1. 2:33 – 3:38 the parallels that go beyond just Russia’s situation within its borders, but other nations having had parallel situations in its history. And tragic how history seems to repeat itself as time goes on

    1. it happens and will continue to happen if we do not educate the public about history through a puralist view

  2. Да, страдают граждане и, к сожалению, не руководство, но мы надеемся, что большинство народа как можно скорее поймет, какому диктатору они подражают

    1. @Антон ой не ври. На дальнем Востоке ничего не изменилась ! Да и меньше потребляй углеводы у себя в Окраине! Совсем деградировал

    2. @olezhabka да я понимаю что вам смешно! Нам не белым совсем не смешно😔 я боюсь вашей нааацсткой агрессии

    3. @Eric Hi Eric. Thank you for your comment, as I said I don’t think its fair that ordinary Russians will feel the brunt of these sanctions aimed at Putin and the oligarchs. We in the West also suffer from higher prices, in part driven by higher gas prices because of this war. So there is a price to pay for us to impose these sanctions.

      Please continue to spread the truth on YT, there are many others that do not.

      I hope this war will come to and end soon. Daisy

    1. @insaneye. I do not believe Putin is stupid. That being said, the unpredictability of evil is worrisome. As is the unpredictability of the insane.

    2. @Radha Sen God created hesven and earth. God gave the rainbow as a.promise to never flood Earth again. The wicked woke mock.God as they have rainbow flags, paradeing their sin in the street’s.

      God is not mocked judgement is at hand!

      God is going to desroy earth with fire..CREATE A NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH. Where evil people will be no more.

    1. @Alex Ribeno I think he means the person who does it will probably know he’ll die directly afterwards

    2. If you mean taking him out, I sadly don’t see it happening. Putin apparently has concentric circles of security, with some very old and loyal guys in his personal protection service.

  3. Whenever someone openly brags about being an alpha male and very smart, you know the opposite is true.
    You can lie to some people sometimes, but you can’t lie to all the people all the time.

  4. Everyone keeps saying “Putin was misinformed” by his advisers. It’s ridiculous to think that’s actually a thing. If Putin is being misinformed it’s his own fault. Putin is being misinformed by Putin not his advisers.

    1. @Ken Kaniff US is in NATO so they are close and comfy by definition. That’s like saying two married people are too close.

    2. @Michael I get that chief. But there are a lot of stupid people out there that consistently say NATO and US so I have to say that so the stupid people understand. When I’ve said NATO only they think I’m excluding the US. I can’t win. Therefore I say NATO and US. I have to dumb down my comments for people to understand. But thanks for looking out for me. I’m good.

  5. Before the war started, I told my students that I didn’t think he’d do anything else than invade the Donbas (by invitation of the rebels). This was the maximum that I thought he’d get away with, without uniting Europe against him. It is much easier to predict rational political/military decisions; it’s much harder to predict a lunatic undertaking like this.

    1. You should look at it from Russia side.
      Would you want more missiles close your border! Think about the Cuban missile crisis! Maybe Russia should put missiles in Cuba!

    1. @LoveUkraine LoveRussians
      You conveniently ignore the part about parts of eastern Ukraine shelling Ukraine.

    2. @Kay Hawkins
      Well listening to Lavrov or Russian state controlled media is as productive as listening to the raving lunatic informing us “the end is nigh”.

    3. @GeneralSamov you feel the need to validate yourself which says?everything about you, a cult member. I don’t have access to Russian state TV

  6. If in a country, any country, the political opposition has to act from abroad, you KNOW you’re dealing with an authoritarian regime.

    1. Benedict Donald and Putin …of the authoritarians, by the authoritarians, for the authoritarians


    1. Yes. Exactly.
      We need to acknowledge our shortcomings, even as regular individuals, because it is important we take care of our own character flaws before it destroys us while we’re off guard. Everyone has a shadow self, but not everyone tames theirs and controls themselves.
      Leaders need to master these type of skills, because then they might end up being the type that can’t handle the truth about themselves, projecting, and lying whenever they’re caught red handed.

  7. I feel so much sorrow for The Russian People, but it’s The Losses of Innocent Woman, children and the Elderly in The Ukraine, that have been Murdered by “Indescriminet War Crimes”, that is first and foremost in such a tragic case. 🙏♊🙏

    1. I remember, some 4 years ago, USA’s officials (all of them) said, that “Maduro’s days are numbered.
      The one whose days were numbered, was Donald Trump. And it seems Biden’s days are also numbered.

    2. @Hans Otto Kroeger Kaethler I hope Biden doesn’t run and the Dems can put up a younger more appealing candidate.

  8. To quote Jim Morrison, “The old get old and the young get stronger. May take a week and it may take longer.”

  9. Glad CNN has some former Russian officials as guests. We need them to understand how Russians think, how their society views things, and not only what foreign journalists tell us about the situation.

  10. “As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  11. Milov is one of the greatest opposition leader. He was behind Nemtsov and Navalny. It is great that he managed to leave Russia.

  12. “He punished people for bad news and really only heard what he wanted to hear.” Probably the most common criticism for a dictatorship! Which is what Russia has gradually become since its new constitution in 1993, and Putin took power in the late 1990’s.

    1. Sorry, but you’re wrong. 90’s were good years for press and freedom of speech. Situation started to get ugly in 2000’s

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