Ex-Melania Trump adviser: First lady is President's enabler 1

Ex-Melania Trump adviser: First lady is President’s enabler


Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author and former senior adviser to first lady Melania Trump, speaks to CNN's Brianna Keilar about her article in The Daily Beast where she writes that Melania and the President "lack character, and have no moral compass."

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    1. @S B Not excusing it at all. Just pointing out that both sides are at fault for a plethora of atrocities, yet people pick a side and then remain blind that the entire system is corrupt. I’m not the one choosing a side of corruption.

      As an example, no one talks about how Obama started a war in the Yemen, utilized drones to murder American citizens there and took tons of money for his actions; and then received the Nobel Peace Prize for murder.

      Then again, no one is talking about how Trump secretly kept this war going. He shut down others, but not the one in Yemen. He asked for the Nobel Peace Prize, but didn’t receive it. It’s almost as if the two mainstream parties are covertly working together while playing an overt “charade” of NOT working together.

      Strange how so many people think highly of the Nobel Peace Prize. An award named after Alfred Nobel, a well-documented arms-dealer. That’s why murderers achieve that award. Hell, even Henry Kissinger received the award. The sad part, is that BOTH parties are filled with war-mongers and self-proclaimed “christians” yet all they do is send our children off to murder for them. So much for their commandment “Thou shalt not kill.; and yet Americans are still foolish enough to choose a side.

    2. @Steve she did several good things like visiting hospitals, charity, And she didn’t asked her husband for permission. And you can look things up here on youtube. not going to do that for ya. But she was present in the WH. malavia is a invisible mouse

  1. She will be remembered forever for her t-shirt, “I don’t care, do you?”, while visiting caged kids.

    1. @Deborah Merkerson government website do report the truth about how many jobs and the better economy , you should honestly check them out. CNN is not a government website. Nor is any other biased news outlet. All the facts if both sides. Transparency to the Americans from the American from state senators to the potus. And I stand behind and next to America the country , not one person individually. One nation.

    2. @Deborah Merkerson and as far as the tax evasion if that were fact , which only the irs would know there would be tax liens on his assets and tax liens are public knowledge that anyone can check. Pretty simple process. It’s the irs and dor that worry about tax issues .if the world wants to know and they are in place as I said anyone can check it.

    3. @Eveie Baros it’s weird how much the news brainwashes people and I don’t mean that to be funny with people either, but I remember when the pictures of children in cages first surfaced and Trump wasn’t even in office it was when Obama was in office Trump wasn’t even a thought for presidency, and there was no outrage when these surfaced on one said boo!! Ignorance is bliss, now they wanted to tarnish trump so much that they have said it over and over again and showed the pic a handful of times, and said trump done it! All of a sudden no one even remembers when they first surfaced they just start believing what they’re being told by the media it’s crazy!! They don’t call it programming for nothing eh!! Xx

    4. @Jeff Linnell Hahahaha. You’ve obviously not used government websites to check either the economy or employment numbers! Trump lied thru his fat @$$ about both. Just look up the Gross National Product for a measure of the economy for the last decade and see who ruined our economy by ignoring the pandemic. Trump inherited a robust economy. The fickle stock market jumped up with his election but settled back down. Then look up employment numbers for ten years. I wasn’t a big Obama fan because I was an ignorant conservative registered Republican. Obama’s numbers were BETTER his first four years in office!!!!

      You think MSM has been unfair to Trump? Obama put up with them and the ignorant Republicans for eight years. I cannot say enough good things about him now that I know the truth. I wouldn’t have looked up the information had it not been for Trump’s lies. He’s lied about most everything!

      I didnt support Clinton and I didn’t support Trump because I knew all about him from my time in NYC in the 80s and 90s. He nearly emptied the Republican party when he switched from being a Democrat in 1988. They wanted nothing to do with him and he ran as an independent in 2000. He will change his spots for power which he equates to money. The man is totally driven by narcissism. He values power and money and not much else. You need to wake up.

    1. What did she do? So she’s a criminal for helping her hubby to boost the economy and to bring unemployment at an all time low

    2. She is a female pres trump. Birds of a feather flock together. Any normal woman would not want to live with such a sick evil lying constantly man. No amount of money should ever make you want sell your soul.

  2. She is just like her husband and all that counts is that she gets money at any cost, includes anyone’s life.

    1. @Slim Pickin Don’t respond to MAGAs and Russian trolls… just *report* them. I’ve been doing that for several days now. I hope more people do same. Let’s show Vladimir Putin that he will NOT destroy us from within with his disinformation campaign.

    2. You won’t be singing that tune when your censored out of money with no job. Although maybe you’ll like socialism. I happen to like my freedom

    3. CNN lives to create division ands hate. They should be charged with inciting violence And spreading hate as they incorporate their negative opinions in everyone’s face. No journalism. Poor reporting, one sided.

  3. “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.” – Teddy Roosevelt

    1. This is the perfect quote/ statement by a great president that fits what the GOP party should have been doing during Trumps insane four year reign. They have become a party that cares only a about their Republican strong hold at any cost and not so much for what’s right or wrong for the country and our allies.

    1. They are made for each other, but she’s not going to stay with him without all the free perks. You don’t get a get out of jail card from me! You too have enabled him. You should have forced him to get Psychiatric help as his spouse and the leader of your now country, which you care nothing about

    2. @Alex Oelkers Alex, if you would get off of NN, you would have seen the many articles from other news sources that talk about the white busses followed by the black SUV’s letting out Antifa members. You would have seen the screen shots on FB talking about going to the Capital. It’s all there buddy, so you can stop it with the TDS against the POTUS and his supporters.

  4. “If that’s what’s on her mind then that’s really an embarrassing thing to be thinking about at this moment in time.” This is such a perfect indictment of the first lady. of course she has made this all about herself. It’s one of the only things the Trumps are actually good at.

    1. If melania living during the french revolution era, sure enough she will have a chit chat with guliotine soon. Now she already positioned herself as bad as Marie Antoniette.

  5. “I don’t really care, do you?” pretty much sums up the selfish nihilism of this heartless, soulless hanger-on masquerading as the FLOTUS.

    1. you are just jealous that you can’t touch melania…or maybe donald, don’t know what your preference is

  6. She already showed the world her back , literally stating she “doesn’t really care “… she won’t start caring now

    1. @hardtrance goa channel 1995 – 2003 You cannot seriously believe anyone comes to a YouTube comment section to read your thesis?

  7. She literally shares the last name with a buffoon… she’s going to get those attacks. Her fault she married him

  8. She is a mail order bride, let’s not kid ourselves. As if she is going to have any capability to sway him….

  9. The fact that she married Humpty Trumpty says all I need to know about her. Everything else goes downhill from there, morally.

    1. I was watching a documentary about the 80s. There is Donald Trump, married to Ivanna at the time he says:
      “I have a great wife and a beautiful girlfriend! Life is wonderful!”
      What a pig

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