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  1. Sydni Downey | April 2, 2021 at 4:34 PM | Reply

    When someone gets used to being bailed out by daddy every time he gets in trouble….he starts to think he’s invulnerable and will never be held accountable. djt is the same as GAETZ.

  2. Now it makes total sense that Matt Gaetz was against the Dr. Seuss ban, it was his date(s) favorite bedtime stories.

    • Teena Selman | April 2, 2021 at 8:43 PM | Reply

      @Iris P That’s NOT the topic!

    • Ian Chandley | April 2, 2021 at 8:46 PM | Reply


    • Ian Chandley | April 2, 2021 at 8:50 PM | Reply

      @The Tweatles and quite happily too by all accounts! Jealous?

      I’ve been happily married for nearly 25 years and my wife and I wish others the same love and joy we have….

    • why is anyone afraid of Dr. Seuss? Who we cancelling next Christ? No one should be cancelled for any reason. If everything is cancelled than there will be no debate no conversations. It’s ok not to like something that talk about it don’t just cancel. I grew up with Dr. Seuss, if you really read & discussed what he wrote you would find he always explained why things are they was they are & why hurting people is bad.

    • Lol

  3. JOHN Danenberg | April 2, 2021 at 4:36 PM | Reply

    Corruption begets Corruption. Can’t change the good old Boys way of thinking 👹

    • Charlie Owens | April 2, 2021 at 6:37 PM | Reply

      I disagree I think it can and will be changed…B1

    • Patrick Tolman | April 2, 2021 at 6:42 PM | Reply

      @Charlie Owens ChinaBiden is deadly

    • JOHN Danenberg | April 2, 2021 at 6:45 PM | Reply

      @Charlie Owensleopards don’t change their spots. You can’t educate morons because they just refuse to be educated. IT’S CALLED REALITY.

    • I think people have just woken up to the fact that the good ol boys are single handedly preventing progress in every single aspect of our lives…& if we ever needed a reason to stand with one another….This is it!

    • stf zung hak u systm | April 2, 2021 at 10:39 PM | Reply

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  4. melted cheetah | April 2, 2021 at 4:36 PM | Reply

    Who knew Gas Mask Gaetz was a total d-bag? Oh wait, ALL of US

  5. I wonder how QAnon feels knowing that one of Trumps best buds might actually turn out to be a human trafficker.

    • Carol Meehan | April 2, 2021 at 10:53 PM | Reply

      @Rock Wilson No, that is not true. They were good buddies. Epstein got mad at Trump for outbidding him on a property and it caused a rift.

    • Dikkenya Ma’oof | April 2, 2021 at 10:54 PM | Reply

      @Rock Wilson that’s why he hung out with him and Ghislaine so much because he hated them?

    • Matt Roberts | April 2, 2021 at 10:55 PM | Reply

      @Rock Wilson i think they do, otherwise they would realize that reality is the opposite of all the accomplishments his supporters credit the 45th with. Stopping war=350% increase in bombing, drain the swamp=Cabinet full of nothing but rehires from the previous 5 administrations, smaller government=largest deficits in history, taking no salary=spending millions more dollars per year than any previous president on personal expenses, a gutted military= Obama increased the military budget every year. They have been trained to ignore and disbelieve any information different than Q propaganda. The have been trained to fear not being in full control. Most of them heard the propaganda from fox, oan, newsmax, websites and the constant political rallies, social media and TV appearances of the 45th.

    • Don’t worry, they will have an explanation for that one also.

    • @Facts Matter The MoronDon liked to play “elder mentor” to Jeffy—and at times, suggested he “taught Jeffy everything he knows”, which was far from true. The man-baby’s room temp (73) IQ was a joke to Jeffy, who did have a high IQ but very low EQ (trump’s EQ was a negative triple-digit). He used trump and trump used Jeffy, it was a perverted match made in hell.

  6. Red Barchetta | April 2, 2021 at 4:38 PM | Reply

    Mr Dent is right. Shame the rest of the GOP didn’t listen.

    • @tstandri I don’t do false equivalency, republicans are racist bigots.

    • DestroyEraseImprove ; | April 2, 2021 at 9:12 PM | Reply

      The GOP aren’t in the wrong here. It’s the far left radical, democrats that are encouraging and endorsing terrorist groups like BLM and ANTIFA while using big tech and the mainstream media to silence all opposition. Look at the chaod and death caused by far-left Democrat supporters these oast 4+ years. You people are trully evil.

    • @tstandriVoter ID, for fair election. Now you pushing racist policy that almost every black person vocally oppose, and john lewis before he died.

      Republicans are racist bigots, and I think you and them have a lot in common.

    • All for power and money and their stupid voters are to blame. They, Trump being exhibit #1, want to blow up Washington, get the crooks out of Washington, meanwhile once elected they are the biggest crooks you have ever seen. Their voters don’t want to believe the politicians doing such a good job trolling Washington are a bad caricature of the things they are trolling, maybe they think they are too stupid to be doing irony. What do people who voted for Gates or Trump hate about politicians, politicians like Gates and Trump who have 0 moral compass and believe they are and elegit class that does not have to follow normal peoples rules, add in it for the money on top of that.

  7. Remember when Al Franken =a former comedian , had to resign, just for a stupid old photo ? Yea.

    • A photo that was taken by the husband of Leann Tweeden, a right-wing troll paid by Faux News.

    • It was not just the photo. Another woman accused him of touching her butt when her butt his arm around her. But yes that was pretty ridiculous. He was one of the good ones too. In this day and age if you don’t have a sense of humour about a stupid joke photo, you must be living half dead.

    • I blame gillibrand trying to appease upstate republicans.

    • Beenthere Donethat | April 2, 2021 at 10:19 PM | Reply

      @Noir Way not weakness morals

    • Keith Thompson | April 2, 2021 at 10:26 PM | Reply

      @Edward Mercedes they probably never felt it with his tiny parts.

  8. Republicans today make Boehner look sane… he sells weed now. I feel that needs to be known by all.

  9. Immortal Asirpa | April 2, 2021 at 4:46 PM | Reply

    Problem with Matt Gaetz is that he’s the distilled essence of *western chauvinism.* Republican men haven’t stopped him because they think he’s merely a younger version of themselves.

    • don’t be deceived God my friend, you had me fooled, I thought you were talking about your typical fox guest proclaiming himself to be conservative Republican.,Here you were just projecting !!!

    • 1984 THEBEGINING ,maybe Biden was a little too touchy feelly, but we never had a recording where he bragged about grabbing women by their privates did we.

    • SouthSide_ Chicago79 | April 2, 2021 at 9:00 PM | Reply

      @Hazel Jones You’re the perfect example of how hypocritical the radical left has become, so thank you for your comment sheep.

    • Edward Mercedes | April 2, 2021 at 9:14 PM | Reply

      @Hazel Jones Of course not Biden is a respectable man, if he was proven to be a pervert, he wouldn’t be the legitimate president. Perverted president cheat to become president’s. those are called illegitimate presidents.

    • stf zung hak u systm | April 2, 2021 at 10:38 PM | Reply

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  10. The republican base never thought they would see a black president in their lifetime….they still haven’t recovered from the trauma

    • MsYoutuebchen | April 2, 2021 at 9:46 PM | Reply

      @mac daddy Quite obviously a lot of the people were n o t on the side of Hillary Clinton, who imho was the much better candidate, even though I never had any fond feelings for her.

    • @TheBigStink 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • barnacle boy | April 2, 2021 at 9:59 PM | Reply

      If I had a dollar every time I’ve heard “THANKS OBAMA” for every mildly inconvenient thing that’s happened since 2008 I’d have a nice pile of dollar bills

    • Rich Sackett | April 2, 2021 at 10:19 PM | Reply

      @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Wait however long you want. Nobody asked you.

    • Grace Munich | April 2, 2021 at 10:19 PM | Reply

      @Belly Dancer Em the gop has always been corrupt with gerrymandering and doing everything possible to prevent people of color from voting…

  11. Wacky is the nicest thing that can be said about the Republican Party!!!

  12. Immortal Asirpa | April 2, 2021 at 4:54 PM | Reply

    When the leader of the free world said it was okay to randomly grab women by the pikachu, he gave men like Matt Gaetz *moral permission* to behave like a predator.

    • meetpoorfor crowinsfo | April 2, 2021 at 10:07 PM | Reply

      Do you understand that the words of a *leader* can effect lowlive’s behaviors? Did you notice that after donnie showed that he’s against blacks, Muslims, Mexicans, and all those that appear to be immigrants…. violence against them went way up?

      Do you see a difference between people who think for themselves and have critical thinking skills, and those who don’t?

    • Tucker Carlson is already denying ever meeting Gaetz.

    • @Belly Dancer Em doesn’t mean she was leader of the free world either. what is the “free world” anyway… in a sense we are all subjects of some social institution… I got pulled over yesterday for speeding… I wasn’t free to drive my own speed, but was free to go after given a citation… am I free? not really… but I’m not in jail 😉
      freedom is in the eye of the beholder…

    • @18matts no, Matt still relies on his Daddy… and his Daddy’s money…

    • Lueva Jackson | April 2, 2021 at 11:05 PM | Reply

      Epic! 😂

  13. Trump-“I don’t know Gaetz, never met him but I wish him well.”

  14. Anne-Marie Parker | April 2, 2021 at 5:08 PM | Reply

    Liz Cheney just had a double scotch. !!! Cheers.

    • She’s flicking her bean and smoking a cigar. Life is good. MAGA!

    • T cnBrooklyn | April 2, 2021 at 8:20 PM | Reply

      Lmao Facts

    • Ive been asking for a while what do the Republicans actually do other than give tax cuts to the rich and obstruct everything the Democrats are trying to do? Can any Republican voter tell me what are policies or what do they stand for?

  15. serenity 2205 | April 2, 2021 at 5:15 PM | Reply

    The GOP will drown in their own swamp. Its about time.

    • nah. Its just theater. America loves the soap oprah Both dems and republicans alike. This story will age and a new one will pop up. Anarchy is the only solution.

    • ClubXXXPoison | April 2, 2021 at 9:57 PM | Reply

      More like a GOP cesspool than a swamp. At least real swamps contain vital living creatures as part of the earth’s ecosystem.

    • You do realize this is a story from CNN, right? They’re soooo reliable! 🤣

    • stf zung hak u systm | April 2, 2021 at 10:39 PM | Reply

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  16. How long before Matt Gaetz goes into rehab blaming his “issues” on alcohol? Didn’t daddy get him out of one alcohol related problem already????

  17. Claire Lowry | April 2, 2021 at 5:45 PM | Reply

    I voted for Hilary because she knew the drill, otherwise she was unappealing. My vote for Biden stemmed from years of watching him speak coherently and competently about matters of governing. And the other reason is because he, too knew the drill. I’ve never regretted either vote.

    • Lisa Navarro | April 2, 2021 at 9:56 PM | Reply

      @Rose Blake I’m glad Bernie Sanders has the position he has now.🤗

    • @Rose Blake haha agree to disagree, Bernie isn’t a world leader he is a American Leader, he would mesh so well we could call him Ben J Deux aka Franklin 2.0, he resonates with the world because he is a student of the world.

    • dr.robert d. lucas | April 2, 2021 at 10:08 PM | Reply

      @Ginger Potato Trump never said to inject bleach. You ought to do some research on the matter and stop slavishly believing all of the propaganda being sprew forth by the excuses that pass for a media.

    • Señor BeanS | April 2, 2021 at 10:17 PM | Reply

      @dr.robert d. lucas stop lying.. everyone knows what trump said.. stop making a fool outta yourself

    • @dr.robert d. lucas why was he backing a wack job who believed in medications are made from Alien DNA , demon sex ,or even there was a vaccine to prevent people from becoming religious fanatics….what about his hydrocloraquine that he pushed but when he caught covid he didn’t take his hydrocloraquine?

  18. Jim Jordan’s has his own skeletons in the closet, he needs to resign as well

  19. Gavin McEwen | April 2, 2021 at 5:53 PM | Reply

    Looking on from NZ it stands out how so many of these US politicians who identify as “conservatives” and make a name/careers for themselves based on that, end up being the most vile miscreants in their private lives.

    • agree totally.

    • Then they go around accusing the Dem party of eating children. That side of America that voted for Agolf tweetler, need to be all locked up in the world’s largest insane asylum.

    • Linda Johnson | April 2, 2021 at 10:10 PM | Reply

      There are many of us in the US who are quite aware of the hypocrisy of legislators who profess to be a “moral majority.” Pointing fingers at others to distract from their own misdeeds. There are so many caring people in the US who want to build others up rather than tear them down. I only hope as we move forward we can dull the voices of haters and advance love and generosity for all.
      Keep us in your prayers world, we’re trying

    • You nailed it and they trash the libs constantly

    • PawsAndSmokeRory | April 2, 2021 at 10:22 PM | Reply

      New Zealand is way ahead of America in terms of how good governments operate. They can send their politicians over here to Washington. and teach our corrupt ones a thing or two about what it means to really govern FOR the people.

  20. taxiuniversum | April 2, 2021 at 6:06 PM | Reply

    I am sure Gym Jordan is ecstatic that he has found another sex-predator he can shield from consequences for his actions.

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