personally contracted a virus? Then I will be very interested to know what you believe? AIDS, cancer, Ebola, Malaria, dengue fever? I bet you dun believe that kids are suffering in North Korea and dying of starvation in Africa as well.

  12. They never listened to warnings on reopening quickly in general, why would politicians obsessed with the economy care about kids?

  13. It’s a good way to get those old people off Medicare & off my Social Security.
    -Says every republican –

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