1. @Ed Otisyou’re just like rUmp, trying to deny the truth doesn’t make it any less than the truth. I will state it again rUmp sent out *one* covid relief check and President Biden sent out *two* covid relief checks. Please research before you respond again, that is if you rUmptards know how.

    2. @Jeffrey McKee lier Biden didn’t stop trump drilling yet the reason why gas is so expensive is greedy gas and oil companies would have got this bad under trump too

    3. @Lorelei Miller Thanks a lot. People really need to wake up. People vote against their own interests by voting from a point of hate.

    4. This Republican party is a useless party. It used to be the party of Lincoln and now it is the party of Trump. Yes! Putin’s apprentice. As bad as Bush was as a president, he has realized that the country is now dealing with evil people in the party that are leveraging the party by making it to look like a fight between the Democrats and the Republicans and that  my friends is far from the truth. This Republican party only have three policies namely LGBTQ, abortion and taxcut for the super wealthy. Then they use culture wars to make people in the party loyal to the party. Which party gave us social security, Medicare, ACA  etc. That is the Democrat party. The Republican party called all these safety laws, “socialism”. They bank on people’s anger to win election while doing the exact opposite of what will help the people.  That doesn’t mean that Democrats are saints, but at least you will see their real intentions are good even if they get it wrong sometimes. The far right wing of the Republican party is in control of the party and their ultimate goal is genocide against the so called “others”. So who are the others? Anyone.  Democracy is what’s preventing their ultimate goal from happening and that is why they want to end democracy after all thesame democracy elected a black president and will one day elect a woman president etc.
      Some people understands what is really happening while others don’t.  Evil can never defeat good.  The real intentions of a person is of the spirit and that is what God will judge. The four pillars of this Republican party are propaganda, projection, fear and leverage. Hitler was a far right nasasistic fascist.  You can never satisfy them because it is a matter of time you will next in line for destruction. Trump or any of his family has never served in the military or sacrificed anything for this country, but they built a golden statue of him. When a person hates others more than they love themselves that is evil. We must learn from history and science to predict the future.

    1. @Roger Thomas exactly you cannot even rationize with liberals anymore 🙄 all is they do is insult name call and what ever nonsense they spew look how you have been attacked just for trying to make a different point of view it is true liberalism is a mental disorder

  1. The DOJ needs to understand that the words”The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. True then and it’s true now..

    1. The DOJ needs to understand that Trump broke the law and it’s their JOB to try and hold him accountable. If they don’t have the balls resign and let someone else do it.

    2. The only politicians who are not bought and paid for are the progressives. The only ones. You people know especially republicans are owned by corporations but you geniuses get used for your votes and get nothing in return look at moscow mitch Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the union him and his wife have robbed Kentucky blind is everybody on opiates down there. Same thing with w. Va. Democrat munchkin poorest state in the union he and his daughter multi millionaires. Yeah but every progressive you can account for every penny they claim. Between ignorance including racism and you people following any old mutt thats white the lies you people fall for and trump couldn’t even read. SMH😞

  2. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing…”
    Thank God good men stood up on this occasion.

    1. Pence is anything but good – for a so-called Christian, he sided with Trump over all kinds of hateful, callous things throughout the presidency; acts of cruelty and division that he continues to praise and defend to this day.

      That he did *one* thing right and refused to back that toxic cretin doesn’t absolve him of all the other things he did. Not by a long chalk.

    2. @Tiffany k I don’t know that it’s him refusing to do anything. I think this is him and his legal machine doing all the research and getting consultations so he doesn’t mess this up. We’re in uncharted waters here. The last president that even came close to getting crucified after leaving office is Nixon and he got pardoned. As far as Jan 6, the small fish get crucified first and you work your way up the chain. It’s a terribly slow process. Garland is methodical.

    1. @Ed Otis hey Ed whats with your head,,half bubble off flush,,not playing with a full deck,, wacko,oh yeah trump won,,trump lost so many times WE lost count ding bat.

    1. My dad wouldn’t have threatened me he would have just given me that evil eye look and after that it would be yes sir…🤷

    2. Yep. In America you get things accomplished by paying money or by in this case withholding.
      And that is the big dilemma.
      Power is Money.
      However….money in itself???
      It has no more value than the paper it is printed on….


    3. I first got goosebumps of horror when I learned that Eastman, the malfeasant one, was a former clerk to Luttig. I then got goosebumps of gratitude when I learned (the statement above) just how much gravity Michael Luttig brought to his mission. Thank god for his integrity and commitment to constitutional order!

    1. Wadda youse mean, putting his life in danger. Pence was PERFECTLY safe. Hiding in the basement garage. Standing next to his escape car. With his Secret Service detail. Gee. How much safer can he be? He couldn’t even hear the insane, murderous mob chanting “Hang Mike Pence”.

    2. What’s disturbing is that The Florida Resident Bloggers (Orange face ex president) crimes are all in the open, recorded, admitted too on camera and official documents and yet nothing.

  3. “Law IS an institution separate and apart from politics…” well spoken, your Honor…please remind the SCOTUS of this…

    1. Rats ratting each other out a year after the coup attempt and you give them kudos. Where the hell have you been.?

  4. That’s an amazing act of courage & patriotism by a Republican Judge, who simply told Pence the truth, *respected the Constitution & followed the law!* Country before party.

  5. So there ARE some conservatives out there who know the difference between right and wrong! Not many, but some. Well done sir.

    1. I guess, next time we’re in a public restroom, we should congratulate each person who flushes after taking a dump. That’s how low it’s gotten with Repubs. We’re expected to commend them for doing decent things that anyone else (Dems) would do by rote.

  6. It speaks volumes about Pense’s lack of a spine that he had to ask someone wtf he should do. He is and will always be pathetic.

  7. What a moment in history for him. He understood the gravity, his son not, but he convinced him in a very effective way. This is patriotism! 👏👏👏👏

  8. OMG…”Do this or I’ll cut you out of the will” is the most “conservative” thing he said in the entire recording. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. Yeah, but his son must be an adult. It’s pretty shocking that he didn’t realize the import of the moment!

  9. Judge Luttig did the right thing according to our beloved U.S. Constitution, and we Americans need to thank him for this!

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