Ex-GOP senator slams Republicans: May be time for new party

Ex-GOP senator slams Republicans: May be time for new party 1


Former Republican Senator and Defense Secretary William Cohen criticized members of his own party who are signing on to President Donald Trump's election challenge, comparing them to circus animals under Trump's control.
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  1. Trump exposed the Republican party for what it was and still is.

    • Trump changed parties a total of 5 times…and was a Democrat for 8 years …A Republican in 1987 then Independent in 1989 then in 2001 became a Democrat…then 20009 back to Republican….then 2011 as an Independent then back to Republican in 2012…in 2004 he said “In many cases I identify more as a Democrat..the economy seems to do better under Democrats than Republicans”

    • @Big Alls when the kkk was created it was backed by conservative southern DEMOCRATS.

    • @LavishPatchKid You realize they have been proven wrong more than once right? That’s the thing those counties are predictions just because their 50/50 guess was right a few times doesnt mean they are always right. I cant see what’s worse than a person who believes a prediction/superstition.

    • @ablincoln 23 that was 2016 then duke realized trump wasnt racist and said he didnt support trump anymore…

    • @ablincoln 23 wrong…do you ever get things right? just asking

  2. For a new party you need new people. You can’t just cover rotten wood with fresh paint

    • Oh there are plenty of FRESH wood planks to build with

    • You also need a set of principals set into written party constitution, which if not followed by the letter would make you loose membership to that party not only invocable by members either but also by outsiders. Otherwise it would breed cliques over time which wont hurt each other.

    • @Angel Hart ah the age old “no they all turned into republicans!” Sorry kid, the democrat party that created the KKK is the same one that’s around today, racist for life.

    • Progressives think a ‘new’ party will be AOC and Bernie. LOL.
      A female child and a commie. LOL !!!

    • Couldn’t agree more! 👏

  3. The ringmaster snaps his whip and the toadies fall in step.

  4. Dillon Areheart | December 31, 2020 at 8:34 PM | Reply

    The government has gotten way too comfortable. They forgot it’s WE THE PEOPLE.

  5. If this was Washington or Lincoln time Trump will be Hung for Treason with his minions!

  6. its times like this when the swamp shows its face it jest like a turd floats to the top and they both need flushing is its not to late !!!!

  7. “there is no moral core” this is the root of the problem. I considered myself a republican for many years, but no person with an objective mind and compassionate heart could possibly support the people who represent the party. Self Serving narcissist. We need a strong independent party, and term limits, to give us an alternative to these legacy criminals in the congress.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

    • Ronnie Mayo I think both parties should be held accountable to following the constitution, period. If it goes against the constitution then it shouldn’t be allowed to pass. There’s other instances like taxes that people keep voting for also that screw every person more and more too and we don’t control a cent of it. It’s a whole mess in the government and a new start would be awesome

    • I agree. On that same note, no human being with an objective mind does not see the massive amount of fraud, in particular, regarding the absentee ballot themselves.

    • Can’t disagree. The issue is that they’re dishonest, self serving, people running the country. Doesn’t really matter what party they say they belong to; they’re all the same. And they know they can get away with it.

    • The Paradox Destroyer | December 31, 2020 at 10:38 PM | Reply

      @Jeff Bowling Considering there is no evidence to support your statement, how is it that you think you can ethically glom onto this conversation?

  8. He mustered 74 million votes. That’s what these senators are frightened of. Being tossed off the gravy train. Spineless.

  9. This all makes a lot of sense when you consider that Trump DOES have dirt on all of these criminal GOP.

    • Will YoujustSTFU | December 31, 2020 at 10:29 PM | Reply

      Dems are getting desperate and lashing out. The walls are closing in.

    • Will YoujustSTFU | December 31, 2020 at 10:30 PM | Reply

      @Jose Delatorre dems defunded them.

    • I come to CNN to see the most ignorant comments available on YouTube.

    • Keep in mind people, all this unnecessary drama for an old man who bankrupt 3 casinos, started birtherism, womanizer, pathological liar, and a reality t.v. personality with bad hair…. Also, when did he ever respect “the rule of law or the constitution?” Even now after losing in the highest court look what he’s doing. This is simple, he’s only doing this to avoid the word he loves to call others, but now hates the most ! That word is “loser.”

    • And Dems. Criminals come in all types.

  10. Everyone’s making a list ànd checking it twice to see who’s Not Reelected next time…

  11. “the mini me trump” i almost died 😆😅

  12. funny how they find their courage only after their careers are over and it’s too late for them to make a difference. don’t give this guy a single cent.

    • WE hate the GOP.
      WE love TRUMP.

    • Right on! They wait until their done in office and when Trump lost the election and they talk now after 4yrs.

    • @Scott Robinson you love putin. bot

    • Project veritas releasing leaked cnn tapes of their top global corporation executives manipulating our news for the past 4 years every day at 7pm, stay tuned! https://youtu.be/oBZ1AZd4dVA you can’t deny there’s a clear agenda being pushed, it isn’t called fake news for nothing noting how the media is portraying our future not the same future the Bible warns us about the apocalypse which btw the media will never show us what’s really going on in the world economic forum and the plan to insert us the chip by force, the masks weren’t required not too long ago, now their required by our top institutions that own everything in the same format of the Illuminati sign on our dollar, 15 days to slow the so called covid spread turned to months, the vaccine now is by choice, then will be by force, if anyone can prove me wrong please do so

    • To be fair to this GOP guy he’s has been out of politics for a while he is not one of trump lackies

  13. It’s a sad day when man-child who lacks morals, faith, and honesty becomes “god” too millions of people.

  14. Yes indeed , the establishment repubs seem to have abandoned sound principles

  15. How My Party Was Hijacked By A Cult Leader: The True Story Of The GOP

    • @hey y’all

      Patriot. The guy who bellows the loudest without any idea of what he’s hollering about.
      (Ascribed to Mark Twain and others.)

    • The GOP is old men looking for a paycheck. They don’t actually stand for anything. Trump is choosing a side and fighting for it and you have to commend him for that.

    • Honestly sad that people like you exist. It’s clear that the election was fraudulently stolen. Blood needs to be spilled if Biden gets inaugurated. The people voted Trump a second term. Time to slaughter these DC criminals if they don’t use the 12th amendment on the 6th

    • Will YoujustSTFU | December 31, 2020 at 10:33 PM | Reply

      @Tim Downey good for you. Why can dems parrot what someone else said, but have no original thoughts of their own?

  16. McConnell needs to go! I’m hope that there is a way to knock him off his perch. If they can’t fire him, demote him and have him sit in the back.

  17. Where do they find these mutants im sick of living in tye twilight zone. These people are liars and deranged.

  18. Bruh, it’s time for a whole new congress

  19. This guy’s fear is palpable. He’s literally shaking in front of the camera.

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