1. It will be interesting to see what nationality and culture is involved. It seems that certain cultures are responsible for more crime than others.

    1. While data does back your statement it has nothing to do with pigmentation obviously. Being dealt bad cards almost never ends well

    2. One would think socioeconomic would be the 1st thing ppl wonder. And what’s missing in terms of support compared to others? But hey, you went straight for nationality and culture.

    1. @Robert Melanson na not wrong. “Hate and derangement” and “hateful derangement” are two different things. And to suggest mental illness can’t drive someone to commit a violent crime, you’re as dumb as this conversation we’re having. Btw “hateful derangement” isn’t addressed in the DSM because it doesn’t exist.

    1. @MadafPotato Going from this to Trudeau and hunters is just a child finger painting.
      Just blobs of mush compared to a written police report that he hasn’t seen.

    2. @Derf Derfson I’m not saying you’re wrong about that.
      I’m saying this direct correlation is like a child blaming their dad because the store doesn’t have the toy he wants.

    3. @DanSk451 sounds like the issue he’s taking is taking hunting rifles from law abiding citizens has 0 effect on the prevalence of gun violence. What’s is childish is covering your eyes, plugging your ears and ignoring these facts.

  2. Will be interesting to see where the shooter got the gun from, canada should have some kind of self defense this is crazy that you can literally do nothing just wait for police, as you can see by the time police come it almost always too late.

    1. Oh don’t worry; the government ban on legally owned rifles and hand guns will stop criminals from shooting anyone else….. They abide by the laws on firearms don’t they??🤔🤔🤣🤣

    2. @anthony matthews Not saying more guns are better just some kind of self defense would be nice at least an equal force self defense.

    3. If he’s 73 he probably owned the gun from back in the day when it was legal and never turned it in. You think he bought it from some Somali gang bangers?

    4. Same story in portapique, which was likely the greatest example for self defence with firearms in all of Canadian history, yet somehow instead of the public wanting to protect themselves, they clamoured for gun bans that wouldn’t have prevented anything anyway since the guns used were smuggled.

      According to Bill Blair:

      “Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said Tuesday in response to new gun control measures announced by the federal government that in Canada, firearm ownership is “a privilege, not a right” and further added that ““We do not arm ourselves in this country to protect ourselves from our fellow citizens. We rely on the rule of law, not the end of a gun, for our safety.”

      This is an interesting statement considering the end of a gun is indeed what provided our safety, it’s just that the fed gov what’s only the police to have that ability, and as is always the case, when seconds count the police are minutes away.

    5. You’re just supposed to die and make room for immigrants. Obviously this is Trudeau’s philosophy between zero self defense rules and the MAID push.

  3. Seems gun smuggling couldn’t be prevenred, thus so many criminals are showing up, started shooting anywhere, anytime. This is surely condemnable & our law enforcement should be aggressive to prevent more deaths/injuries to the public.

    1. @Stoodmuffin Personal because in Canada most of the gun crime is done with illegal firearms. Legal gun owners don’t tend to do this kind of thing.

  4. Smuggled guns on the streets! Time to ban sport shooting, hunting, and collecting for the law abiding citizens INSTEAD!

  5. These condo boards bully condo owners big time! or so I heard.. I am surprised something like this didn’t happen earlier.

  6. How did a 73 yr old guy with an illegal hand gun enter a condo building? Where is the security and metal detectors at the entrance points?
    A large building with many units should have some basic security.

  7. 73 years old and checking off his bucket list, just shows it’s never too late to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

  8. The “blame Trudeau and the Liberals” babble posted here is over-the-top ridiculous. If MURDER wasn’t so despicable, these postings would be hilarious. As it is, they are laughable and absurd.

  9. The condo abused their position and made the situation and then play victim using factual law thru the courts . He’s the victim from condo board, they used free lawyer all day long and he’s pays thru condo law and they put a lien on the condo this is how they police units owners thru the courts it’s one sided noticed they never call the cops the condo board and he had enough many owners got screwed this way thru condo law it has to change cut the lawyer off the money and condo manager

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