Ex-Soldier & Police in Shootout in Cumberland, St Catherine | TVJ News – Nov 2 2021

Ex-Soldier & Police in Shootout in Cumberland, St Catherine | TVJ News - Nov 2 2021 1


    1. Dem do the right thing instead a killing him plus he was a soldier who served the country him just nah get up and a shoot after ppl fi no reason suh

    2. This man need help. People are losing their minds. A lot of stress. Is not everyone can deal with what is going on.

    3. That’s not how issues are resolved! Clearly ther is somthong to discuss.Just pray for him because to how Jamaica and the rest of the world a run you don’t know when our time will come .God is in control.

    4. Portland please show some compassion why would you want the police to kill him do you have any idea how much people are out there suffering from mental illness especially with all the gun killing ,kidnapping ,rape , people loosing their minds because of this pandemic people loosing their jobs they can’t pay their bills hunger and starvation is affecting a lot of house hold so before we wish death upon our fellow citizens and human beings let’s show mercy and find out the facts about is state of mind . Remember we all are going to die some day . Blessed love and peace to u

  1. Mental illness and depression is high on the Island Not everyone you see walking and getting about their business is coping well with lives issues. Sometimes is Karma

    1. Was that your side effect when you took it or did any one you know or had the side effect? Don’t get to spreading assumptions

  2. This ex soldier need help . i am not a psychiatrist but i think that he might be suffering from ptsd.he should get all the help he need . i wonder if this was a license gun he should not have it at all.thank god it end peaceably and no further injury wish a speedy recovery for both himself and the officet

    1. In America what they normally do before sending them home is to send them to a medical home are something to make sure they are ok this always happens

  3. We are to be praying for all our men and boys satan is rampant, it is end time. See a extra portion on love enough to share with others. Love and compassion towards each other is a weapon to defend against the enemy.

  4. Why r ex soldiers so violent do they put something in them at camp most of them always end up doing something wrong

  5. We need more fasting and prayer, for it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of the lord .

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