Ex-GOP lawmaker: Trump would take back DeSantis endorsement if he could

A CNN panel discusses Gov. Ron DeSantis' midterm victory and how the night was a "resounding loss" for former president Donald Trump. The group also reacts to Trump's NewsNation interview where he discussed the Republican candidates he backed in this year's elections. #CNN #News


  1. anyone going to cover the science of trumps tiny hands? I feel like we’ve all been dodging this question for a long time now

  2. I am thankful for a temporary reprieve from political ads. Vote for me or bad things will happen gets old fast.

    1. @Gerry Jackson 😄👊nothing. Life’s full of + possibilities. Life’s like a TV remote. Sometimes u gotta stand up to change it sizzle chest

  3. I can’t see how the people of Florida vote desantis after he left them and went away. I guess people love evil more than good. Desantis shou,d have never been reelected

  4. “If they win i should get all the credit and if they loose i shouldn’t be blame at all”
    Narcissism at it’s finest. 🤣

    1. 73% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction BUT voted for the same politicians responsible for the wrong direction? We have a President without a brain and Pa now has a Senator with a broken brain.

    1. @void We are ALL angry. Our problem is legalized White Collar Crime and Trickle Down Economics. That’s WHY they want us FOCUSED on all this petty bullshit.

    2. @John Dodge yeah. White collar crime is the democrats favorite type to commit. Hence why they do things such as persecute their political enemies and constantly push propaganda onto the bots

  5. Of course he would. We saw in his deposition from years past when he said he only says nice things about people so he can get something from them, and as soon as it no longer benefits him he’ll do a 180.

    1. You’re dumb they are only saying this crap to cause disruptions with the republican party. Trying to cause disruptions before the republicans can even start working together to make this country better where dems screwed up.

    2. Just like when democrats say they’re all about minorities then get elected and forget all about them. They only care about minorities on election year

    3. You voted Biden to spite trump and now our salaries only have the buying power of 11 months compared to a full 12 months in 2020. But oh yeah, republicans just made up the word inflation to scare people

    1. @Andy If you believe that, I have a bridge (just to the north) of the new bridge that I can sell you that leads to Key West. DeSantis is not afraid of hurting some feelings from the overly sensitive. Buck up partner, and strap on tight. This ride isn’t for the timid….

    2. @Andy it’s probably easy for you to write this, because it sounds like you don’t even live in Florida. I feel very good living here, considering that Andrew Gillum could’ve screwed up this fine state into oblivion. Things happen for a reason and I am glad that I never have to ever think about leaving the sunshine state.

    3. @Bipbop66 sadly for you, that joke is as outdated and unoriginal as one would expect from a boomer trying their best to troll in 2022 online.

  6. I like how regardless of all the terrible things Biden has done to our country and still CNN is stuck in the past about Trump!

  7. 174:9 his picks 174 won. Also the senate is currently Dem 46 and Rep 48, Georgia run off. It is not 48:48 as CNN showed.

  8. As an independent voter, I think it is time for Trump, a former great President, to step aside in favor of Desantis, a much younger person who could lead America for years. The predicted red wave never occurred, except in FLorida.

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