1. *This is what actually happened. Video not for children! Watch the video you will be shocked* OVERDAY.ML
    Mr. Dunn – respect for you.

  2. if Lukashenko interviews in Ukraine, Poland will respond in support of Ukraine, within Ukrainian territory
    as a non-NATO, special operation

  3. Ukraine and Romania are cooperating, many refugees have gone to Romania. There are major Sea Ports in Romania along Black Sea. Ukrainian imports and exports could unload and load there. Then transported by truck or train north around Moldova and then into southwester Ukraine for distribution. Russia will not attack any Romanian ports.

    1. I don’t think there is sufficient logistic capacity to transport it by land to Romanian ports. I know there isnt to transport it to Polish ports.

    2. @Pawel Antkowiak Thank you. Agree, it was just thinking out loud. I know most of Ukraine’s neighboring countries would do whatever they can to help. I have friends in Romania, they are friendly and smart. Heck I have friends in Ukraine and Russia too.

      It would be easier to push Russians out of Odessa and keep port under Ukrainian control. That will require even more bloodshed.

    3. Actually, the train thing is not a thing… the rail gauge is different, compliments of the soviets that laid the tracks.

  4. The FSB officers chipped in and gave Vladimir Putin the last iPhone. They come in an hour to see how he liked the gift. They enter the room, and Putin cracks nuts for them. Now it is addressed: Vladimir Vladimirovich, what are you doing? This is a device for talking. Putin looked at them with a strange look and replied: – I don’t talk to nuts 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Ukraine has a 3-1 man advantage!!! Wtf is zakaria smoking when he says 10-1 on Russian side!??? Russia has not mobilized and Ukraine has!!!

    1. ‘Russia has not mobilized’ … you mean other than the 250,000 Russian troops, a naval fleet, Russian air power, thousands of tanks and armoured vehicles, hundreds of missiles, thousands of Ukrainians killed, dozens of cities and hundreds of towns destroyed. You mean that kind of not mobilized?

  6. I got to admit those Ukrainian people have a lot of heart I thought they would have been beaten within a week but they proved the world wrong with true determination you can do anything no matter how small you are🤔

    1. I think you mean with true determination and billions of US taxpayer dollars, they will lose slower.

    2. This is the same guy that said USA could win in Afghanistan…
      USA out of Ukraine, Afghanistan, Korea, etc…

  7. Today in Russia the economy collapsed again…
    my economy: “I celebrated the day of the Russian flag and left all my money in a restaurant.”

    1. @Marie Lucas Thank you .You were right. Today I ate exactly this (flounder in flour on fire + smoked halibut). My mom cooks very tasty food. A lot of fish is now sold in Russia. And about the restaurant, I lied on purpose, for the Americans.

  8. We have to provide them what they need to succeed. They have to win. We have no other choice. Putin must be stopped in Ukraine, and we don’t have any time to be messing around. Dragging this war out will be horrible for our economy, the economy of Europe, and others around the world. Dragging this out is not going to diminish the threat of nuclear weapons.
    We should win this now so we can put a stop to this behavior.

  9. Wait. I thought that this, attacking Ukraine, was a “genius move”. Are U telling me that Tr45h was wrong? Say it ain’t so!

  10. I suspect the reason why Cherson fell so quickly in the first place is that there was a Russian fifth-column/Ukrainian Quislings who helped them.

  11. He recommends US involvement in Black Sea. But what happens when a russian jet sinks an american ship???

  12. ”There is nothing that can happen at sea that is going to turn this into ww3” Adm Mike Mullen Ret.

    The sinking of a NATO capital ship by Russia in the Black Sea will sure as hades light things up. How can he speak such rubbish?”

  13. Go !go !go ! Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦
    Redeem your land and peace from the hands of your oppressors

  14. Though Fareed is a logical analyser of facts, in this time of Ukraine’s fight for survival against a big bully who though has mass weapons, they lack a strategy and Russian Soldiers morale are decreasing as the time passes by. To me one fact of history remains – if Afghanistan and Vietnam are reminders of how super powers had to retreat in shame after long years of war, the same will happen in Ukraine. The unfortunate fact is that so much of damage and civilian deaths/ casualties will take place in the process.

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