1. What about Zelensky ? Russia invaded Ukraine. I think we should give Ukraine long range rockets so the can let Russia feel the pain.

    1. Long range can just demolish russian strategic bombers used as a major launch platform for the missile strike. That will decrease russian capabilities to launch missiles from 100 at time to around 30 at a time. Ukraine has enough missile interception systems to shoot down 30 from 30. The next target could be russian missile corvettes.
      Such losses are unrecoverable for Russia and will deteriorate its military power for decades to come.

    2. @lynda medley That’s all they ever do. It’s just that, Talk. That is their way of stalling until their ready to attack again.

    3. @lynda medley Yes, but that might change daily. But who cares? Because they could be made to talk with a little coaxing.

  2. Well imagine that sometimes I wonder if the serial killer didn’t think about the blowback of this war and all those women and their sons have gone missing🤔


  3. Smiling sad mothers who lost their sons. Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Putin if you think we are fools.

    1. One of the mothers held up a photo of a guy who died in 2019! Had nothig to do with this war. She most likely doesn’t even have any children.

    2. The makeup of attendees to the televised meeting suggested it was orchestrated to avoid any outbursts of public anger in Putin’s presence, as women in the room were primarily functionaries from pro-government movements, mid-level officials, and members of the ruling United Russia party set up by Putin himself.

      One of the guests, Nadezhda Uzunova, is the regional leader of “Brothers in Arms” group that aids Russian soldiers in Ukraine, who recently spoke at a Kremlin-organized concert on the Red Square in Moscow in support of the illegal annexation of four eastern Ukrainian regions.

    1. There were all actors/FSB agents in that table. As some journalist pointed out a couple of those “MOTHERS” were heads of some loyalist political groups which more than likely meant they are paid FSB agents.

  4. What they did in Aleppo was sickening and now this. Russia has to fundamentally change or there will just be more of this disgusting thuggery.

  5. If my country or province was attacked I’d defend my province or country 100 percent.. obviously they are doing what there doing is cause they are losing I hope and pray you guys win

  6. This Man is late to the news, soldiers Mother in russia have been complaining already for weeks, putin is not being proactive but reactive.

  7. How dare you call this “THE UKRAINIAN WAR”!!! You owe every Ujrainuan an apology!!
    And the photo op is staged … not mothers!! Propaganda actresses … vet your info.

  8. these same female actors are in other pics & videos posing with Putin, the other vids & pics show the same actors circled but dressed different – exactly the same people.

  9. Some of these “mothers” were not even real mothers of troops in the war. There are about 5 of them in this video that have been seen in other videos with Putin going back years. This has been verified by video analysis.

  10. Interesting that they didn’t discuss the impact that winter will have on poorly equipped Russian troops living out in the elements as winter sets in. This time around, (unlike during past invasions of Russia launched by Napoleon and Hitler), winter’s cold will be Russia’s enemy rather than its ally.

    1. Absolutely true. During WW2 Russia struggled fighting in Finland because they were in enemy territory while Finland had home advantage, and Russia had advantage on their own soil against Germany. Ukraine today is similar Ukraine gets home soil advantage and support from the locals while Russians lay to waste in enemy territory

  11. The Mothers of Invention. Other youtube channels showed a few of these mothers are actors that have participated in other Putin photo ops and one mother shows a pic of a man that sh said was her son who died 2 years ago.but said he just died in Ukraine recently.

  12. *Он* – *Dr.* Так тихо говорит 😵 Мороз по коже 😖 как в *Кемерово* когда говорил про *погибших* *детей* 😲😲😳😳😳😳😳🥺

  13. At least 4 of the ‘mothers’ are staff and have appeared in other videos near Putin about other topics. They are staff.

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