1. God bless this man for his character & standing by his principles. As an ethnic Ukrainian, my hate for today’s Russians has gone from 0 to 9,000 since March. I guess he proves there is still a good one.

    1. @Daniel Griff The Azov were reacting to Putin’s interfering in the first place. All people should be brought to justice, starting with Putin.

    2. @Daniel Griff If so it would appear that the Kazars or their decendents moved to Europe and started the Rothschilds Banking system which sent Communism and Lenin into Russia to kill the Czar and family, establish Communism and destroy the Russian Orthodox church. Virgin Mary appeared in Necedah, Wisconsin and talked about the Kazars and the evils of the Rothschilds. How they killed 10 European Kings and 5 or 6 Czars. Virgin Mary said that the Kazars were a immoral mixed race people , who adopted a form of Judaism and at some point decided to destroy Christianity and get back at the Russian Orthodox church, and this constant hatred of the Czars. The Necedah, Wisconsin messages are beginning to make some sense. Putin is I believe carrying some hatred of these people who have done so much damage to Russia. Jesus said in the Bible” Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are lying ” , So Putin is now trying to kick more Jews out of Russia, the “little Jew” Virgin Mary indicated. The innocent Jew. Virgin Mary said that this anti God conspiracy started with King Solomon. In other words Satan. The Bible says ” seek and ye shall find” I’m finally getting the drift.

    3. @Daniel Griff Thanks for the mention of the Khazars . This whole mess began with the Khazars . So exactly what was the conflict with the Khazars and the Russian Orthodox church or Russian people.

  2. You can hear Boris Bondarev say in this interview that Ukraine can win the war against Russia in a few months, if the free world continues to support Ukraine and give Ukraine all the necessary weapons to defend their homeland and retake their territory. So free world, citizens of the free world, keep supporting Ukraine. Ukraine shows such courage and perseverance. Life in the free world can be difficult now, but remember that you have your homeland, your freedom and your life. All what Ukrainians are fighting for. And winter in Ukraine is much colder than winter in the West. Thank you for this interview. Slava Ukraini.

    1. @Tanya Forostyan научитесь обращаться к незнакомым людям на ВЫ, любезнейшая

    2. @Patrick McGraw you really want another Afghanistan? Strong support for the first 5 years then 15 years of the public demanding to pull the plug…

    3. For all orc commentators, the fact that you can post all your stupid and/or ignorant posts on the internet is thanks to the democracy that exists in the west. Sitting behind your tablet on a comfortable couch/chair in a warm room with a big belly from overeating you are privileged. It’s just pathetic and says a lot about your character how you spit on the Ukrainians who are fighting for their homeland, freedom and life. Your memory may not be the best, but Ukraine is a sovereign country invaded by Russia. So that’s what you get with dictators who push people who write stupid and/or ignorant posts on the internet out the window. Long live democracy. Slava Ukraini.

    4. @Natures Garlands silly comment. Noam Chomsky says some very negative things about the US and West involvement in this situation. is Noam Chomsky an “orc”

  3. If this guy doesn’t know Putin, nobody does. Too bad he can’t persuade him to give up the futile effort.

    1. did you not hear what he said? he said if any word of dissent or criticism gets to putin it would threaten their livelihood. you can’t persuade someone who can never be wrong.

    2. Futile? 1/2 of Ukraine is without power, its infrastructure is being decimated daily, their advanced are stalling, cities are being leveled. What war are you watching?
      The counter offensive taking back cities that have been turned to dust? Winter is going to more brutal than this war so far.

    3. @Kill The Toast When Russia starts their counter offensive in late November Ukraine will cease to exist as it does today.

  4. Why isn’t this guy in some sort of Witness protection program? His safety is at risk. Very surprised he would reveal his location. The Russians have a history of getting turncoats.

    1. @JohnFrumFromAmerica oh, then they probably didn’t do all those poisonings that you blame them for? Then who did it?

    2. Once a traitor always a traitor. He should have been executed instead of being able to slither out and now want to “help” other countries. Not buying it.

    3. @Ольга Свиридова they did them. But they screwed them all up and got found out. They are a joke just like their army.

  5. A bit of advice for Bondarev: beware of former colleagues wanting to meet and “catch up.” And definitely avoid the tea.

    1. @apollo okay, I understand. Life is like a kaleidoscope sometimes. Amazingly though we get through it all and have an adventure at the same time!

    2. Some great suggestions

      Unless it’s a complete removal of all Russian troops from all of Ukraine ( including Crimea ) Ukraine should not even consider a deal . ( A complete Russian surrender in other words)

      Make your own way there ( Don’t accept a lift from complimentary Russian limousines .)

      Make sure it’s a DRY day , ( to avoid any umbrellas)

      NO handshakes on any peace deal , and take your own pen , don’t touch the agreement paper, wear gloves .

      Putin likes long tables so have one that is huge that spans two rooms , and have bullet proof glass below and above the table at the doorway ( And bring your own oxygen supply)

      Make sure it IS Putin and not a lookalike.

      On reflection , best really to, just don’t go any where near Putin, you cannot trust him anyway.
      He is old, and will get ill and die. ( or the Generals will remove him, )

  6. Thank You for the info. This guy is probably one of the best reporters iv seen during this conflict! Always strait to the point and very easy to understand! We need more like him. Slava Ukraine

    1. Fun facts.
      Hillary Clinton as secretary of state approved the sale of enough north American uranium to Putin himself to create over 4000 high yield nuclear weapons.

    2. He’s a puppet and you are a sheep. How do you even get passed widely denounced outlets, “major media companies”, Passing off as intelligence agencies? Is that the FSB, the CIA, interpol? No it’s MSNBC, CNN, ABC. How you going to sit there and clap for people who don’t even have the resources for the information, sell you a truth about it? I mean exactly what kind of moron do you live your life as?

  7. It blows my mind Putin does not have an advisor or couple advisors that are supposed to give him the worst news possible. Does he not see the danger of ‘Yes men”?

    1. Ditto with Hitler after 1941, any general that came to him with the truth got the boot. Putin is surrounded by “yes” men that are too scared to present to him the facts, for the good of their own career prospects.

    2. @brostenen Try to insert some intelligence in your comments here. I’m french and like millions of europeans, we don’t want your cynical biden and his war in europe, nor the drug addict clown in kiev.

  8. I assume that in order to remain alive Mr Bondarev is probably living somewhere untraceable . His insight was fascinating and he was braver than we can comprehend to do the interview. I wish him and his loved ones all the best for the future

    1. Or he’s alive because he was planted as a Russian expert explaining Russian perspectives on Western media and academia. Hybrid wars are not just about internet bots and RT. You control the narrative by providing the experts.

    2. @Kaloyan Todorov
      “Traitor” Russian word for opponent .
      If you have different views from KGB mafia regime , then you are a “traitor” to them wich allows them to kill anyone not on their side. That’s mafia. Plenty of Russian blood on the butcher’s dirty hands.

    1. @abdi omar you know nothing apart from herding cows and goats and terrorizing girls and women. Think of helping to improve the zero economy of your backward country

    2. @abdi omar hey afghani shut your mouth. You clearly do not know what you are talking about. Clown. You are welcome for internet you stone age mong

    3. What about Alexie Navalny? I wonder if he would be strong enough after being in a Russian penal colony for approximately a year now.?

    1. @George Andrews Oh yes they are, and you see the other problem is the U.S no longer has the manufacturing base to make anything! They can not even supply Ukraine with 155mm howitzer shells.

    2. Yes this proxy war virtue signaling is devastating Europe, billions invested into a war Ukraine can’t win. Estimates are already at 350 billion to rebuild.
      Their infrastructure is being devastated, most of the country is with out power, the rest has scheduled black outs.
      Time to negotiate and save your people from freezing to death this winter.

    1. @Elizabeth Smith is that rhetorical or real question? They’re waking the tightrope of keeping both the west and Russia happy (Russia because of Iran in Syria). But I 💯 percent agree they should do more. With their history you’d think they’d be the biggest and most vocal supporters of Ukraine. What with Russia attempting cleansing of non ethic Russians in Ukraine.

    2. @Dr. Juán Tortilla 😔 ah what’s the point. If my comments with innocuous, boring takes are getting censored what’s the point.

  9. We need to re-enforce this message so that it penetrates in The West: Ukraine can win this war (and in a relatively short amount of time) if we increase our support of Ukraine with better military capabilities.

    1. And you really are gullible enough to believe this BS that this is all the work of one man ? Like he is some DR evil character who wants to take over the world

    2. @Infallibly Fallible maybe reading the RAND CORPORATION 2019 russia report , which isn’t russian propaganda by the way it’s a pentagon funded organisation, and read the contents of that and tell me that the US has no motive towards Russia , and I don’t need to unveil anything.. the head of the CIA William J burns said a long time ago that American/Nato policy towards Ukraine is very likely to lead to civil war in Ukraine and later Russian military involvement 🤔 I’m not agreeing with the war or saying it’s right but if you think this was caused by one man’s thoughts then wow

    3. @David Castle 7% of the world think like you your species have ruined Europe already in 30 years. 2022 the world give you a big middle finger.

  10. This man Bondarev tells it like it is—his eyes don’t lie. Credible information from someone in the know. Slava Ukraini.

    1. Fun fact, Hillary Clinton as secretary of state approved the sale of enough north American uranium to Putin himself to create over 4000 high yield nuclear weapons.

    2. Lmao, man you live in La La land you don’t know this guy and you actually convince yourself you can tell by watching him tv what he’s all about . You are nuts

  11. Fareed’s interview of this former Russian diplomat, Boris Bondarev is very good. Fareed’s questions sometimes get a little long and convoluted. Still the ultimate message of the possibility of this war coming to a close in a few months, is heartening.

  12. A very sound, realistic interpretation by a ‘True #Russian Patriot’.

    – With 20 years of business experience in #Russia, as a #Canadian, I believe ‘good’ #Russians will prevail.

    – I often took the train and metro from Keivskaya … Ukraine 🇺🇦 was and is the bread basket for the world.

    – Slava #Ukraini

    … said RJ, #Canada

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