1. Trump ate documents, flush, and took 15 boxes of classified papers. He definitely knows what a burner phone is.

  2. if I owned a party store he would automatically be banned ……I couldn’t afford all the burner phones he would steal.

    1. he would use them and then bring them back for a refund demanding more than he paid (increased property value going high)

  3. Christ he is a liar. You can find Trump using the term “burner phone” at least three times in the lawsuit with Mary Trump.

    1. @Not Thatname
      Comes from, “real”, news.
      Court documents are public records.
      Thru have been presented.
      All anyone has to do is, “read”, actual document.
      Do you find this helpful?

  4. If you don’t know what something is when someone asks you about it, you ask them in return, “What is that?”
    Trump is a more transparent liar than a toddler on truth serum.

    1. Let’s impeach him? He said a word years ago he doesn’t remember today. Who cares if he says he does or does not know the term? It means nothing either way. Get on with your sad, pathetic life and quit letting trump control you.

    1. @In My Opinion jff midterms are going to be hilarious cuz of ppl like u xD
      the meltdown is going to be epic 🙂

    2. @In My Opinion jff i hope they make trump speaker so i can imagine the look on ur face when u see that grin xD

  5. I’ m absolutely flummoxed . I can’t seem to understand why someone would hide all his phone calls , eat or flush paper docs , have those around him sign NDA s , and claim executive privilege on everything said around him ……Geez….I’m just so puzzled !!!!!

  6. ‘Put Trump in the rear view mirror’, preferably after he has seen the underside of your car 🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. LMMFAO.. nah, I’ve seen photos of that human-shaped speed bump wearing “tennis shorts”.. our 4×4 is in the shop.

    1. he’s two weeks away from claiming he invented the term “burner phone”
      “many people don’t know this but I invented burner phones”

    2. I’m thinking an unstoppable ticket in 24, more prolific, and groundbreaking than ever,. My thoughts are, Rachel and Rachel ticket…the Dr. Mrs, Admiral Rachel Levine, and Rachel dolezal, the first man pretending to be a woman, president, and the first white woman, pretend to be a black woman! #unstoppabletransforchangeandnoorangeever

  7. He thinks of it in the same way he did “clean coal”. He probably thinks you have to actually burn the phone.

  8. Yeah, he’s never heard of burner phones just just like he’s never heard of a category 5 hurricane.

  9. He called Tuberville looking for Lee because he was on a burner phone…duh…otherwise on his regular phone those numbers would not be confused or transposed in the contact list. Nobody is dialing numbers at this point. Everyone is saved in the phone as a contact and whatever burner phone he was using either didn’t have the number in the list (probably because Tuberville was a new Senator) or it was wrongly attributed to Tuberville but was Lee’s number. Just further proof he was using some non-official phone during that time.

  10. I know more about technology than anyone else, I know more than the generals, I know more than everyone, I am a stable genius…..burner phone I’ve never heard of it!!!! Seriously, what a joke!

  11. Breaking news: Trump claims to have never heard the word “criminal” before, and thus he can’t possibly be one.

    1. Just in: Trump claims never to have met or spoken with Vladimir Putin. “That actor who impersonated me was well paid by my staff. Rudy found him homeless on the street and taught him a few tricks.”

  12. He probably doesn’t remember the term “burner” …in his words, he probably remembers: (LOL)
    “there’s that thing, that special kind of phone…they make them now…. I think they are temporary, or trial….anyway, these devices give you, the American, the right to choose how long to keep them…You know, it’s one of those wonderful things that good guys use to fight crime – , to help protect the American public., And we are grateful, so grateful…

  13. He knows more than the generals, scientists, meteorologists, but he doesn’t know what a burner phone is. Go figure…

  14. The Law and Order guy who was the head of the executive branch of government that oversees law enforcement and is a genius doesn’t know what a “burner phone” is. Anyone who still believes anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth has some severe issues to work through.

  15. “Nobody knows more about burner phones than me. Believe me.” (unknown aide) “Mr President, burner phones could make you look bad.” “Burner phones, never heard of them. I have never heard of Putin, Deutsche Bank, or anything else.”

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