Ex-lawmaker cautions GOP ignoring impeachment inquiry evidence

Ex-lawmaker cautions GOP ignoring impeachment inquiry evidence 1


William Cohen, a former Republican senator from Maine and secretary of defense who backed impeachment during the Watergate inquiry, told CNN's Erin Burnett that members of the GOP have a duty to look at the evidence against President Trump in the impeachment inquiry. #CNN #News

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  1. The GOP is now just a mob of Kremlin toadies

  2. TheDesert IsPatient | December 7, 2019 at 10:16 AM | Reply

    Sham? The GOP is showing the whole World the US democracy is a sham.

    • yes, you are right. US democracy nullified by gerrymandering, and the electoral college is the ultimate form of gerrymandering as it unevenly weighs votes across states which destroys the concept of “one man or woman, one vote.” because it weighs each vote from Montana at 3 electoral votes and a population of 1.07 million means the cost to Montana per electoral college vote is 356,666 people. California at 55 electoral votes and a population of 40 million means the cost for California per electoral vote is 727,272. Simple math and you can see that one vote one person is not the case; every Montana vote is worth a little over 2 California votes, so California is “one person, a little less than half of a vote.” According to this math, California should have 112 electoral votes and California is overwhelmingly liberal. So this is the ultimate form of gerrymandering.

    • @Dean Young My Man. I couldn’t of put n said it any better. For the tRumpians what you eloquently wrote, I believe they believe n see tRump as their chosen Dictator, these mutton heads can’t wrapped it around their measly little mind’s, what he’s done. tRump commented Bribery. Not only that , What U.S. President has ever asked the Soviets, Chinese n the Ukrainian Government’s to trt n find damning Intelligence on an American Citizen, that happens to be a U.S. Candidate. Call it for what he n his fellow tRumpian republicans are… a bunch of TRAITORS to our Fore Father’s n what they fought n died For. But not ole deferment Bone Spurs. Gutless without his Minions😳.!!

  3. WOW!!! They sound so intelligent; must remember these are real republicans not the trumplicans in charge now.

    • Donald Tonks

      Really quite sad isn’t it?  I always liked it when Republicans were healthy and intelligent and at least attempted to live up to their standards.

    • Christopher Chung | December 7, 2019 at 6:10 PM | Reply

      GOP certainly needs more of that right now, badly… they all died off or left I guess. Sad as it is disturbing. Gorton was a young man when WW2 was going on so he knows how dangerous this all is and puts the country before party loyalty too. We only grow weaker (party, country, or otherwise) when we swap out people of integrity like these with political brown nosers who will do anything it takes to win and grab power, part of the reason why Trump even got elected in the first place… The country is in the midst of a nationwide moral crisis.

    • yep your right paid and bought for just like the dems.

  4. Amazing how the GOP brain can think rationally when not having to run for re-election.

    • I do have to point out that these GOP brains were also running for re-election during the first time they thought rationally. Not all republicans were scum, especially back then.

  5. This is treason, is anyone else besides trump, they would be at ft Leavenworth

  6. The Renazikkklans are criminal monsters defending the criminal monster.

  7. Amazing how different actual republicans sound compared to trump fanboys.

    • T.Antionette W | December 7, 2019 at 9:52 PM | Reply

      @Redman Law 99 Also, the issue of national security from the Holmes testimony still stands, and this is a constant issue throughout this presidency.
      He(POTUS) shot himself in the foot responding then. Because there would have been no grounds of impeachment on that call because executive privilege would have applied. By releasing it POTUS waived executive privilege. The inquiry would have been snuffed before it could even start if that hadn’t happened. If he did nothing wrong, why respond to the bait, knowing everyone is out to get you and you hold a position of power? But I do agree, moving on would be best. So have a great night!

    • @T.Antionette W Indulge me please. *ONE SERIOUS QUESTION TO ASK YOU*
      Are you aware (according to polls) the leading Democratic Candidate for President publicly said……….. QUOTE: *_”Black men are destroying US communities cause black men won’t wear condemns. The communities are engaged in denial of this. Black kids born out of wed-lock have no structure. No ethics. No conscience. We have NO CHOICE but to remove them from society.”_* — Joe Biden.
      Ask me to produce proof. I dare you. I double down black-jack 21 double dog dare you.
      Go ahead…….Ask me for it.

    • T.Antionette W | December 7, 2019 at 10:17 PM | Reply

      @rayism 24b Ummm I can totally believe he said that. But honestly yeah still send the link lol, I’m down for the knowledge. And I can tell you first hand he is not alone in his opinion, which is a whole ‘nother issue that I will bet money we, us two…do not need to talk about. Because that will get offensive very quickly.

      How exactly does that make it okay that you called a mixed child a zebra baby? And the Jamaican comment? Furthermore…how does any of this undermine how crucial Planned Parenthood is toward sex education to prevent narratives like this?

      Furthermore, where did the assumption that I’m a ride or die Biden stan come from? I don’t roll with him. I’m still deciding on a candidate to be honest.

      If he’s corrupt he’s corrupt, it needs to be investigated and that’s that. I don’t have to support him because I have mostly Democrat values.

      I don’t support our current POTUS returning either. Like, literally another Republican is fine. Just not a repeat of this chaos. Either way, you have a good night, this was an enlightened discussion.

    • @rayism 24b How about those tax returns? The ones he’s directing the FBI to keep from lawful senate inquiries?
      How about those Deutsche Bank records, the ones where Trump played a part in a loan default scam (tried by INTERPOL, the bank was fined over 40 million Euro,) the loan defaults Trump’s minions are keeping hidden which do implicate him directly in a scheme Russian and former Soviet State oligarchs went to jail for. Obstruction of justice is a crime. Extortion is a crime. Embezzling is a crime. Tax Evasion is a crime. These things have been named over and over, but you, willfully ignorant partisan tribalist sheep that you are, go along with the propaganda on Fox which says “don’t believe your lying ears and eyes, believe the party.”

      Quick question, if Hunter Biden benefiting from naked nepotism bothers you so much, why exactly doesn’t the fact that trust fund brats Iwanker and Jarhead are in multiple tax payer funded positions in the White House they’re not qualified to be in bother you. I mean, Hunter Biden’s nepotism was being funded by a private company off in a whole other country. Not your problem, didn’t cost you a cent and you didn’t know about it until your propaganda channel started screeching about it. Yet the nepotism monster called Jaranka is living fat off your taxes, right in front of your face, doing nothing, and you’re paying for it because they’re related to the president. Why doesn’t _that_ nepotism bother you? It’s _much_ closer to home, you’re paying for it directly and there’s two of them! Why doesn’t that nepotism bother you? Answer, you haven’t been programmed to think about it enough to let it bother you. You’re pathetic. That’s why nobody takes you morons seriously, you just repeat lies you hear on Fox. And then whine about fake news like you aren’t a flock of girly little hypocrites.

  8. All of the money for Ukraine still hasn’t been delivered .

    • @T.Antionette W *_”Breach of National Security?”_* What do you call Hillary’s private server, countless classified transmissions she lied about? Bleach Bit subpoena documents? FBI spying on Trump campaign, with DNC bullshit to get FISA warrant? 4 times? *_”Russia hacked our election in a sweeping fashion?”_* Where is the evidence? Don’t say all 17 intel agencies agree…..When none were allowed to inspect the server @ DNC? Seth Rich took Podesta’s E-mails from DNC so they killed him. Then killed Lucas for delivering the Formal Law Suit Complaint. Wasserman-Shits killed Wisenot Jr. who was going to blow the whistle on election fraud in her district. Two days before Bourdain turns up dead, sent a message *_”I just ran into Hillary’s goons….Not Fun!”_* Clinton murder trail is so typical, Jimmy Dore publicly predicted Epstein suicide 4 days before the fact. Did you see the “Dead Man Switch” video released after Issac Kappy publicly said Podesta, Hanks, Spielberg, and Colbert are all pedophiles? Kappy was thrown off a bridge then hit by a semi-truck in the middle of the night in No-Where, New Mexico.

      Is Fiona Hill that clam who made the disrespectful comment about Trump’s son Baron?
      And what the hell is Schiff doing with Nunes phone records? That’s illegal as hell, as the media applauds it.

      Worst thing Trump has done is appoint Brett Kavanaugh. Not because he stink fingered Betty Ford at some Frat Party. Because he intimidated and humiliated an eye witness to the point it was described as *”GROTESQUE”* to cover up the Foster Murder for the Clintons……….. You should do your homework. https://youtu.be/4LmhTihTcIs?t=2115

    • What? Isn’t their blood on his hands you would think. Don’t care. All those we have been aiding including the Turks in Syria. And now a Russian flag is flying there. What is he really saying about his real concern for America , and our troops. A pattern. We are being had.

    • @J. Noble You must be illiterate, My only mention about FOX is I hated it. Well done. Go waist some more cyber space.

    • It isn’t supposed to be. The Democrats lied once again. The aid package is not a lump sum of money Ukraine gets instantly to save their nation or some bullshit. The deal is just the contract and appropriation they will receive the money in the next fiscal period or next year over time. Holding it up for a month means nothing, and it caused no threat to anyone, it’s just the Democrats exaggerating and pretending like it threatened security when it never did. Laura Cooper in her testimony explained how it worked and literally nothing bad happened or would happen just because it was delayed for a month or two. She also stated, like all witnesses stated, that Trump’s policy was far better than Obama’s in helping Ukraine and protecting all parties from Russian threats. Accept reality libtards, Trump committed no crimes and has better policy than the Democrats, and he helped Ukraine much more and protected America better than Obama ever did. Facts.

    • @T.Antionette W As if people really believe THIS is going to be the Democratic Candidate https://youtu.be/zbxJ5KcyHKE?t=71

  9. Corperateties S | December 7, 2019 at 11:21 AM | Reply

    I remember vividly, the Republican greediness when they tried to impeach Clinton over a wet cigar.

    • @Deborah Freedman trump lies every day, whenever he moves his sphincter anus lips! Disgusting!

    • Florence Ferdinand | December 7, 2019 at 7:14 PM | Reply

      They sure did

    • Corperateties S we need to find someone to give trump a blow and get this done with! Lol the problem is that No body would like to do it 🤢🤮

    • Jade Anderson I think your mom said she needed a quarter so she’d do it…

      Really funny the sanctimonious left is still covering for him during the #metoo era…puts it all into perspective doesn’t it? But…but…orange man bad. LOL LOL LOL

    • J Stone lol 😂 I wish she would do it but she said she rather be your mom which is already a nasty and hard thing to do than blowing trump 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. Stanislaw Grabowski | December 7, 2019 at 11:29 AM | Reply

    THANK YOU. Finally, we see some republicans speaking the truth and not being afraid of Trump’s retaliation. Although these guys are already retired but still it is refreshing to see people like that sticking to the facts and not to that deranged reality presented by that CRIMINAL sitting in the White House.

    • theodore chondros | December 7, 2019 at 3:24 PM | Reply

      Just keep watching fakenews CNN lol hahahahahahahha

    • Deborah Freedman | December 7, 2019 at 4:56 PM | Reply

      Only Republicans out of power. If a Republican in power dares to speak the truth, they throw him out of the party. eg. Justin Amash

    • theodore chondros if you feel like CNN is Fake news then what are u doing here? It’s like saying that you oppose the lgbt community but hang out at gay bars🤣🤣

    • What the hell are you talking about sticking to the facts? The facts show Trump did nothing wrong. No one proved Trump linked the aid money to a demand for investigations as an illegal bribe. No one said they ever heard Trump direct such a thing. Sondland is the only one with first hand knowledge and he says Trump never said so, and Trump only told him he wanted the announcement of investigations for a potential White House visit. That is not illegal based on what the DOJ and illegal experts have said. No linkage to aid money, fact, which means no crime, no case, nothing. What the hell are you people listening to? False information and fake news to distract you from the truth about the actual legal implications, which all point to Trump being not guilty of the DNC accusations. Look at the facts instead of just assuming guilt based on opinions of opinions and circumstantial evidence from biased sources. This CNN crap could not be more biased. 2 Senile Trump hating Republicans who never gave him a chance, saying he is guilty until proven innocent, without any facts or evidence to back it up, and only their irrelevant opinions…. that proves what? Nothing is what, just like the DNC has proven nothing so far. That is why they will fail, not because of some conspiracy theory bullshit, because there is no underlying crime that occurred, and no evidence to support such a claim that would ever hold up in the court of law. Stop being braindead libtards and accept reality, it’s embarrassing.

  11. 45 is a cowardly crook, time for him and his following fools to be done with.

    • Me Davis

    • Truth be Damned | December 7, 2019 at 8:02 PM | Reply

      @Steve Way It doesn’t matter when Cohen is released. The statute of limitations will run out on charging Trump IF he wins the election.
      On the other hand, if he loses, the SDNY can charge him felony campaign violations. Trump is literally fighting to stay out of jail. This election is critical for him to say the least.

    • @John Valdivieso Let’s start with Dump and Michael Cohen. First, conspiracy to violate federal campaign law by conspiring to make an excessive campaign contribution which Trump requested and directed by Trump for the “principal purpose of influencing [the] election”. 52USC§30116 (felony, up to 5 years, see, 52USC §30109(d)(1)(a)(i) ). Second, the substantive crime of soliciting contributions from a foreign national. 52 USC § 30121, (also an up to 5 year felony). Third, the conspiracy to commit same (penalty, same as substantive offense). Fourth, Conspiracy to defraud the USA (18USC §371) in the administration of federal election laws. (5 years). Fifth, perjury in his written statements to Mueller. (5 years). Finally, there is the 6 or so counts of substantive obstruction of justice in Mueller’s Report that can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. 18 U.S.C. § 1510.

      If this was any of us, we’d be in custody by now or hopefully on bail awaiting trial. If not for the obviously outdated and unrealistic DOJ policy letter prohibiting seeking his indictment and the lack of an honest AG, so would he. There is not a damned word in the Constitution barring his indictment.

    • needabettername | December 7, 2019 at 9:31 PM | Reply

      @John Valdivieso Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma. My family lived in Iowa until we had to declare bankruptcy.

  12. The German army had to swear loyalty to Hitler over country.

    • @theodore chondros How about both the USA and China? Very little difference, just one is right wing fake democratic and the other is left wing authoritarian. I prefer the Democratic left personally.

    • Christopher Chung | December 7, 2019 at 6:01 PM | Reply

      People from that generation who aren’t with us anymore would be horrified and rolling in their graves if they saw what’s going on today in our own country — even worse if their own descendants are partaking in it chances are. Lucky for them they passed away before they could see the reverence for theconstitution eroded away to its current state. If it were me my heart wouldn’t be able to take it that’s for sure.

    • @Christopher Chung I agree, I don’t think the shades will come off until Trump puts on a military uniform. Even then, who knows I can’t predict right wing blindness and how far it goes.

    • Florence Ferdinand | December 7, 2019 at 7:17 PM | Reply

      Trump is Hitler reincarnated

    • Yeah. And how’d that work out for ’em lol? How old is Hitler now these days? Or his children they gotta be getting old now right? Lol how many Hitlers you find in the phonebooks these days lol…. these dumb fuckers are mindless lol….

  13. Lindsey Graham: “I’m not going to read any of the testimony transcripts or listen to witness testimony. As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to the Senate, it’s dead on arrival!”
    What a disgrace! He took an oath to protect our constitution, not the president! If he refuses to do his job, he needs to resign!
    Country over party!✌️💜🇺🇲

  14. Milton - Canada | December 7, 2019 at 1:41 PM | Reply

    Trumps republican minions: “Did we do good Boss?!”

  15. When your on the outside looking in it’s clear to see that the republicans are bad news for America and the world,

    • Redman Law 99 give up these people want to be robbed and have there children buttfucked till there assholes prolapse by the Democrats elites.
      They like being lied to by Presidential candidates and would rather look the other way to their crimes.

      They want drugs to flood the street so that people lose there minds end up get arrested then they can use those people for slave labor.

      They want there cities to be so filthy and trashed that there cities breed new plagues amongst them all.

      These people want to be oppressed they’d rather hear about change than actually see it because when good change comes these people won’t be satisfied.

    • CJ Max lol nobody is reading these fucking walls of text you sad lunatic

    • Terry M tell that to the democrats that use your money for Pedo ranches and islands. Yeah maybe a questionable thread of unjust actions, but how can you be so naïve to the corrupt of democrats they promise you gold and always give you dirt.

    • Justin Barnes yeah idk why I’m trying to change the minds of you loons pretty crazy right

    • CJ Max
      shrieking manifestos on the internet is pretty crazy, yes, you should talk to a therapist and tell them your about the web of conspiracies you’ve cobbled together, your crippling isolation from society, and your obsession with pedophilia.

  16. Every one of Trump’s Repugs are traitors to America and a waste of good air.

  17. Mr. Greenjeans | December 7, 2019 at 2:09 PM | Reply

    The GOP knows it isn’t a sham. They are playing to their base. Shame on them.

    • James K. Boyle | December 7, 2019 at 6:53 PM | Reply

      Then what law was broken? Were is your fact witness,

    • Actually the DNC knows it is a sham. They are playing to their base. Shame on them.

    • James K. Boyle like you care about facts or evidence. Be honest- there’s literally nothing that could convince of what is obvious to the few sane people left in America. You’ve got facts, evidence, witnesses already- for cripes sake Trump has openly admitted to the wrong doing!- if that’s not enough for you then what the heck would be?

      Be honest. If you even can any more. Nothing will change your mind.

    • James K. Boyle | December 7, 2019 at 9:12 PM | Reply

      @Philip Doenau knock it off. Evidence and laws would.

      But Trump has rights too, and there are simple facts. You have zero fact witnesses.

      I ams sorry your gal lost, sorry that Trump lives rent free with a personal butler in your heads!

    • ​@Philip Doenau You don’t even understand what is illegal or not. WTF are you talking about facts and evidence? What proves Trump linked the aid money to some illegal bribery scheme with Zelenksy where he demanded election interference in return for his personal gain? Who proved this? Who proved anything about linkage to the aid money? Name the person and tell us what they said to prove the crime you idiot. LOL my god you libtards have no clue what is a valid charge and what is even a crime and what is valid in the court of law. You seriously just jump on the libtard propaganda bandwagon hate train and assume Trump is guilty until proven innocent, and you don’t even understand the case. Sad.

      WTF are you talking about Trump admitted it? No he did not. Seriously where do you get your fake news? LOL. You don’t even know what happened in this case at all do you? Seems like you are ignorant to everything. Educate yourself and come back once you know the whole story or you just keep making yourself look like the typical ignorant libtard. Trump in fact did nothing wrong on the call, nothing illegal, and Zelensky himself states there was no bribe, no blackmail, no pressure, nothing illegal or wrong with it, and he never saw anything from the view of a quid pro quo. He did not know about the aid being withheld at the time of the call, so the notion that Trump was using the aid money to extort or bribe Zelensky is false, and all that Zelensky says about the entire situation proves nothing illegal ever happened, and that Trump never actually attempted it. The transcripts show Trump asking a favor not a demand, and without any linkage to anything, which proves it is not illegal in any way. The only negative thing you can say about Trump in all this, and which is what many witnesses have said so far based on their opinions, is that the request was inappropriate because they assumed Trump’s motivation for wanting investigations was related to Biden and politics more so than it was to benefit Ukraine and America. Well guess what, this is not a crime or illegal in any way, and it is only a matter of opinion if it is appropriate or not based on each individuals knowledge about the allegations onto Burisma and Ukraine, and there is no hard evidence proving a damn thing. You can’t read Trump’s mind, and none of those people even talked to Trump once. It’s meaningless in the court of law. Only Sondland has a relevant statement, and he says Trump never linked the aid money, he only presumed the money could be linked, and that Trump wanted the announcement of investigations in exchange for the visit, which is also no a crime, not illegal, not a bribe, since a visit to the White House is not considered a thing of value relevant in a bribery charge, stated by legal experts and the DOJ. This means the only valid charge would require linkage to the aid money, which never happened. End of story. Facts, try them out.

      I am not a Republican, I am an Independent and the last time I voted for President, it was Obama. So don’t tell me I am lying for Trump. The Democrats have no case and this is the most partisan impeachment ever, which shows their hypocrisy and lies based on all they said would be needed to proceed with this. Pelosi and the DNC is doing the opposite of all she said they would do in pushing forward with no hard evidence of anything and no bi partisan support at all. The facts speak for themselves, and people are just choosing to believe what they want because of their own bias and the liberal mainstream media bias who sways the narrative to pander for votes. If you can’t see the manipulation of the facts, you deserve to live in ignorance and be proven wrong again and again, like the Democrats have been the past 3 years, and like they will once again if it goes to trial in the Senate. Trump will not be removed and prove the DNC corruption and abuse of powers. Enjoy watching Trump win and the Democrats lose in historic fashion. Accept reality.

  18. They are elected to defend the constitution. Plain and simple

  19. If John McCain was alive he’ll definitely vote for impeachment

    • i really doubt it. he made one really brave vote basically from the grave. none of these guys can find their balls unless they are retiring or dying…..

    • John McCain would have gotten what he always wanted, elected president of the United states of America, had he just quit playing himself and became a Democrat. I feel like he never really knew who he was.

    • Jualine Sadler | December 7, 2019 at 10:06 PM | Reply

      I am sure that old traitor would how many soldiers soldiers died from this traitor. .why would it surprise anyone for him throwing the president under the bus ..!!


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