Ex-FBI deputy director: Here's what briefing Trump is like 1

Ex-FBI deputy director: Here’s what briefing Trump is like


Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe recounts his experience briefing President Donald Trump after the White House defended Trump from accusations that he does not read his briefings.

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  1. You need to ask the right questions: what does Putin have on Tump? Why isn’t he being removed? Where is Article 25?

    1. The PEE PEE TAPE. and a lot of money he does not want PUTIN to tell us about,or find out about it from his taxes

    1. Exactly! “He reads”. Quite odd. “Trump is broken … he is indifferent”. The commentator was eloquent there!

    1. What’s wrong with a calm and factual 100%? It’s actually more effective than going all Drama Queen on us.

  2. “The president reads”. Not really something that I thought would ever have needed to be stated when it comes to any holder of this job.

    1. I liked the way John McCabe, with a completely straight face, said, “Well, that’s good to know!”

    2. TJay Holmey I could say the same thing about Democrats sucking off China and literally love it when their “protestors” vandalize historic statues and then draw a communist symbol on it to let America know that the left are communists.

  3. Lmao this man just said they had to prepare a freaking cartoon to hold the presidents attention

    1. It’s mind blowing isn’t it? To think that the President of the United States has to watch cartoons in order to be briefed on what’s going on in the world, is fucking pathetic!

    2. @Paulette Niemiec
      Well he did want Homer Simpson on his staff in 2017, but thought he was Chinese so gave up after 4 phone calls.

    1. You forgot to mention his hair and his tan. He’s a freaking narcissistic, traitorous, imbecilic waste of space.
      VOTE BLUE!!

    1. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE HIS FACE when he loses the election by a landslide. There should be billboards everywhere that say “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  4. The president it literally a teenager: moody, denies responsibility, short attention span, addicted to Twitter, etc etc etc

    1. No, the word “literally” does not apply. All the attributes are correct, but he doesn’t have the excuse of being a teenager. He is 73.

    2. @Eric Bartlett You realize that YOU’RE watching CNN on Youtube!!! Think before you speak…

    3. I do think before I speak, I’m not here watching CNN Im a Russian bot trying to hack your little pea brains. Obviously no humans would disagree with you cuz you’re so smart

    4. Most teenagers can read a one page summary and understand it without animations or cartoons needed though.

  5. Show him “Old MC Donald Had a Farm”. That should certainly get his attention. Gosh US is in it deep.

  6. That man has said and reacted more to removal of statues of dead Confederate leaders; than Russia paying bounties on living, breathing, deployed military personnel.

    1. @T Dragon 357 Yes, he’s been compromised. That was crystal clear at Helsinki. Weather the Russians have something on IMPOTUS Trump elicit or not would be for investigators to discover. But the mere fact that he still wants to put a hotel in Moscow alone, should make him ineligible to hold this office. And now that we find out his buddy Vlad has been putting bounties on US service personnel, he’s got to go. This insanity that is his presidency needs to end. Vote! At the very least, retain the HoR and take the senate.

  7. Just to clarify, she didn’t say, “Yes, he reads the briefings.” She said, “Yes, he reads.” I think that is an important distinction. He still may not read the briefings, we just know he does at times read.

    1. We all know Donnie dont read. Remember the interview where they ask him whats his favorite book or quote from the Bible?

    1. That’s a terrible simile. What does treason have to do with elementary school? How about “Trump makes Benedict Arnold look like an ally”?

    1. @stephenwolf That’s precisely what I see you doing. You’re just agreeing with CNN without any fact-checking? CNN is already ant-Trump beyond any regard for reality, so why bother posting in agreement with them? Stop making me defend Donald Trump. There’s a great skit on that theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eq0X4qDlR0

    2. @YadraVoat cnn does not support trump as fox did not support obama… the left and right are enemies…. what do you people expect? Political sheep, stay divided while the higher ups pull the wool over your eyes.

    3. @YadraVoat so you’re saying that the network you comment on is what allows you to be objective or not? That’s just…

    1. I cant do anything but laugh, this is si stupid, this man is supposed ti be the president of the United States of America.people please vote blue, are we going down. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

    2. Beyond the pale. How is this happening, how is he still in office. The Senate is hoping the American people do their job for them. Rather than confront Trump they are laying low and watching it all play out.

    3. @Adonis Robinson Remember Sasha Baron Cohen as The Dictator? “The missile is not pointy enough it looks like a dildo.” That explains why he drinks water like a two year old .

  8. If he does these things in an election year, imagine if he’s reelected? Positively BONE CHILLING!


    1. What do you mean it isn’t good??? Isn’t good because he does or isn’t good because they mentioned it? I think I know your answer but just wanted to clarify. Thanks

  10. As I’ve said repeatedly: There is a Russian operative in the white house and at least two in Congress.

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