1. @teretere vanakereChina is often considered to be a strong ally of Russia. Plus, India also has a strategic partnership with Russia. Also, the Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman signed a “military cooperation agreement” on August 24 with one of his Russian counterparts at the seventh annual International Military Technical Forum – an arms expo near the capital Moscow.

  1. The ironic thing is that millions of people already Worshipped every single thing he ever said and did and wore and all of it.

    1. @clash of clan Banyak hal yang membuatnya gugup. Dia melakukan pekerjaan yang baik dengan mengisolasi dirinya sendiri.

  2. “Next Century”?
    78 years until the “Next Century”.
    Don’t think Putrid has the many years left in his Lifetime.

    1. unfortunately removing Gaddafi made things worse in that region. But yes USA do have good intentions and leave when the war is over. Russia on the other hand will occupy you or use a dictatorship to control you 😢

  3. Yes, he can be a Tzar alright … in his own deluded world … which, for the sake of argument, we’ll call a padded cell.

  4. “New czar of the next century” So you’re saying he expects to be around in he 22nd century? That would be something…

    1. Well, Emperor Pooter himself won’t be around in the 22nd century. However, his “clone” will suddenly appear out of nowhere and try to regain power over Russia and the entire world. Dang, That just sounds like a bad movie. 🤣

    1. You give very good examples. I understand that you are not aware, but, comparing with these great rulers is a compliment.

  5. Putin would be lucky to make it a year let alone a century. Might it have something to do with vast newly discovered oil and gas reserves off the coast under the Black Sea…Putin’s real reason to take the area?

  6. I want Putin to go to every country and tell the people in person that he is the new czar of the century. He would probably start running once the crowds of people get angry and want to come after him.

    1. Путин и так царь мира. Вы же только про него и говорите.

    2. @Leonie Romanes В Украину он уже пришёл. Остальные встали в очередь.

    3. @Antonete Malim Ваши власти не с Путиным воюют, а с русским народом. А вот тут у вас проблема. Нас не сломить.

  7. Putin is an example how it is important to do a psychological evaluation correctly before considering putting that individual in power.

    1. “Putin is an example how it is important to do a psychological evaluation correctly before considering putting that individual in power.”

      You mean kind of like we should have with Donnie?

  8. This guy is the first dictator to have all his atrocities and war crimes recorded digitally in near real-time and posted on worldwide social media. Nice move.

    1. Что вы скажете по поводу “демократических бомбардировок” государства в Европе? Я про Югославию.

  9. He’s going to be historical figure all right. But not exactly notorious in the way he wants to be. I suspect he is going to be a stain on the history of humankind.

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