1. They are all following Trump because he has dirt on every single one of them. They won’t dare break from him!

    1. @JJS 1990 CNN? You mean the news outlet you just took out the time to click on & watch?👍🤪.
      OH! – and even stuck around long enough to engage in the comment section? Smh…I can almost hear you now: “Well…(huff!) Well… that was just to complain about them!”
      Mmmhmm… EXACTLY! You’re like a fat lady shoving cake down her face while hollering that she hates things made out of flour & sugar..

    2. Didn’t the technical director openly admit to everything being propaganda to a tinder date?? Can any of you please refresh my memory

    1. they DO realize that the dopey donald can’t pardon them anymore, right? didn’t think so, they think he’s still the pres…nd worse yet, they’re ok with that. ,,, and they actually finished grade school? I remember learning about US government pretty early on.. guess they were out that decade…

  2. L.G. must have a lot of dirt hiding under the carpet. I figured that on January 7 already.

    1. Ms Graham is being blackmailed by Trump thats why they are in a sort of BDSM arrangement. Ahem!

    2. It’s not dirt. These people realized that 75 million idiots (that love john barron) are in control of the votes that keep them in power. If they bad mouth the “supreme leader” they will lose their jobs in the next election cycle. It is EXACTLY why rafael dismissed all the vile stuff cheeto jesus said about his family.

    3. @jerry jerry That’s not enough. Graham being gay is a known secret. He really must have done something really very awful to act this way. He’s close to tears most of the time.

    4. @jerry jerry LG 💕 The 🍊💩’s Shriveled 🍌🤭, How Cute lol. He’s dedicated, I’ll give him that along with being morally corrupt.

  3. When your political party starts declaring that it “can’t grow” without a specific person, that party has no future. Especially when that specific person is already in his late 70s lol

    1. @Linda G Smith Your probably one of those included in the study that found a huge portion of liberals have mental issues. Nice talking.

    2. @Ben Smith Mental issues? You might want to explore your own thoughts as elementary as they are. And I never dispute that the MORON was in office, it was the worst 4 years in history.

  4. Did she say republican policies? Other than tax breaks/cuts for the uber wealthy, Name ONE!!

    1. @Terry Cole how am I fool? You guys are the fool cause all you can think of is trump. Why don’t you marry him since you talk about him all the time ?

  5. If there’s anything you don’t understand about Miss Lindsey Graham’s behaviour or remarks all you need to do is read up on the definition of “blackmail” in a dictionary.

    1. Is this why the republicans are Soooooo……… 🎭 crazy for sure. Yes ma’am I think they ARE mentally impaired over this wack job TRUMP.

    2. I view him as a real-life Grima Wormtongue. He sucks up to Trump to keep himself safe. It was a little surprising to see him flip on his support for overturning the election on the night after Trump’s insurrection, and very sad to watch him slink back to Trump after his moment of apparent defiance. In truth, though, it all fits with the character and deeds of Grima Wormtongue, who similarly betrayed his master, Saruman, in the heat of battle at Isengard before eventually slinking back to him afterwards.

    1. Good one! That says it so well! Trump is a monster & he is only loyal to his own lies.

    2. What gets me is her voting logic. She didn’t vote directly for Trump … but she voted for Republicans who at this moment are blindly loyal to Trump. Congratulations dear, you indirectly voted for Trump.

  6. One is stuck playing the impassioned protagonist in one’s Subjective Narrative of Self🎈

    1. Deep, but I’ll bet you most GOPers doesn’t know nor understand your post. Sad. Bigly.

  7. Stefanix is like the rest of the gang of rep that is looking toput themself at a post of power. They say power can get to your head fast like maney and sometime both…

  8. Short term memory is the first thing to go. That is the least of Grahams short comings.

  9. At this point, the Republican leadership/politicians are afraid of their own mob, this is driving much of the decision-making. Ride the Tiger!

    1. @Junksaint No thank you. We don’t need any more conservative Democrats haha. They need to purge their own party of the crazies. Start exposing the liars and quit playing with their bs.

    2. @B Bhima I suggest you take a look at the court transcripts. Trump’s lawyers made complete asses of themselves.

    3. What exactly is their mob going to do about it? Complain and cash their Social Security checks?

      The thought of losing votes in two years does not make an individual act like Graham has been acting for over a year. Death threats, credible death threats sure do and that is what Trump is doing and what the Secret Service is allowing him to do.

    1. Yes I agree, he makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up !!! God fix this please🙏🙏🙏😭

  10. Reb’s DC made the worst calculation of their lives. They thought they could control a Corrupt Megalomaniac Grifter and got played. Pandora Box has been opened and this is the bed we are all suffering in. Now they are doubling down on the worst bet they ever made.

    1. Reince and Paul Ryan I think were supposed to keep tabs on him but Mitch miscalculated. Probably couldn’t imagine Trump doing this much damage. As far as not winning without trump, well that says slot about your party before teaming up with him.

  11. When you’re okay with taking away someone else’s rights,,don’t be amazed or dismayed when they come for yours!!

    1. Ask Rudy how much Trump is contributing to his legal issues for the transgressions he performed for T.

    2. @Edward Buckner If those people understood irony, they wouldn’t have voted for Trump in the first place…

    3. @Justin Gates Yup. Anyone who voted for Trump is a traitor to the republic and I’ll treat them as such for the rest of their lives.

  12. They are preparing for him to run in 24, we have to come out just as strong as we did this last election and destroy them at the polls again. That is the most important thing to come in the next 4 years

    1. What will be Trumps excuse be if he runs and loses again after all the laws that were enacted to prevent fraud? The healthy conclusion would be that he sucks and we don’t want him as president.

    2. Grape Ape – fat chance. If the Republicans learnt anything, it is how much NOT to trust the democRats and their choice and deeds

    3. @bilo Z what’s happening is the republicans don’t have enough people on their side so they are doing their best with these ridiculous racist schemes they are pulling in their states to change the laws and make it more difficult for minorities to vote. If they can prevent people from voting they believe they will have a better chance but we will still turn out and defeat presidummy chump if he lives long enough to run again.

  13. Who ever you vote for – just stay safe America. Sending a like, sub and love from Ireland 🇮🇪 ❤️ 🇺🇸

    1. Controversy sells. Headlines people don’t read past get shared without being read. Drama and negativity hold peoples attention and algorithms feed people to them. All for the profits of social media and other platforms regardless of cost to society.
      Unfortunately we’re reaching a point we’re the 30 under demographic don’t know a world without these tactics and can’t determine truth from bias. Typically believing naively that there’s checks or balances to the” fear for profit “model outpacing legislation as our two parties try and use the manipulated tactics used for ads to draw in voters instead of putting the companies in their place, they encourage it.

  14. David Gergen is eloquent in describing this tragic situation with his marvelous perspective of history. Same is true with Barbara Comstock.

  15. The codependent bond to the abusive partner is difficult to sever even for the suffering partner who is otherwise an unwilling victim.

  16. They don’t learn, find out or experience anything, they just think they’re hitching their wagon to a star, but he’s lost everything. What don’t they understand?!

    1. It’s like they are trying to make the worst move at every turn. But I think they are determined to take the presidency & box out voters enough to win the majorities in Congress in 2022 and then once they have them, keeping them & the presidency. And they will do anything. They know their voter numbers are shrinking nationally and they think this is their only shot. They don’t think they can win running fairly after that, so to them, it’s now or never to get in power.

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