Ex-CIA director predicts ‘terrible, painful retreat’ for Russia


    1. I Wonder how many would accept the offer to go there? I Mean their chances of coming home alive is slim to none at this point. Considering how fast the Ukraniens are retaken back their own territory.
      Keep strong and I pray this war Will be over Quick 🙏

  1. So good to hear a General talking about how Ukraine deserves NATO membership. They have certainly earned it, and Ruzzia surely deserves to have NATO troops all along Ukraine’s Eastern border.

    1. @Habib Osman See, people are commenting outside the scope of what is possible and what’s impossible. Some people say the darnest things or they don’t know what they are talking about. Some people have even 19th century thinking and some people don’t understand geopolitics. They simply don’t understand what’s at stake. Some people don’t understand procedures. And some people are just ignorant or they are spreading misinformation. Look at the comments here, read them, you know what I mean. It’s amazing…

    2. @Eduardo Muñoz if ur given nukes when you join russia, why are only three of the nato nations in possession of nukes.

  2. The ironic part is now Russia will have a fairly large country on its borders that will be hostile for generations and will join NATO at some point as well. Also the reputation of the Russian military is now tarnished for the foreseeable future as well.

    This could possibly be considered one of the worst military defeats in modern history.

    1. @Chris Smith your welcome. Glad to be of assistance. My reply was measured to your intellectual capacity. And obviously got through.

  3. Dear western allies thank you so much for a way to save lives of innocent and defending our motherland from Vladolf Putler’s slavery. For the right to protect freedom and democracy values.
    Glory to the heroes of Azovstal! Glory to Ukraine! Support Ukraine with United24 (YouTube).

  4. Wow! To hear David Petraeus , an ordinarily cautious, reserved and measured millitary expert to so boldly and confidently predict an almost certain victory in Ukraine is monumental. He doesn’t ignore the many difficult challenges and losses that are to come, but despite that, he forecasts what had been considered impossible in February.
    People can rely on his analysis and conclusions.
    This is a big positive assessment.

    1. @Goncas I think we’ve all moved on a lot since the USA was settled, and the US could not exist if North America was “discovered” today, nor would Africa have been colonized, occupied, and carved up the way it was. But neither you, I, nor anyone else rewrite history to make it conform to what we wish it had been. But we can try to improve things going fowards.

      BTW I am not American.

    2. @Pulaski neither am i, I’m just expressing a fact not to engange in any negative behavior/hate, tried to point out alot could have been avoided. But that it’s true what people say about Ukrainians nacionalists going after Russian separatists since 2012 . I agree that we all have all political views and what not but i do agree. Best regards towards everyone and let’s hope the war ends soon.

    3. @Goncas Hitler also had polish start it, then Austrians started it, then French started it and Hitler just had to go and help. He’s tactics were so great that now Putin is playing by the same book

  5. Great lesson for people that question why we spend so much on military. When unexpected comes you can’t have this level of failure.

    1. @Flux Capacitor Each of those theaters military the job well. Iraqi army was destroyed quickly. Taliban was crippled. Vietnam, policy from washington was the failure. The actual troops did well in all three theaters.

  6. I watch a lot of war coverage. What the Gen just threw down was better insight than 95% of the folks out there echoing what someone else is saying. He connected some dots there. I wasn’t even thinking about NATO membership for Ukraine, but that makes sense. They originally said they wouldn’t join NATO at the peace talks. Then Bucha. Now Izyium. Who cares what Russia thinks at this point.

    1. @bloodgout For sure. They still need to meet the requirements. They have to cut down on corruption, which I heard was a big issue.

    2. Go for it UKRAINE..you suffered enuff’ @ ¶utin’s🏴‍☠️ hands @ his Special Military ops….membership up!!!.,👍🇺🇦then, make life for ,¶utin truly unbearable.👈🏿

    3. So many wonderful people here Ukrainian heroes men and women children Who’d rather die free heaven slaves. Inspiring to see David defeat Goliath in real time !

  7. I’m from Kharkiv, currently in Vienna. My grandma still in Ukraine, I worry for her everyday and i thank the Western nations for supporting us and helping us not fall, and even gain back. We must win the war, so the democratic nations can live in a safer world in the future! Thanks again to you all guys!

  8. General Petraeus was my boss in Iraq and I saw him in action nearly every day. A most formidable and inspirational soldier, leader, strategist, humanitarian and academic. In terms of credibility, I rate him 100% and trust his opinions accordingly. And I write that as a non US national, but former NATO officer.

    1. @bu73x Being on the defensive is not winning, lmao. It’s just a matter of time that they will lose more. The retreat and the big lost territory of Kharkiv is the proof.

  9. General Patraeus was absolutely right . “You brought this on yourselves!” Once this war is done Ukraine will have the largest most battle hardened army in Europe. If anybody’s shown they deserve to be in NATO and the EU it’s Ukraine. We don’t have to worry about “upsetting” the Russians anymore.

  10. I grew up in cold war. Back then, America would have given their right hand for a powerful satellite state like the Ukraine. I honestly kinda saw this coming when we announced that first aid package

  11. I always wondered why CNN says “ex CIA director” when referring to Patraeus. Like… yes but he was also a FOUR STAR GENERAL. That is so much more impressive. And he was the best general we had in Iraq.

    1. FYI Patreus (or any interviewee) can choose beforehand how they wish to be introduced. Clearly he’s chosen “former CIA Director” as his moniker in this case.

  12. I also want to say thank you to United States for helping Ukraine. I was born in Kyiv, but leave abroad for many years. My heart is with Ukraine, with my friends there. I can’t wait till Russia will be defeated and Ukraine will be free!

  13. I also want to thank all countries, people from all over the world 🌎 for believing in us, helping us, standing for us, speaking about us, and supporting us.

    Ukrainians suffer so much now and without help, it would be even worse.

    Thank you, world for everything.
    We appreciate that so much. And need your help.

    Thank you.

    With love from Kyiv,

  14. Hasn’t Ukraine earned the right to be in NATO? They fought against a larger neighbor (a nuclear power at that) and no matter how much the odds were stacked against them they never surrendered no matter the cost. Of course they had western weapons to help but most of this war is being won by sheer tenacity Ukrainian will to live. Can you imagine if Germany or Great Britain wasn’t in NATO and had to endure something like this?

    1. NATO countries certainly wouldn’t allow a country to join that is in war or has conflicted territory with a Non-NATO country. Because no country would want to be dragged in a war. Remember all NATO countries denied active military support with soldiers. Weapon deliveries, financial support and sanctions against Russia yes, but no active support.

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