1. Those Russians thought they could get some clout by taking the flag, laughing and recording jt but he learned the hard way

    1. @Lawrence D’Oliveiro More like, you don’t send a firecracker to a structural assassination attempt.

    1. I grew up in bear country. Never would have guessed I’d se a bear getting its hind end kicked by a sunflower, but here we are.

  2. This are Putin’a words trying to distance himself from Russian generals and gain political support internally .

    1. It’s possible, though in contrast to Putin’s bombastic rhetoric, instead Prigozhin’s been making some surprisingly ‘conciliatory’ and even complimentary statements about both Zelenskyy and Ukrainian troops since the Wagner group entered the war. So I also wouldn’t be surprised if he’s angling to position himself for much ‘bigger’ stakes. And after all, having your own private army provides a lotta ‘insurance’.

    2. @julio caracciolo. K Lowen doesn’t know the history of The Wagner Group, but just yammers on anyway. Like you. What is it like to be a PPH? I guess you don’t know anymore.

    3. Political support come from the generals. Always been that way in Russia. In case you forgot russia is like the USA a niliticracy. May call each a different name for public relations but military machinations control each country, military industrial complex bed. Been around a long time wasn’t invented recently.

    1. @Peter Lee I was about to say that.Trump blaming everybody else for his failures.

  3. Don’t ya think for a moment that maybe with all the crazy talk that Prigozhin been doing lately he may be behind the drone incident in Moscow? But it did not look like an assassination attempt by any means. It looked more like an attention seeking attempt, and that is just what that crazy dude has been doing trying to get someone’s attention in Moscow right?

  4. How did the person taking the video of the drone striking the Kremlin know when & where this strike was to happen?

    It’s more than a coincidence to see this video camera following the drone.

    1. @Lasse madsen Well, with everything that has been happening, especially since 9/11. (sarcasm)

    2. @Chad Boutchyard Thanks for posting that Chad. As you can see, you wasted your time on these Preprogrammed Humans (PPH).

    1. Ukraine dealing bloody noses to ruzzians in conference halls and the battlefields. Go Ukraine go 💙🇺🇦💛

    2. Every time I see it I wish it had knocked out the Russian. Or at least smashed his nose.

  5. It’s weird how Russia’s objectives have drifted. They initially talked about fighting Ukrainian Nazis. But now they only talk about the US and NATO.

    1. The best part is that it was actually Stalin and Moscow that allied with actual Nazis during the onset of WW2. One could even speculate that had Stalin and Hitler not formed an alliance to divide Eastern Europe, WW2 might not have happened.

    2. Ну так и НАТО говорит, что не участвует в войне на Украине, а сами поставляют туда технику.

    3. that’s cause the invasion made 0 sense from the start beside of just “taking land from a neighboring country” medieval style

    1. you sure? i heard if you want to assassinate someone you attack a place at a time when it’s certain the target isn’t there. you telling me that’s wrong?😅

    1. @Jason Romano lol 😂inevitable defeat that’s a good one lmfao they control 92% of bakmut

    1. When the war end the should make a drama-comedy about the warlords and the goverment officers

      Like The Office or Friends

    2. Putin supports the drama, even though it isn’t helpful for his war effort it distracts his home audience from his role in all this.

  6. The majority of its mercenaries are recruited from prisoners. After cannon folders are used up, these core members certainly will be the next.

  7. Yes – I think it might be a young Tech Savvy drone operator within Russia who flew the drone – opposing the war 👍

  8. They could have easily stopped that drone from hitting the building,they just didnt want to

  9. 1:44 A microcosm of the war, rips flag from hand, gets punched by Ukrainian who takes flag back, cries to mother Russia for help that will never come.

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