Ex-CIA official says Russian spy invaded US intelligence and aided Putin’s rise to power

Former CIA operative and CNN security analyst Robert Baer discusses in his new book "Fourth man" that a Russian spy working for the CIA helped in providing information to Putin and aided his rise to power 15 years ago. The FBI is still working to identify the mole. CNN's New Day has more. #CNN #News


  1. No mention of motive, only one thing that was *not* his motive.
    “He didn’t take money”. (2:35)
    It sounds like this is an American citizen or at least resident of America.
    It’s hard to imagine a possible motive, especially one that ostensibly didn’t leave any trail or “residue”, such as unexplained wealth.

    1. @Building on a Budget Models but you have to go to their profile to do that with any effect – reporting a comment is not helpful unless it is some sort of overt threat

  2. I partied a few times over the summer of 1988 with Robert Hannsen’s son. A friend of mine from down the street volunteered during his senior year at Madison high school to mentor the incoming freshman either at the school or through his Baptist church youth group. Mike was one of those kids. I knew his dad was a big honcho at the FBI but had no idea he was a Russian mole.

    I can only imagine that I parked my piece of junk rustbucket car in their driveway dozens of times in full view of the surveillance team in the house across the street.

  3. It is important to note at this point that the confusion which has
    resulted from the lack of specific legislative.guidelines with respect to these three kinds of activities must rest with Congress. The lan- gua-e of the National Security Act, its legislative history, and the post-enactment interpretation of the legislation by Congress itself indicates that the Act can legitimately be construed as authorizing clandestine collection by the CIA. The Select Committee’s record shows that the legislating committees of the House and Senate in- tended for the Act to authorize the Agency to engage in espionage. This activity could and should have been specifically authorized in the 1949 legislation.
    150 U.S.C. 403(d).

  4. “YOU THINK”! His right hand Man was the leader in the oval office!( I heard he had access to 18 boxes hmmm if he had them PUTNIN had them also)

    1. @Слава России!🇷🇺”VICTORY is in the eye of the beholder”ANYONE, ANYBODY can have an easy victory for a NATION that has less, it’s when you fight a foe with equal strength can you claim a VICTORY!!!

  5. Knowing a little of how that world works, I suggest investigators look for little things, or those that are least obvious. When one plays a game that dangerous and illegal, sooner or later they are going to slip, and that’s when they need to be caught. There has to be some way where a trap can be set for them, where one place I would consider paying attention to is with anyone in the agency who supports Trump and hasn’t overly said anything against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But I’m sure it’s even deeper than that, for it could be tied into the ebb and flow of money on an international currency basis, with an oligarch being a possible/probable mediator for Putin. Not to mention, it may even be more than one individual working in tandem, for money talks and the rest walks. One thing is for certain, I wouldn’t trust anyone who is/was a supporter of Trump, for they represent the worst side of the American people. Another suggestion and this is thinking outside the box is to assign someone who they would least expect that would notice him, like a janitor for instance, and then maybe watch him (or her) stumble on themself.

  6. Putin worked in East Germany early in his career and was adept at recruiting sailors who visited Western Europe. Very hard to detect as they were ordinary sailors reporting to East German and Russian intelligence.

  7. RE: Addendum to title of clip
    —> With their asset codenamed „The Donald” the Russians even invaded American *un-intelligence* ☝️
    Which was kind of a big fat whopper…

  8. “President Putin is a genius, I believe everything he tells me” – Donald Trump, 2021.

  9. …Could it be a Congress member with connections and/or access to that kind of information via committees? What about someone who has maintained an orbit around the White House through multiple presidents while filling positions that would have access to this type of information?

    1. Or a certain son of a slumlord who has a string of business failures and his most successful gig was game show host

  10. My first thought was, “How do you know it wasn’t a woman?” But then I realized Mr. Bair knows exactly who this guy is. He is probably old enough that he could die before there is enough usable evidence to “get” him. I hope we the people find out eventually.

  11. It would be a fascinating investigative report that would let us in on just who and how many American media and government people are on Russia’s payroll.

    1. Don’t want to investigate how Robert Baer affords to live in Telluride. I don’t think he lives in the valley.

    2. @TeaParty1776 Well they better check their retirement plan first. In the USA state of ND many state employee pension funds are invested in Federation of Russia Development bonds. Bought after the Crimean invasion.

    1. @Edin Aga Agic I can see Trump being part of some elitists group that Putin is in. Scumbag Nation

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