Ex-DC police officer details what GOP leaders said to him after Jan. 6

In his new book, “Hold the Line,” former DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone details his conversations with GOP leaders after the insurrection at the US Capitol. #CNN #News


  1. Fanone is a real true hero and a role model. If only there were more people like him we’d all be in a better place. Thanks for this interview and highlighting who he is and what he is doing.

  2. I have so much respect for Michael Fanone and all he’s doing to make sure the officers and their families are heard and honored. True modern day hero. Major respect.

    1. @Joel you mean old whistle neck? She was hilarious. She got the name because they said for a moment she could whistle through her neck. Then it turned to gurgling. No real lose.

  3. Thank you Michael for your service! And to all our police officers who put their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe.

    1. @STOPSPEWINSHIT can you understand the general concept of nuances in convoluted, complex topics? Try being willing to discuss the issues behind the policies like an adult… those with these simplistic views will continue to become more and more irrelevant, and people who refuse to do the work to assess their own views and policies will soon follow.

    2. @STOPSPEWINSHIT this might be a little wild but “police officers who put their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe” are different than policer officers that abuse the power?

    3. @STOPSPEWINSHIT We don’t back criminal cops. We do back cops who take their oaths seriously.

      I don’t expect you to be able to deal with that obvious and simple nuance.

  4. Vote out those heartless- and spineless politicians who care for nothing other than themselves and their own political future.

    1. @AL Speaking of lawlessness would be what Trump watched on 01/06/2021 for almost four hours and did absolutely nothing. Imagine you were at the J6, 2021 rally and participated in the attack on the capitol.

    1. I personaly have been beaten by cops, and they have never served or protected me or my property. But I Thank you sir for doing what is right even though you have been put under stress. YOU ARE A HERO ! NOT ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS

  5. Michael, you are a shining light. I’m sorry for how you have suffered at the hands of people who gave up their souls for a lie both on and after January 6th. Thanks for shedding light on how the Republicans treated the most hurt and vulnerable.

  6. Truth, justice and the American way best describes Officer Fanone with integrity and respect. Thank you, sir, for being a guardian angel and a true hero for democracy. Kudos!!!

    1. @William Parks What did he say that was not true? Link to a video? Proof of any kind, since you still haven’t offered up any to back up your first comment.

  7. This man.. this man right here is a true hero… a true hero. Right now and History dictates that. The world owes him and all who put their lives on the line for America.. the world, thanks. I’m going to buy the book

  8. This man is a true hero and what an American should be. He has the morals and dedication so many politicians don’t have

  9. I’m excited to read this book and this man is a stand-up guy. He is an example of what every police officer should strive to be.

    1. ​@Jeff Teschner theres a possibility theres bits and pieces with their higher ups or how the politics work in their department works. names, dates, and actions would be juicy to know the tea.

    2. Michael Fanone is one of the millions of cops whose work makes America better. Some coos are bad cops, and good cops don’t seem to do much about that; all the same, the majority of people who become cops do serve their
      communities. And sometimes they repel insurrectionists

  10. Michael Fanone, you make me weep. McConnell would not meet with you because morally he is afraid of you. He knows you tell the truth. He is a reprehensible creature who has no business in the United States Senate, and KY should vote him out at the next opportunity. God bless you and all the other officers who courageously stood their ground against those who would bring us back to the chaotic tyranny of T****. Thank you. With love and respect from the wife of a naval veteran of Vietnam. 🙏🏼❤️🇺🇸

  11. Respect for this brave officer. He defended democracy and is being punished for it by the ghouls in the GOP. May he find his place in society and prosper in the future.

  12. We need more police like this gentleman. Thank you for your service, sir. I only wish there were more law-enforcement officers like yourself.

  13. I just saw this interview and have so much respect for this officer and what he is trying to do. Which is to hold people accountable for what happened on January 6th. I think we should all show our support by sharing this interview and buying the book. Hey republicans run out and buy books written by other republicans and they don’t read. So let’s do something to help him. Much respect and thanks to everyone.

  14. I have so much respect for him and his colleagues, to have gone through what they’ve gone through and to stand up for what’s right in the face of everyone telling them that they’re wrong barvo! 👏🙌 and continue to fight for the correct Justice that should be served!

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